[Top 10] LOL Best Marksman Champions That Wreck Hard (2022 Edition)

LOL Best Marksman Champions That Wreck Hard (2022 Edition)
Please don't one-shot us we are just poor ADC's with depression :<.

So here we are at the beginning of a new season and new things that Riot has added. Sadly most of these things bring me depression but thankfully Riot has buffed some ADC’s which have seen a huge spike in popularity and a higher win rate. Are some of them broken?

Yeah, they are but most of them got a nice buff that they needed to dominate the Summoner’s Rift. Today I will share with you some of those champions who got buffed and before you ask anything yes you should definitely play them. Let’s get into our top 10 champions for Season 12. 

10.  Vayne

"Let us hunt those who have fallen to darkness!"

At our number ten spot, we have our mommy dommy Vayne “The Night Hunter”. Well, Vayne is a bit of a weird case in this situation. She dominated the last season and it’s pretty much clear that she will dominate this season as well no doubts about that part. That’s why she’s on this list after all. But one thing that weirds me out about Vayne is that players have started building “Randuin's Omen” on her and it’s working out quite well.

Not only does she shred through people and their puny HP with her true damage but she can quickly become the thing she is meant to destroy a tank. Also, you can combine “Guardian’s Angel” on her for extra armor and a free chance at another life once you do die on her. But don’t worry about that part you have your abilities to help you out and make sure that you can survive if you have the skill. Vayne can safely get out of a sticky situation thanks to her ultimate ability which makes her go invisible once she uses her Q.

If that isn’t enough she can use her E which pushes back enemies and if they hit a wall they’re CC’d for quite some time. If you have been looking for a bit of challenge and a champion that has a bit of a learning curve Vayne is your girl. 

What makes Vayne a Great Marksman:

  • Ability to shred through enemies like butter thanks to the true damage she deals with her W. 
  • Able to dodge abilities and skill shots with her Q without a sweat. 
  • The ultimate ability gives her extra movement speed and she can turn invisible for a short period when using Q. 
  • Her E pushes back opponents and if those said opponents hit a wall they’re CC’d. 
  • Mommy dommy. 

See Vayne in action:

9. Kai’sa 

"Are you the hunter or the prey?"

Next on our list is Kai’sa “Daughter of The Void”. You see Kai’sa might be wearing a full latex bodysuit and she might have the looks but boy can this girl kill. Even if she’s behind in gold and items she can still put up a fair fight. You see, unlike other ADC’s whose main goal is to run away from danger Kai’sa runs straight at it all thanks to her ultimate ability.

Which allows her to dash a huge distance towards an enemy target and gain a huge shield in the meantime so she doesn’t die. You might be wondering how to dodge this? Well, you can’t. Kai’sa is something like the ultimate hunter you can’t escape.  She will catch you no matter where you are on the map. You build her like every other ADC you would, nothing special. Unless you’re going AP that is. Kai’sa is a hybrid champion that can go AP or AD.

It is up to you to choose what your team needs the most. 

What makes Kai’sa a Great Marksman:

  • Her Q is a good ability for clearing out huge waves or you can use it on a single target and most likely get a free kill. 
  • W range is insane and this ability scales really well with AP.
  • E gives Kai’sa a small movement speed buff and a huge attack speed buff.
  • She charges in danger and doesn’t run away from it like some other ADC’s all thanks to her ultimate ability which gives her a shield in return. 
  • All of her abilities except the ultimate can be upgraded to be even stronger. 

See Kai’sa in action:

8. Ashe

"All of the world on one arrow"

For our next marksman, we have Ashe “The Frost Archer” or as I like to call her “The Queen of Freljord”. Why the queen of Freljord you might ask yourself? Well, Freljord is in need of a new leader so why not the girl who is the hottest out there leading the ice wasteland.

When it comes to playing Ashe she can either be a support or a marksman. But let me tell you she’s better at doing one thing than the other and that’s the marksman role. She has everything in her kit that you need. A CC from her ultimate, her auto attacks slow targets, she gains a burst of attack speed with her Q, her W shoots a cone of arrows that damage and slow opponents, and with her E she can reveal a part of the map.

Not only that but her E and R are global abilities so feel free to fire them wherever you wish. Just make sure you hit something okay? Thanks :D! 

What makes Ashe a Great Marksman:

  • Has everything in her kit that she needs. Slows, CC’s, and attack speed, what do you need more of? This girl got it all. 
  • Combining an item called “The Kraken Slayer” along with her Q will shred through opponents like they’re made out of paper. 
  • Thanks to her E being a global ability she can help out her jungler or anyone in her team for that matter by revealing a certain part of the map and cucking the enemy jungler from ganking or doing an objective. 
  • Her W is a good poking tool during the laning phase and can also be used to slow people down when you’re chasing them. 

