[Top 10] League of Legends Most Evil Champions!

Most Evil Champions!

Do you play League of Legends? Are you sick of playing this stupid game and wanna get more involved with its lore? Well, this game has plenty of lore and pretty interesting lore at that, but it also has some champions that are kinda evil - some of them are a little evil, some of them are on the average level of evil, and some of them are mega-hyper-super evil who make babies cry. So I'll be talking about some crazy mofos that have pretty sick backstories, so sit back, get your popcorn, maybe some soda, and enjoy this rather unorthodox article. 



You might think to yourself, how is this guy evil - there's nothing out of the ordinary with his biography, he's not selling shrooms to kids after they finish school... it's about his abilities. Let's start with his Blinding Dart, which made multiple people he played against break their keyboards and go on a shooting spree - it causes your target to take relatively high damage and be blinded for 2.5 seconds(at max lvl) - there were countless times of me dying to a Teemo with 20 HP because of this imbecilic spell.  Let's talk about another ability called "Toxic Shot" - this one slowly deals poison to you and serves as a great poking ability in the laning phase, I guarantee you that it will make you baby rage and make you reconsider your life choices, shortly after dying under your tower - while Teemo is laughing at you. And finally, let's talk about his totally balanced ultimate - "Noxious trap". This is a very good one, Teemo can place as many mushrooms on the map, which will give him vision if enemies step on them AND DAMAGE THEM, HE CAN LITERALLY KILL THEM WHILE BEING IN BASE! WHAT A BALANCED CHAMPION, GOOD JOB RIOT

What makes this champion great:

  • Burst damage
  • Shrooms stay and kill you slowly and painfully 
  • Slow/DoTs/Speed buff

Teemo details: 


Teemo in action:

What makes this champion great:

  • AoE Damage
  • Crowd control
  • Saves teammates
  • Really tanky 

Tahm Kench details:


Tahm Kench in action:



There was a time where Evelynn was shapeless and barely existed, it's hard to explain what she was or what it was, but she was given consciousness and form after a devastating war happened - The Rune Wars. The war has plunged into chaos and disarray, and it caused our little Evelyn to awaken, feed upon the misery of other people - and she loved every second of it, her apathy was replaced with lust for the misery of others after eons of nothingness… With more suffering, the more her powers grew and she eventually became a demon that fed on human emotions. But wars don't last, so eventually, the Rune Wars have de-escalated and the lack of misery made the demon insane and thirsty for suffering - the demon was invisible in its shadow form, but couldn't physically interact with others, her physical form was too monstrous to attract prey, so she became a succubus to lure in prey. Although Evelynn sustains herself by torturing others till they die, it's not enough, and she hopes for the world to plunge into chaos once more!

What makes this champion great:

  • HAWT
  • Strong AoE damage
  • Can catch up to opponents easily
  • Can be invisible constantly  

Evelynn details:  


Evelynn in action: 


 His name sounds like a medication for mental health problems.

Aatrox once was a nobleman, perhaps a god.. by some he was even called a demon. But in the beginning, Aatrox lived to serve the empire and brought honor to every conflict he participated in. His downfall began when his friend, Setaka The Warrior-Queen, asked Aatrox for his help to defeat the rebellion. He thought it would be another battle that would end in victory and glory - he couldn't be more mistaken, rebels unleashed something even they couldn't control, and The Void was destroying life everywhere it went. Aatrox didn't give up and he fought for years, eventually defeating The Void its last rift. This wasn't a victory, as the Shurima fell shortly after and internal conflicts broke out. Aatrox continued to be a bad mofo, but unfortunately for him, the mortals have learned how to trap him inside of his own sword. He couldn't move, feel, cry, scream, he could only wait. Eventually, someone grabbed the sword and it gave Aatrox an opportunity to take on the bearer’s body. Aatrox was free, but he wanted his old body back, with years of searching for a solution,he realized he couldn't get his godly form back. Full of anger, despair, and desperation, knowing full well he can't die or free himself, he's embraced the darkness and went on a quest of killing everything and everyone, in hopes that if everything is destroyed, the sword and him will cease to exist… 

What makes this champion great: 

  • Decent Carry
  • Easy to learn
  • Great omnivamp

Aatrox details: 


Aatrox in action: 



Shaco is most likely a demon, yet his origins are unknown. Nobody knows who or what he is, but it's clear that he’s a deranged clown that loves to joke around before brutally killing people. He's obviously a psychopath, an assassin for hire, and a very cunning assassin at that, he always managed to escape the authorities from putting him out of his insanity. The worst thing is the fact that he doesn't have an agenda, nor a reason, he's just killing others for pleasure. Very similar to Evelynn, but slightly more terrifying. 

What makes this champion great:

  • Challenging and fun to play
  • OP if mastered
  • Massive amounts of damage
  • Trick people around with your Q and your W

Shaco details:  


Shaco in action:


He will hunt you in your dreams! 

