Top 15 Best Shotguns in Destiny 2

Best shotguns in Destiny 2
What complexities lie at the end of a shotgun? For a Guardian, it could be many things.

#15: IKELOS_SG_V1.0.2 (Best in PVE)

See the IKELOS Shotgun in action:

 A true technological achievement, the IKELOS Shotgun is efficient and versatile. Having access to an impressive perk pool and being one of the few 140RPM shotguns that can compete with the meta makes it a decent choice for those looking to get into the heat of the action. How you wish to play with this shotgun purely relies on what perks you choose. 

This kind of shotgun rewards players who wish to get in the face of the enemy. Rolls like trench barrel and surrounded can ensure you are dishing out high damage numbers while being within immediate contact with ads. Other roles like vorpal and lead from gold can ensure you manage your ammo economy while specializing in single-target DPS. 

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • It gives players choices for playstyles thanks to the perk pool 
  • it excels in ad control thanks to the weapon’s archetype 
  • Its single-target DPS capabilities 

How to Obtain: Season of Arrivals dungeon 


#14: Retold Tale (Best for PVP) 

See Retold Tale in action:

Straight from the Queen of the Awoken’s arsenal, Retold Tale aims true and has found many uses in the hands of the Guardians. Precision frame shotguns are favored by many, especially when you can spec the handling stat as high as possible. The being on the other end of this shotgun would never know what hit them. 

The mold of build options for this shotgun is relatively straightforward. If your role has a high-range barrel and mag, simply prioritize perks like quickdraw and snapshot sights to ensure the time it takes to equip it is as short as possible. Keeping this weapon ready at any time is the best course of action. 

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • It has a naturally high-range stat 
  • It has a vertical recoil pattern thanks to the archetype
  • It has perks that ensure you can quickly switch to this weapon when needed

How to obtain: Dreaming City activities 


#13: Astral Horizon (Best for PVP) 

See Astral Horizon in action: 

Gifted to those who can achieve flawless status in the Trials of Osiris, Astral Horizon is a  shotgun for any PVP loadout. Being present in the kinetic slot allows you to pair it with some of the best energy weapons, like Ammit and Palindrome. Its archetype also rewards getting kills in quick succession. 

Being a Trials weapon, it gets access to a unique perk called Celerity, which allows it to get increased target acquisition and reload speed along with decreased flinch from incoming fire. Other perks like surplus, opening shot, and auto-loading holster keep this weapon in a strong place. 

What's great about this weapon is:  

  • It has access to an adept version of the weapon that increases all base stats 
  • It has access to the Celerity perk, which rewards solo play 
  • Being in the aggressive frame archetype, increasing its fire rate every time the user gets a kill 

How to get: Trials of Osiris rewards (flawless chest completion from the Lighthouse for the adept version.) 


#12: Seven Seraph CQC-12 (Best for PVP)

See Seven Seraph CQC-12 in action:

Efficient and tactical, the Seven Seraph shotgun puts the cool in tacticool. Lightweight and nimbleness are this weapon’s specialty, which can do wonders for the player that wishes to adopt that play style. 

Getting the perks, you want on this weapon can be a challenge, as it has been removed from the world pool, only being sold by Banshee-44. However, our dear gunsmith friend has granted us some good roles in the past and may continue to do so. Perks like quickdraw and snapshot sights help double down on this weapon’s quickness. 

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • Being in an archetype that provides high handling and mobility
  • It has access to perks that double down on that speed 
  • Being in the energy slot frees up your kinetic space for weapons that can complement it

How to obtain: Banshee-44


#11: Duality

See Duality in action:

Flexibility can sometimes be necessary for combat. Duality is for Guardians who value that sentiment. It is a weapon that can one-shot kill from long ranges but can be just as efficient if you need to get up close and personal. 

Depending on your playstyle, it will influence how you use the exotic perk on this weapon. Slug shotguns are no joke; if you want this as your choice, it will serve you well. However, if you can get accustomed to switching between hip-firing a spread shotgun and aiming with a slug, you will get the maximum potential out of this weapon. 

