Paladins Tier List - Ranking The Characters From Best To Worst

Tier List of Paladins (2022)
"Surrender, you fool."

"Now prepare yourself"

Paladins: The Champions of The Realm, a game released by Hi-Rez Studios much known for releasing the MOBA Smite at 2015, March 24th, it has attracted millions and millions of players all over the world, making them wonder: which of the more than 50 champions is the best?

That is exactly what I am here to show you today, my dear true gamers, who have been following our articles about Paladins. So follow the best Tier List of Paladins below.

Tier List Description

S-Tier - The best of the best are in this category. Those who are easily feared when they are seen on your team, or you fear them when you see them on the enemy team. Easily banned for their high versatility and high power.

  • Androxus (Flank):         98/100
  • Inara (Front-line):          95/100
  • Bomb King (Damage):  94/100
  • Atlas (Front-line):          93/100
  • Dredge (Damage):        90/100

A-Tier - These are the ones that are very close to the S ranks and are in that position only because of minimal gameplay issues, such as movement or nerfs. If well chosen within the team they can even defeat some S ranks.

  • Cassie (Damage):      89/100
  • Vatu (Flank):               88/100
  • Vora (Flank):               87/100
  • Drogoz (Damage):      86/100
  • Koga (Flank):              85/100
  • Ying (Support):            84/100
  • Lian (Damage):           83/100
  • Fernando (Front-line): 82/100
  • Makoa (Front-line):      81/100
  • Barik (Front-line):        80/100
  • Khan (Front-line):        79/100

B-Tier - These one need more practice and playability for everyone to do a good job, so don’t pass through them because they’re still viable for any kind of competitive match.

  • Ash (Front-line):          78/100
  • Yagorath (Front-line):  77/100
  • Furia (Support):          75/100
  • Willo (Damage):          74/100
  • Strix (Damage):           73/100
  • Azaan (Front-line):      72/100
  • Corvus (Support):        71/100
  • Viktor (Damage):         70/100
  • Buck (Flank):               69/100
  • Seris (Support):           68/100
  • Imani (Damage):          67/100
  • Tyra (Damage):            66/100
  • Evie (Flank):                65/100
  • Grohk (Support):          64/100
  • Lex (Flank):                  63/100
  • Kinessa (Damage):      62/100

C-Tier - Champions that have a niche use case. You need a lot of practice and smooth teamwork to be able to make these units dominant in battle.

  • Zhin (Flank):                60/100
  • Mal’Damba (Support): 59/100
  • Io (Support):                 58/100
  • Koga (Flank):               57/100
  • Octavia (Damage):      56/100
  • Sha-Lin (Damage):      55/100
  • Rei (Support):              54/100
  • Torvald (Front-line):      53/100
  • Raum (Front-line):        52/100

D-Tier - These Champions will rarely steal the spotlight in matches. They can be good as side characters that would help the team win, but won’t be able to carry the whole squad.

  • Grover (Support): 51/100
  • Jenos (Support):  50/100

F-Tier - These Champions would need solid buffs in the future to be able to rank higher on this list. They seldom get picked in competitive matches because you can’t build around them, nor do their abilities shine.

  • Maeve (Flank):         49/100
  • Vivian (Damage):     48/100
  • Saati (Damage):      47/100
  • Tiberius (Damage):  46/100
  • Skye (Flank):           45/100
  • Moji (Flank):            40 /100
  • Imani (Damage):      67/100
  • Tyra (Damage):        66/100
  • Evie (Flank):             65/100

1 - Androxus (S-Tier)

The night rises and the moon shows itself

Androxus is a heavy damage flank champion, capable of gunning down unsuspecting enemies and fleeing before the enemy team can regroup and finish him off.

Androxus was my first champion to ever get good at and not feed, besides support. I played him during beta, then quit shortly after due to just pure boredom with the game, then I came back recently. He's certainly my go-to flank nowadays since he's one of the few champions I'm actually good at.

2. Inara (S-Tier)

Ice Queen

Inara is a Front Line Champion with a great amount of sustainability with Earthen Guard and is capable of hard point fights. Her weapon can deal great damage up to medium distance.

Inara is one of the best front lines, no doubt about it. Her lack of mobility is what corrupts her, but in any case, that is her only lack of prowess. As such, Inara has great damage and protection for her teammates.

3. Bomb King (S-Tier)

"I wanna play a bomb game"

During a fortress siege long ago, a clever warlord decided that the best way to breach her enemy's defenses would be to create walking bombs. Her warlock accidentally brought one of the larger bombs to life, creating the Bomb King. After destroying the warlord's entire army by himself, Bomb King struck out on his own delusional quest to visit the lands under his rule, which happened to be all of them.

King Bomb is our favorite damage. Anyone who will ever play Paladins will surely go through this champion. His Sticky Bombs are his greatest weapons by far. The bomb kingdom holder is indeed the most dangerous damage and hard to counter. 

4. Atlas (S-Tier)

"This future is mine" 

There is no light in the future, only an all-consuming Darkness. The Realm is lost. Atlas will be born into this dark future as the son of a legendary Judge. Each day he fights to survive, and each night he finds solace in stories of the Realm that used to be. These stories give Realm-kind hope, but their final stand against the Darkness will fail tragically. All hope will be lost save for one last glimmer.

I want to explain it in the most simple way possible. He has a high power weapon, an indestructible shield that can span the whole map, a secondary ability that can deny players from doing anything and reverse healing, and a movement ability that denies almost every ult and heals him. He’s versatile enough to switch from defensive to offensive and from tanky DPS to damaging tank. He also has a lot of control over team fights, being able to send people back or undo healing.

5. Dredge (S-Tier)

Bone Dredge

Dredge is a damage champion, capable of outputting massive area damage from long range and zoning control on the map. With his Cursed Howitzer, Dredge fires grenades that arch before falling. He can easily apply heavy pressure on the point or in flanking lanes using both his left click and right click. Enemies caught within proximity of his grenades will take heavy damage based on their distance from the explosives.

I like him. He's iconic, isn't he? A champion that could honestly be one of the most mechanically interesting Champions, with cards that promotes mobility for burst of movements for quick relocations or cards that promotes staying in a spot to promote backline DPS, which gives you an ample amount of choice to either be a roaming threat or a stationary artillery blast.

In addition to a Talent that takes advantage of Dredge inherent area denial and area control that gives him the chance to strategies and think of traps and plans for the game. To be clear, the best Damage right now.

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