[Top 5] Paladins Best Tank Champions

The best tanks of Paladins
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The battle has begun… Gamers of the Realm, today we’re gonna talk about the Tanks sometimes known as Front Lines. Those experts in taking the front line by themselves (obviously, dur) and protecting their support while facing every enemy with bravery!

Tanks are specialists in taking all damage because of the high Health they have, not just this but they have a proper Shield that most of the time almost doubles their Life. 

Let’s take the list!

5. Ruckus

"Kekekeke, now who are the tiny one?"

Ruckus - The Worst of Friends (what’s the bloody wrong with this title?) is an ugly tiny goblin wearing a giant armor named Bolt equipped with two fast firing miniguns, missiles, impressive dash and circle armor. Ruckus was the first tank that came with the Beta of Paladins from 2015. 

Ruckus is not anymore what he once was in Paladins, unfortunately. In the past of Season 3, Ruckus was one of the best tanks you could pick up, but now he’s forgotten, dull for most of the players. However, I still play with him cause I know he’s still worth it! Ruckus is still a good tank, you just have to make a good deck focusing on shielding and you'll know what I’m talking about. He will be unstoppable! 

Something interesting to say is that Ruckus in German means Shock, and, gamers, this tank is truly shocking.

See Ruckus Own In Action

4. Ash

Ash destroying her ex

One of our best femme fatale tanks with a huge and heavy armor, The War Machine, Ash. I think Ash is still a good choice for the end of Season 4 because of her flexibility at surpassing enemies, earning kills and holding objectives. With her shield that allows her to protect herself and her teammates while taking the objective, Ash can be a good choice. 

I remember when they released Ash and why I like her so much, it was because of her ability to throw enemies in open maps with the skill called Kinetic Burst (you can also do this with Shoulder Bash). It was very funny to see the guys from the other team pissing off at the end of the match. 

Ash has many great cards and sometimes I can’t decide which deck is the best because you have so many good options, you can do so many nice decks to take down the enemies; so, Ash is still one of my favourite Tanks. You should try her and take down the enemies to ashes. Catched that?!

See Ash Own In Action

3. Inara

"Mama nature is here"

The Stone Warden, the forest woman, mother of nature, druida, Inara. Capable of building up a wood wall in front of her enemies, making strategies while maintaining her mates safe, Inara can counter many of the damages because of her high Health that combine with her slow mobility: a rock hard to break.

Inara is capable of many prowess like surpasses the Fernando’s Aegis Shield and stun her enemies. Countering many damages and flanks (not them all of course) with her strength, Inara still one of the best options for Season 4 in 2021 of Paladins. 

Curiosity: Inara is an indigenous name which means “Lady of Waters” or “Mother of Water” and “Beauty of Waters”, also Inara is one of the goddesses, daughter of Baal, god of fertility from Hittite mythology. Very interesting, huh? 

See Inara Own In Action

2. Raum

"Who invades my territory?!"

Raum, Rage of the Abyss, he’s like the Devil or his lawyer. Red skin, a giant gatling gun connected to his right arm, huge horns and a mask to suck all of your soul: Raum. By the way, he’s an off-tank which means that he doesn’t have a proper shield to protect his teammates but he has a shield for himself.

Raum, specifically, does have a Soul Armor that allows him to have a maximum of 4000 of Soul Armor. Guys, this is almost the double of his life. So you ask me: why is he not on top 1 of this list? Well, Raum is so overpowering that he always gets banned even before the match starts. This is a huge problem in Paladins… maybe in season 5 we get a nice nerf on Raum and we’ll be able to play with him again. 

I've been studying a lot of things, not just playing Paladins or any other game, and something that interests me so much is Greek mythology, demonology and other myths. And I think I know where they get the name Raum from: according to Johann Weyer of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Raum is a Great Count of Hell, ruling over thirty legions of demons. He is depicted as a raven that adopts human form at the conjurer's request.

What do you guys think about that?

See Raum Own In Action

1. Atlas

"What year is this? That's something wrong."

Do you guys love sci-fiction, more specifically, about time travel? I do! Well, Atlas, The Man Out of Time is a man of the future, a tank capable of defending himself from the Time, the most dangerous thing in the world, the nemesis of the man. 

Atlas is also an off-tank like Raum but he doesn’t have a shield for himself or his teammates; Atlas has a temporal barrier called Stasis Field that absorbs not just all damage but everything that touches it for five seconds (maybe overpowered). He can avoid even the smoking bomb of Skye or the poison of Mal’Damba. 

Atlas is also the name of the Titan from Greek mythology. He was part of the revolt against Zeus which won the war and forced Atlas to support the heavens on his shoulders. Well, reading the lore of Atlas from Paladins makes a lot of sense…

See Atlas Own In Action

Well, let me know, Gamers of The Realm, if you ever played with these champs once.

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