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • It provides optional playstyles thanks to its exotic perk 
  • It grants the user bonus damage for switching between firing modes 
  • It has versatility in the heat of combat 

How to get: Exotic kiosk 


#10: Xenoclast IV (Best for PVE)

See Xenoclast IV in action: 

Being a shotgun that has been slept on by some, those who frequently use Xenoclast IV are not disappointed. Its commonality in the loot pool for Vanguard activities means you will see it often and with many perks. Options are a Guardian’s best tool sometimes. 

With a larger perk pool comes the more challenging task of getting the role you want. Having the option is great, but some perks can outclass others. Its surprising performance in PVE thrives thanks to perks like trench barrel and one-two punch. 

What's great about this weapon is:  

  • It has a large perk pool that provides players with a wide range of options
  • Being in the lightweight frame archetype provides increased handling and movement speed while this weapon is equipped
  • Being accessible to many players since it comes from an accessible activity

How to obtain: Vanguard strikes and Vanguard rank-up rewards 


#9: Legend of Acrius (Best for PVE) 

See Legend of Acrius in action:

Legend of Acrius is the first raid exotic of Destiny 2. When it was released, it was sadly not used by many since it takes up the power slot in a Guardian’s loadout. Today, it has gotten a new catalyst that completely changed some Guardian’s opinions. 

Being a power weapon, it hits hard. Any kind of yellow health bar enemy or boss will slowly see their health disappear thanks to its new exotic catalyst. It grants the weapon the trench barrel perk, increasing its damage even more. 

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • High, single-target damage thanks to its exotic perk and catalyst 
  • It detects targets on your radar from further away 
  • It has high natural stats that ensure the weapon stays consistent

How to obtain: Exotic kiosk 


#8: Tractor Cannon (Best for PVE)

See Tractor Cannon in action:

If you want to make Megaman proud, Tractor Cannon is for you. Debated as a potent support weapon for PvE, it can easily control some of the harshest ads the game can throw at you while making your teammates’ lives easier. 

Being able to suppress targets and make them more susceptible to damage is what gives this weapon its potency. Suppressing a target makes it so they cannot act, leaving them wide open. Top that off with the fact that they will die easier and you have a deadly combination. 

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • Supportive playstyles due to its exotic perk weakening enemies and increasing damage taken 
  • It suppresses targets, making them easier to handle in combat 
  • It keeps enemies away from you thanks to its ability to push enemies away from the wielder 

How to obtain: Exotic engrams, Xur, rare world drops


#7: Chaperone (Best for PVP) 

See Chaperone in action:

A menace on some Guardian’s hands, The Chaperone shotgun is a weapon that has earned its stripes in PVP. For being a slug shotgun, an archetype that is notoriously more difficult to use, it has a low skill ceiling in terms of its use. 

The game plan for this weapon is simple: aim for the head. It rewards you for doing so due to the exotic perk that increases stats as you get precision kills. Once the ball gets rolling, the weapon only gets easier to use. 

What's great about this weapon is:  

  • Its high one-shot potential is thanks to its archetype 
  • It ensures a consistent increase in stats when you get precision kills 
  • Its high natural range 

How to obtain: Exotic quest 


#6: Ragnhild D (Best for PVE)

See Ragnhild D in action: 

From the Hake foundry, Ragnhild took many Guardians by surprise. Keeping it simple and efficient like the foundry’s nature, it has proven to be a powerful choice for PVE shotgun-related builds. 

Crafting this weapon is your best course of action, as it only requires two red box drops to be able to craft it. Enhanced perks like trench barrel and one-two punch make this option great for PVE.

What's great about this weapon is:  

  • Being a weapon you can craft that has access to enhanced perks 
  • It has a large perk pool, allowing multiple ways to play with the weapon 
  • Being present in the kinetic slot that synergizes with some of the best energy weapons in the meta 

How to obtain: Legendary engrams and world drops 


#5: Riiswalker (Best for PVP) 

See Riiswalker in action:

Rustic and elegant, Riiswalker brings the power of the Iron Lords to the battlefield. As seen later on this list, Iron Banner shotguns have a notable potency in The Crucible. Harnessing that power may be the edge you need for PVP. 

