Top 10 Best Destiny 2 Auto Rifles Right Now

Best D2 Auto Rifles
Auto Rifles automatically make you look cooler.

What Are The Best Auto Rifles in D2?

Auto Rifles in Destiny are in an interesting spot right now.

Their optimal time-to-kill is lower than some other weapons in PvP like Hand Cannons or Pulse Rifles, but they are an amazing at clearing out ads in PvE.

That being said, it seems Bungie has been giving them buffs recently, making them more viable!

Get ahead of the curve and check out the top 10 Auto Rifles right now.

10. Misfit

“Nowhere else to go.”

Fallen Captain arc shields giving you trouble? Don’t worry, this gun will fit right in.


It comes with a magazine size of 51-60. It’ll make sure you have enough bullets to mow through your enemies and rack up the multi-kills.


It doesn’t hit very hard. It takes 16 body shots, or 9 head and 2 body shots to kill in PvP. That mixed with its recoil, and it’s unforgiving to a new player.

How to Obtain

Random award from decrypting legendary engrams.

Misfit full details:

9. Sweet Business

“…I love my job.”

If you’re a Titan: put on One-Eyed Mask, throw up your Rally Barricade, use this little gem, and laugh manically–you’ll thank me later.


It’s a freaking minigun, come’on! It has good stability and the ability to become even more accurate when firing from the hip. Paring it with exotics and abilities that continuously reload the magazine and you could melt even the mightiest bullet sponges.


It isn’t very great at a range. If you aren’t used to pre-spinning your shots in PvP, then you’re going to have a bad time.   

How to Obtain

Random drop from an Exotic Engram. Occasionally, Xur may sell it.

Sweet Business full details:

8. SUROS Regime

“Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory.”

A legend to Destiny 1 players, this gun comes with two different rates of fire to adjust to any play style.


Depending on your play style, you have two amazing options. Spinning up will give you forgiving body shot damage and multi-kill potential while Dual Speed Receiver rewards head shot damage at a range. Not only that, but the SUROS Legacy Perk is pretty much High Impact Reserves with a chance to return health on a kill.


When using Spinning up, it feels like it should have more bullets. This is easily countered by Rally Barricade or Lunafaction Boots. It also can be out-gunned by faster firing weapons if you use the Dual Speed Receiver, so you need to get the drop on your foe.

How to Obtain

Random drop from an Exotic Engram. Occasionally, Xur may sell it.

SUROS Regime full details:

7. Halfdan-D

“Your name will ring out, your deeds will resound forever.”

If you want to feel the power of every one of your shots, give the Halfdan-D a shot. It’s essentially a full-auto Scout Rifle with 360 RPM.


The Halfdan-D is under rated and hence under estimated. As long as you can keep the headshots going, which won’t be hard with this beast, It can easily dominate against pulse, scouts, and snipers in long range and slays in close to mid-range.


With a 360 RPM, you won’t be able to stop a shotgunner in PvP in close quarters. You may get over run in PvE if you aren’t careful with your head shots.

How to Obtain

Random reward for raising your reputation with Banshee-44.

Halfdan-D full details:

6. The Ringing Nail

“Strike while the iron’s hot.”

The Ringing Nail is a great auto for any situation. It has great stats that nicely wipe out a room of trash mobs with ease.


This gun just feels satisfying to use. It is easy to use and can do some damage when you master it. With the recent buffs Bungie gave to Auto Rifles, and the availability of interesting perk combos specific to this gun, this is a solid choice for energy DPS.


Though it has great stats on paper, it’s not very effective in PvP. Something about the gun just doesn’t want to kill another Guardian.

How to Obtain

Complete the Powerful Auto Rifle Frame Quest given by Ada-1 in the tower. You must have the Black Armory DLC.

The Ringing Nail full details:

5. Tigerspite

“What else can we do but take up arms?” – Corsair Amrita Vae

A great feeling Auto Rifle that becomes unstoppable with the right perks.


The range, stability, and handling on this gun is make it easy to cut through ads like butter.


Without the right perks, this gun could feel underwhelming. You’d have to farm for the right one to fit your play style.

How to Obtain

Random drop from the Dreaming City.

Tigerspite full details:

4. Age-Old Bond

“Symbiosis. Not predation. Never predation, o wary one mine.”

A buttery smooth upgrade to the Halfdan-D. If you get the curated version, it comes with the otherworldly perk combination of Forth Times the Charm and Rampage. Get ready to crack skulls.


The range on this Auto Rifle is incredible! In the right hands, it can easily compete with a scout or sniper rifle. It also carries decent impact which will cause your enemies to flinch. Forth Times the Charm is just icing on the cake with its ability to return 2 bullets to the magazine for every 4 precision hits. This essentially doubles the magazine size on this epic Auto Rifle.


Like the Halfdan-D, you won’t be able to stop a shotgunner in PvP if they get too close. You may also get over run in PvE if you aren’t careful with your head shots.

How to Obtain

Random drop after completing any major encounter in The Last Wish Raid.

Age-Old Bond full details:

3. Hazard of the Cast

“Nothing for it once you place your life upon the die.” – The Drifter

A more traditional looking Auto Rifle. With a 450 RPM, this feels heavy and sounds amazing to use.


Hazard of the Cast has great range and stability which makes it feel like a laser. Get a good roll on it like Zen Moment and Kill Clip and it’ll become godly.


I can’t think of many besides it’s 0.93 Optimal Time-to-Kill in Crucible. It may be longer than some other weapon classes, but it is reliable.

How to Obtain

Random drop from the end of a Gambit game.

Hazard of the Cast full details:

2. Cerberus +1

“Because three heads are good, but four are better.” -Jeza “Jeopardy” Verlayn

It’s an Auto Rifle with four barrels that all shoot at once, need I say anymore? Only main barrel consumes ammunition, so that isn’t a problem. It causes flinch like no other in its class, and can destroy a blocker in Gambit before it has time to attack.


At close range, this thing absolutely obliterate anything in your path. Oddly enough, this gun has inverse bullet drop off meaning further the targets take more damage. This coupled with Spread Shot Package perk means you can absolutely shred enemies at mid-range in PvP and PvE alike.


Cerberus +1 cannot be used at a range. Only its center barrel’s shots will hit restricting its use to close to the beginning part of mid-range.

How to Obtain

Random drop from an Exotic Engram.

Cerberus +1 full details:

1. Breakneck

“They don’t make Dark Age tech like this anymore. Lucky for you I kept all mine.” -The Drifter

Essentially and upgraded Hazard of the Cast, this Auto Rifle is the pinnacle for the weapon class. Bungie, put down the paintbrush, you have a masterpiece.


Its incredible range and precision frame means this Auto Rifle can be used in most situations. Then, the unique Rampage/Onslaught perk combo on this gun is nothing to take lightly. Increasing damage per bullet and rate of said bullets coming out makes your DPS go up exponentially.


For being an Auto Rifle, I can’t think of any. If I had to think of one, it could be out-gunned in Crucible if you don’t have a Rampage going.

How to Obtain

Complete the Breakneck Questline given by The Drifter in the Tower. This involves completing 40 matches and getting multiple Auto Rifle kills in the Gambit game mode.

Breakneck full details:

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