Destiny 2: How To Access Content Vault

A picture of a vault with Destiny 2's map showing how to access the content vault.
Some vaults are made to be broken into... maybe not Bungie's though.

Destiny 2: Get These Before They're Gone! (by xHOUNDISHx)

Will Destiny 2 content always be there? 

Almost all Destiny 2 players know about the Destiny Content Vault. In short, every new season involves Bungie removing large portions of content from the game and “vaulting” them, essentially making them inaccessible. 

This is their way of keeping the game slim while also adding new content every season. However, the big problem this leads to is that players who have purchased the expansions can lose out on parts of the game they paid for. 

This causes many players to worry about how they can get access to this lost content. Well, here’s what we can tell you about accessing the Destiny Content Vault:  

How to Access Content Vault in Destiny 2

Currently, there is no way to directly access the Destiny Content Vault but there are a few ways to obtain pieces of content from previous seasons: 

  • You can earn and use Exotic Cyphers along with other in-game currencies to buy Exotic and Legendary weapons from previous seasons at the Archive.
  • Keep an eye out for past content in the Eververse Shop. 
  • Check out any announcements for returning content in upcoming seasons and expansions.  

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