See Ashe in action:

7. Twitch

"Stand still my eyes are on the side of my head"

Ah, here we have a rat that’s addicted to crack and shekels called Twitch “The Plague Rat”. This creature was most likely created by someone named Signed in his mom’s basement. Honestly, this is one of my favorite champions to play in League of Legends and one of my favorite marksmen next to Miss Fortune.

You see you can build this rat however you wish. AP or AD the world is your oyster. Although his AP side is really strong. But thanks to some items buffs and a huge buff to “Lethal Tempo” AD can also be really useful and deadly if you know what you’re doing. You see this rat can go invisible and stay like that all thanks to his Q ability. Yes, he can be spotted by pink wards or if someone goes into your Q range but that shouldn’t be a problem once you get used to it. With his W he throws some of his piss that he stored in a bottle to slow people down and deal AoE damage and his E can execute people once you stack six stacks of poison on a target.

His ultimate ability gives him bonus AD and a huge auto-attack range buff. So what are you waiting for? Go play this crack-addicted rat and get yourself a Penta kill while blasting Frenchcore through your speakers. 

What makes Twitch a Great Marksman: 

  • Has the potential to deal massive amounts of damage to multiple people at a time. 
  • Can go invisible for quite some time so you can either flank the enemy from behind in a team fight or escape and leave your support to die. 
  • AP or AD doesn’t matter, this guy is okay with everything that you build on him. 
  • Can be considered cute by some people. Like me of course. 

See Twitch in action:

6. Lucian

"Everybody dies someone just needs a little help."

Next on the list is Lucian “The Purifier” or as I call him “the cuck-lord”. Because Thresh stole his wife Senna and he couldn’t do anything about it. In fact, I think he enjoyed that. Sick bastard. We might have started on the wrong foot because I have nothing but hate towards this champion simply because of how many times he made me baby rage.

You see Lucian is the ultimate lane bully. There is nothing worse than playing against a good Lucian. Even if you counter-pick him he will still be a problem. Also, how could I forget that Lucian has a dash in his kit. Yes, not only does he beat the hell out of you during the laning phase but he also has a dash. Why the hell not.

Don’t even try escaping from this guy because he will shoot you down with his ultimate ability like he’s doing a drive-by. 

What makes Lucian a Great Marksman: 

  • Pretty much the ultimate lane bully on the bot lane. 
  • Every time he uses an ability he shoots two shots. Combine that with “Press the Attack” you slowly start to realize how this champion is a problem.
  • His dash can be used to dodge abilities and skill shots or even used to get closer to your opponent. 
  • With his ultimate ability, Lucian starts blasting fools left, right, and center like he’s doing a drive-by. 

See Lucian in action:

5. Ezreal

"Hey, your loss but I get it"

Next up is Ezreal “The Prodigal Explorer”.  Well, Ezreal is pretty simple. You shoot your sperm cells with your Q at targets until they die. That’s the main point of Ezreal. He can also empower his abilities or auto-attacks with his W.

You see his W sticks to a target like glue and only goes away when Ezreal deals damage to you or after some time has passed. His E is a short dash that allows Ezreal to either catch up to people or jump over a wall and type in all-chat “cya later alligator :)”. His ultimate ability fires a large wave of sperm cells together that deal damage to anything they touch. This ability is also global btw.  Now you might be asking yourself why is he on this list?

Well, he’s here because of the broken items that he builds. You see Ezreal can build a full tank and he will still deal more damage than you do. Not only is this guy going around whipping people with his Q but he’s also rocking around 2.5k or 3k HP in his pants. Totally not compensating for something else…

What makes Ezreal a Great Marksman:

  • He can be really tanky while also dealing lots of damage. 
  • A small dash with his E is enough to either escape danger or catch up to someone. 
  • The sperm cells that he fires with his Q can potentially one-shot targets when combined with the W. 
  • During the laning phase, Ezreal’s main focus is to farm and deny minions and XP from the enemy laner. 

See Ezreal in action:

4. Miss Fortune

"Fortune doesn't favor fools"

Here we are at my second favorite marksman in the game called Miss Fortune “The Bounty Hunter”. When it comes to playing Miss Fortune your main priority is making sure that your Q bounces from a minion to the enemy ADC or support.

Why? Because it deals a ton of damage and I am 99% sure that it makes them baby rage. Like seriously the amount of damage that she can deal with a single ability is insane to me. Some of her other abilities are such as W which allows her to run as fast as Keemstar, her E slows people in an AoE range, and with her ultimate ability, she fires her two pistols in a cone that obliterates anyone who’s standing in it.

The main point when playing Miss Fortune is to be in every single team fight using your R while at the same time staying alive as much as possible. Which is not hard at all. Totally not in season 12 :). 