Nocturne was created at the end of the Rune Wars, by cabals of warrior-mages who desperately wished to win the war. Nocturne's point is to not only destroy his foes on the battleground physically but to infest the minds of brave heroes, put seeds of doubt and fear into them, demoralize them and even not let them sleep, as he invades the minds of mortals even in their dreams. Just like Freddy Krueger! Nocturne was only half-bad when he was trapped in the spirit realm, but now that he broke free out of it... it makes him even eviler, as he can now manipulate his foes and brutally murder them.

What makes this champion great: 

  • CC spells
  • Semi-carry
  • Deals plenty of damage in short amounts of time 

Nocturne details:  


Nocturne in action:


Bad ass guy with a bad ass story!

Before Mordekaiser there was Sahn-Uzal, a terrific warlord that caused chaos and wished to purge any tribe and settlement out of life, all that to become a god in the Hall of Bones. But he was lied to, he woke up in the middle of nowhere on some wasteland, surrounded by wisps and ghostly figures. The rage and despair grew inside of Sahn-Uzal and eventually after a long time, a group of sorcerers wished to return him to life, in hopes of using him as a weapon. After they returned Sahn-Uzal to life, he killed them - no magic could stop him and it made him mad that anyone could use him as a slave. He no longer was Sahn-Uzal, his new name was... Mordekaiser. He was an even worse tyrant than before and eventually, it gathered attention from the Noxii tribes that defeated him, casting him out of the material world. As of today, Mordekaiser is still there, somewhere in a different dimension, looking for a way to permanently come back and have his vengeance on those who stopped him from achieving world domination.

What makes this champions great:

  • Great carry who benefits from AoE damage
  • Steals stats from opponents when he kills them in his cage 
  • Strong in late game 

Mordekaiser details: 


Mordekaiser in action: 


Like Shaco, but worse.
Jhin has no regard for human life, in fact, he finds joy in mutilating and killing others. The worst part about Jhin is that he's a mortal himself. His only reason for killing farmsteads full of people was because it gave him pleasure and fulfillment. He thrives off of inflicting terror in others, and he's not someone that can be easily caught and put in prison. After 4 years though, he was finally caught, almost killed, but finally put in prison.The guards described him as shy and polite, he loved to study but he couldn't be cured from his psychopathic madness. After a while, a war broke out and Jhin was released, everyone knew how good he was at killing, so he was granted new weaponry and unlimited funding. He grew, and so did his murder counter once more. 

What makes this champion great:

  • Deals plenty of damage from a certain range
  • Runs around at the speed of sound
  • Awesome if you like to play as psychopathic champions!

Jhin details: 


Jhin in action:


 More like trash!

Thresh in the beginning was a man, a cruel man who inflicted suffering upon others and was dissatisfied with the fact that he had to hide it from others. He was repulsed by others for being such a sick man, but he became even more sinister of a character after a Ruination struck - a disaster that caused magical shockwaves on the islands that claimed the lives of everyone - Thresh included. But when everyone else perished, Thresh only grew stronger, hoping to inflict as much suffering as possible on mortal beings. One of the most disturbing stories was when Thresh captured an immortal warlock - torture brought Thresh joy, and this meant that the warlock could serve as his plaything for all eternity. He especially enjoyed ripping the skin off of the warlock's flesh till it regenerated, he also put on some chains that would make a lot of noise in the hallways to inflict fear in his prisoners. Evil in life, evil as a wraith!

What's great about this champion:

  • Can save his teammates with his spells
  • One of the strongest supports in the game
  • You get the privilege of playing as almost the evilest champion in LoL
  • Has CC if you manage to hit your Q
  • Soul collector

 Thresh details: 


Thresh in action: 


"Oh, fiddlesticks, what now?" 

Quite an innocent name, isn't it? Well, the creature is not so innocent, Fiddlesticks was created by an ambitious young mage on the top of his tower. He wished to control the creature and use it for his own gains. Mysteriously, the tower, the mage, and the creature disappeared, creating only myths and legends among the population. But something is wrong, something has awoken and people are disappearing. Why? How? People in remote farmlands are just simply vanishing, ceasing to exist, travelers are too scared to venture out, and those that have the balls, disappear without a trace. This forced the guards to investigate, only for them to disappear too. That's the thing about Fiddlesticks, he is nothing. He's just a living legend that can't be tracked down or identified, but wherever he goes, he makes people disappear. I place Fiddlesticks on the first spot as he's something that can't be identified, he’s the G-man of LoL, he is nothingness without an end, his agenda is unknown, and humanity's fear is, of course, the unknown. He's also fun to play in pubs!

What's great about this champion: 

  • His spells are spooky(aka OP)
  • Overall Fiddlesticks is hard to play, but you'll flourish once you learn and play this champion enough times
  • His sticks fiddle 

Fiddlesticks details:


Fiddlesticks in action:

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