[Top 10] League of Legends Most Played ADC

Welcome to ADC. This role is worse than hell!

Did you sell your soul to the devil and spent countless hours in this game, being exposed to more toxicity than residents of Chernobyl in the’90ss? That's great, me too. I'll be talking about the most popular ADC champions being played right now in 1.16 version of League of Legends! I'll provide a video with the gameplay of the specific hero, explain why he's strong and worth picking. Alright, enough talking, let's get started with...

10. Ziggs

9. Jinx

Jinx is obviously a drug addict or suffers from a severe case of ADHD -  but we are not here to discuss her well-being, we are here to discuss why she's badass! Her most iconic spell is her ultimate, which sends out a global rocket that increases damage as it travels. If you're playing against Jinx and you've noticed her rocket following you, make sure to stick to your teammates - so you can bring them to hell with you!! I believe that Jinx is a popular champion because of her borderline insane personality and her AoE-based spells. She does super well on the bot lane and doesn't struggle in 1v1's. Pick this champion if you really loved your ex-gf!

8. Samira

A champion popular mostly because she's not too difficult to learn, fun to play and OP in terms of carrying the game 1v9. She deals massive AoE damage that's annoying to deal with in the early stages of the match, picking melee champions against her is most likely a death sentence and a guaranteed loss - that's why she has a relatively high pick-rate, most melee champions can't stand against her and some ranged champions might even struggle to 1v1 Samira. She has spells that synergize well with each other, for example, Flair(Q) combined with Wild Rush(E) can allow her to escape, engage or kill noobs in legendaryfashion. Pick Sammy today!

7. Tristana

Tristana is a champion that does super well in 1v1 situations thanks to her disengage abilities and high attack damage that goes well in pair with her passive, which increases her attack range as she levels up. She's a ranged champion and her attack range makes her fairly hard to catch and kill. She's powerful in the early game but kinda weak in the mid-game, so shutting her down at the start of the game is highly recommended. Her ultimate is also sort of iconic. I've had plenty of games where I knocked my opponents into my tower and typed "ayy lmao" in all-chat after they died. This champion can be rage-inducing towards people who play vs her, strong as hell in the early game, and deals massive amounts of damage in the late game. Pick this adorable champion if you want to receive death threats!

6. Caitlyn

What I love about Caitlyn the most is her ridiculous ultimate that almost 1-shots opponents. If you're targetted by her ultimate, you better have a dedicated teammate that is willing to die for you... You're not gonna outrun Caitlyn because of her Caliber Net which applies a strong slow debuff to her opponents, it also synergizes well with her passive which boosts her damage. She works best on the bottom lane but has seen some use on the middle lane due to her ult. A good champion in all stages of the game, might lack some escape abilities, but doesn't make her weak at all - try this champion out if you like fast-paced action!

5. Kai'Sa

A cute, magical marksman with plenty of mobility which she can use to engage or disengage in or out of combat - she performs well fighting multiple opponents at once but does significantly better at fighting isolated targets, due to her single-target burst damage. An easier version of Vayne, noob-friendly and with non-complex abilities that are easy to use. Her long attack range and plenty of abilities that make her almost impossible to kill make her one of the strongest ADC carries out there currently in 1.16 - try her out, if you like fancy magical chicks!

4. Vayne

Probably one of the most fun heroes to play right now in LoL, she deals lots of damage if acquired just with a tiny bit of attack speed. She's also known for melting tanky enemy champions because of her supreme attack speed, but also because of her W ability that deals a percentage of the target's max health as bonus true damage. More difficult than Kai'Sa, but also more rewarding - it's a champion for players that prioritize burst damage, attack speed, and late-game potential. Pick Vayne if you're looking for a challenge!

3. Jhin

Jhin is a complete psychopath, he enjoys murdering innocent people and leaving a trail of mutilated corpses, besides that he looks cool as heck - his lore and presentation alone attracts countless amounts of players. But he's also fun in terms of gameplay, Jhin has a stun which is a rarity among other ADC's and he's also has a passive that gives him both attack damage+ridicilous movement speed and oh God... his ultimate that's basically global, can slow and deal fatal damage if anyone is lucky enough to get hit with it. This guy has a whooping 15.74% pick-rate, which means that he's extremely common in pub games - annoying to play against, 1-shots opponents in the late game. Pick him, he's awesome!

2. Ashe

One of the oldest champions in the game has a whooping stun that can last up to 3.5 seconds, allowing her to follow up with her damage that's greatly improved by her attack speed. She has plenty of slows and CC abilities which can set up powerful combos with your teammates. This champion is incredibly easy to play - it was my first champion in LoL and I surprisingly did well, having no clue about this game's mechanics or other champions! Easy, simple, effective in all stages of the game, you're gonna fall in love with Ashe and wreck some kids with her!

1. Ezreal

Ezreal is imbalanced if that's the only champion you're playing - to be effective with Ezreal, you have to successfully hit your spells and buy proper items. He's incredibly powerful in hands of players who know what they're doing, other players, who picked him for the first time will struggle and cripple their team in the long run. Make sure to ban champions like Vayne, Yasuo, Ashe and you'll flourish! Why he's OP? His passive grants him attack speed every time he hits a spell, stacking up to 5 times - his abilities have a low cooldown, which makes this champion a regular, fast-hitter. Trueshot Barrage is also one of the most powerful ultimates in the game, as it deals massive AoE damage in a wave-like animation that travels forward. Hands-down, the best ADC out there currently in 1.16!

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