What makes Miss Fortune a Great Marksman:

  • Deals massive amounts of AoE damage. She’s especially great during huge team fights. 
  • She’s able to run at the speed of sound with her W. 
  • The E slows people in an AoE range.
  • With her ultimate ability, she can single-handedly win a team fight or clear out a huge wave in seconds.   

See Miss Fortune in action:

3. Jhin 

"In carnage, I bloom like a flower in the dawn"

Ah yes, Jhin “The Virtuoso” the psychopath of League of Legends. This guy will kill a man in cold blood and say “I CrEaTed ArT MoMmY GiMmE ChICken TenDies”. But on a serious note Jhin is a pretty cool character and has a cool story behind him.

You see, nobody knows where Jhin came from or who he really is. He’s always wearing that creepy mask of his never taking it off. Now you might be asking yourself, why is Jhin at number three? Well, simply put because of a new item that was added to the game called “Axiom Arc”. See that item gives 25 ability haste, 55 attack damage, and 10 lethality.

Now that is broken to Jhin and Jhin only because he scales really well with AD and has a high potential to one-shot his enemies. His AD scaling is better than anyone’s in the whole game. So after he gets that item Jhin can one-shot his opponents without even looking. You can do it with your eyes closed. 

What makes Jhin a Great Marksman: 

  • Insane AD scaling. Probably has the best AD scaling in the whole game. 
  • His W has a huge range so you can catch people and root them and let your team do the dirty work. 
  • With your R you transform into the American sniper. By that I mean you get 4 shots and a huge radius to shoot people and end their miserable lives. 
  • Massive potential to one-shot people. 

See Jhin in action:

2. Jinx

"Rules are made to be broken... like buildings or people"

For our next champion, we have Jinx “The Loose Cannon”. If you have watched Arcane, Jinx might have seemed like a caring and lost soul but the reality is far from it. You see after certain events took place in Arcane, Jinx lost her marbles and went insane.

I won’t spoil you the surprise but if you know you know. In the show she might have seemed so sweet and caring but in-game she talks to her guns while moving down people and killing everyone who stands in her way. Not only that but thanks to the show Riot has decided to buff the life out of her. You see Jinx is a hyper carry that can win a single match in just under 20 or 30 minutes if she gets ahead. Even if she doesn’t get ahead she will be a huge problem for the whole team to deal with.

Not only can she clear waves quickly with her rocket launcher but she can also launch a huge rocket from her pocket that can obliterate a whole team. The rocket is also global just so you know :). 

What makes Jinx a Great Marksman: 

  • Has 2 guns at her disposal and some other gadgets that help her out. The minigun is good for targeting a single opponent while her rocket launcher is good for multiple opponents. 
  • Her W zaps people’s butt cheeks and that slows them down. 
  • With her E she throws some sharks on the ground at CC who stands in them. 
  • Jinx with her ultimate ability fires a huge rocket across the whole map that goes faster the more ground it travels. 
  • She’s a hyper carry. If left unchecked can be a huge problem later. 

See Jinx in action:

1. Caitlyn 

"Laws mean nothing when they fail to protect the public!"

At our number one spot, we have Caitlyn “The Sheriff of Piltover”. Ohh mama I committed crimes against humanity and her people take me to jail, please. Not only did Caitlyn get a complete makeover but she’s also one of the main people in the show Arcane. Same as Jinx, Caitlyn got some pretty huge buffs that made her into an insane marksman, and honestly, she deserves this spot more than anyone else.

Caitlyn does not mess around when it comes to dealing damage and one-shotting people. Once she gets to the late game each critical strike will deal roughly around 1000 damage. No biggie. But if she head-shots you you’re in for a treat. Simply put she can one-shot opponents no matter how much HP they have or how tanky they are. She’s also really good during the laning phase as she can poke people with her Q, place traps with her W and if anyone is unlucky enough to step in it they’re dead. Her E fires a net that deals damage and slows enemies while also allowing Caitlyn to dash in the opposite direction. Her ultimate ability makes sure that you don’t escape from her.

She locks onto you with her gun and after a short period fires a bullet that follows you and kills you. That’s pretty much it about our girl Cupcake.  

What makes Caitlyn a Great Marksman:

  • Potential to one-shot opponents with a single auto-attack in the late game. 
  • Has a dash in her kit that she can use to dodge abilities or skills shots or if you need to deal a huge amount of damage quickly. 
  • Her Q is really good during the laning phase which can be used to farm or poking enemies. 
  • With her W she lays traps on the ground and anyone that steps in them is a dead man walking. 
  • Her ultimate ability allows her to snipe people from across the map as long as there’s nobody to take the bullet. 

See Caitlyn in action:

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