For this shotgun, access to Iron Reach makes it stronger. Being a perk that increases range makes it a favored perk choice. Thanks to the Iron Reach perk, it allows you to spec into a different first perk that could increase handling, for example. 

What's great about this weapon is

  • It has access to the exclusive iron banner-related perks, specifically Iron Reach  
  • It has high mobility and handling due to the archetype
  • Being in the kinetic slot allows you to build around other energy weapons 

How to obtain: Iron Banner 


#4: Matador 64 (Best for PVP) 

See Matador 64 in action:

Another classic weapon to Destiny 1 veterans, Matador 64 stays high on many Guardians lists for great shotguns in The Crucible. With its reintroduction into Destiny 2, it did get some perks that could help it in PVE. However, its home will always be in PVP

Despite its archetype changing from D1 to D2, it got access to some of the best perk combinations on a shotgun. Perpetual motion is a fan-favorite perk, as it simply rewards you for moving. Combine that with something like an opening shot and you have a deadly combination. 

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • It has a more predictable recoil pattern thanks to its archetype
  • It has access to some of the best perks for PVP on a shotgun 
  • It has naturally high stats, making the gun feel consistent in gun fights 

How to obtain: Grasp of Avarice dungeon 


#3: Felwinter’s Lie

See Felwinter’s Lie in action:

Mistaken as a sniper by Destiny 1 veterans, Felwinter’s Lie has made a name for itself throughout the franchise. This weapon was a flat-out problem back in D1, and that problem made its way into Destiny 2. Now toned down since its return, it still has die-hard fans that will never put it down. 

Having a static role means you do not have to worry about getting perks you do not want. Simply pick between the two sets offered to you and you’re off. Of course, since it makes sense for such an infamous weapon, the perks you get are some of the best. 

What's great about this weapon is:  

  • It has a tighter pellet spread thanks to its archetype 
  • You do not have to worry about random rolls as this weapon only comes with a static roll
  • It has the option between two sets of perks  

How to obtain: Complete the quest “The Lie.” 


#2: Wastelander M5 (Best for PVP and PVE) 

See Wastelander M5 in action: 

The Wastelander M5 shotgun puts on a bigger show than it looks capable of. Coming from the Dares of Eternity-related activity, it is now also a weapon you can craft. This weapon already had access to some of the best perks you could ask for, and now you can enhance them. 

Getting a god roll with these craftable weapons has never been easier. This weapon is a prime example of what potential can be present within it. Enhanced perpetual motion and opening shot for PVP or enhanced trench barrel and sustenance for PVE. The choice is yours.  

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • Being able to craft this weapon, grants you access to enhanced perks 
  • It grants increased handling and movement speed thanks to the archetype 
  • It has access to a wide range of perks that make it good for PVP and PVE 

How to obtain: Xur’s treasure hoard in Eternity 


#1: Found Verdict (Best for PVP and PVE) 

See Found Verdict in action:

An undisputed classic, Found Verdict has been with some Guardians since the beginning. Being rewarded by completing certain encounters in The Vault of Glass, is a prime example of how good a raid weapon should be. Make it timelost and you have a beautiful shotgun. 

Its potency has passed the test of time, as it is a go-to choice for so many Guardians still to this day. Due to its recoil pattern being consistent due to its archetype, hitting shots is easy. Great perks to choose from are the icing on the cake made out of Vex milk.

What's great about this weapon is: 

  • It has access to some of the best perks in the game for both PVP and PVE
  • Being a hard-hitting shotgun that gets an increase in fire rate after every kill thanks to its archetype 
  • It has a time-lost version that increases all its based stats when you fully masterwork the weapon 

How to obtain: The Vault of Glass raid 

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