[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Auto Rifles That Wreck Hard! (And How to Get Them)

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Auto Rifles lead the Witch Queen charge

Destiny 2’s gunplay is arguably the best in the business. With just the right amount of recoil and weight behind each shot you take, it’s genuinely a pleasure to shoot the guns Bungie pieces together. Especially auto rifles. And with the Overload Champion Mod for auto rifles being available this season, here are the top ten auto rifles in Destiny 2.

10. Sweet Sorrow (For Both PvE and PvP)

Everybody should take note of True Vanguard.

Sweet Sorrow. It’s a new 720 RPM auto rifle that was introduced with Season of the Risen, and it’s sitting comfortably at number ten on our list. This archetype is an interesting one, but let’s first see what the base stats can offer before the perks:

  • Impact - 18
  • Range - 31
  • Stability - 59
  • Handling - 48
  • Reload Speed - 52
  • Aim Assistance - 81
  • Magazine - 53
  • Zoom - 17

And in terms of perks, Sweet Sorrow has a lot going for it:

  • Stats for All + One for All
  • Triple Tap + Vorpal Weapon or Focused Fury
  • Perpetual Motion or Killing Wind + Tap the Trigger

The Stats For All + One For All combo is definitive synergy. Hitting three separate targets will increase Sweet Sorrow’s damage, handling, stability, range, and reload speed. It’s fantastic. But Triple Tap + Vorpal Weapon is, as many know, excellent against bosses. Both are great, and the choice is yours! Especially with the craftable enhanced perks.

As for PvP, 720 RPM auto rifles are decent. They certainly aren't the best weapons in the game, but the combination of Perpetual Motion + Tap the Trigger makes the gun feel top-notch.

How do I get Sweet Sorrow?

I won't lie; Psi-Ops Battlegrounds is really fun.

Sweet Sorrow is a seasonal weapon, which means you can acquire it from activities such as Psi-Ops Battlegrounds or engram focusing at the H.E.L.M. And with the right H.E.L.M. upgrade unlocked, Sweet Sorrow can also drop from playlist activities. 

9. Hard Light (For PvE)

The gun to combat Match Game.

Hard Light is an exotic auto rifle in the energy slot. One of our many Destiny 1 exotics, this one has gone through phases of being entirely underwhelming to overpowered. But it's currently in a good place and deserving of your loadout's exotic slot. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 21
  • Range - 46
  • Stability - 69
  • Handling - 75
  • Reload Speed - 68
  • Aim Assistance - 100
  • Magazine - 49
  • Zoom - 16

Firing at 600 rounds per minute, Hard Light sports the exotic perk, Volatile Light. Bullets have reduced damage fall-off, over-penetrate targets, and ricochet off surfaces. Pair that with the ability to switch between the void, solar, and arc elements, and you have an auto rifle ready to tackle both Match Game in Nightfalls and Overload Champions this season!

And for those wanting to try Hard Light in the Crucible, it isn’t the best weapon in the game, but it’s solid - especially since the catalyst gives the weapon 100 stability. 

How do I get Hard Light?

Bungie is at the forefront of weapon design. Even Hard Light can be appreciated.

Hard Light is a world drop. This means that it can drop from almost any activity. Crucible, Nightfall Strikes, Xur, Public Events, or even after resetting your rank with a vendor. Sources to acquire Hard Light are in abundance. You just have to be lucky!

8. Krait (For PvE)

It's a workhorse auto rifle, and it's good at what it does.

Krait is a new stasis 720 RPM auto rifle in the Kinetic slot. Introduced with the Witch Queen expansion, it pairs well with many Osmiomancy Gloves or Renewal Grasp builds. And before we get into a few recommended perks, here are the stats:

  • Impact - 18
  • Range - 40
  • Stability - 62
  • Handling - 50
  • Reload Speed - 58
  • Aim Assistance - 78
  • Magazine - 53
  • Zoom - 16

Krait is one of the best representations of why Destiny 2 players get excited over new weapon perks each season. Check these out:

  • Overflow or Subsistence + Vorpal Weapon
  • Overflow + Headstone
  • Stats for All + One for All

My personal favourite is Overflow + Vorpal Weapon. Having an auto rifle with solid damage against bosses that I rarely have to reload feels fantastic! However, having that same lack of reloading paired with Headstone sees you consistently creating stasis crystals. The build potential here is excellent.

But wait! You may be pleased to know that Krait also has the Origin Trait, Veist Stinger. This has a chance to increase movement speed and reload your magazine when damaging an enemy. 

How do I get Krait?

Good luck with your RNG!

Krait is part of the World Loot Pool. So, like Hard Light, it can drop from almost any source. With time and a little luck, you’ll get the roll you want. 

7. The Summoner (For PvP)

The Origin Trait really is something else.

Next up, we have a returning Trials of Osiris auto rifle, The Summoner. And thanks to its updated perk pool, it's better than ever. This is an auto rifle that you should definitely consider hunting for. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 21
  • Range - 46
  • Stability - 47
  • Handling - 73
  • Reload Speed - 60
  • Aim Assistance - 62
  • Magazine - 42
  • Zoom - 16

The 600 RPM archetype has been at or near the top of the auto rifle meta for a couple of years now. And with these new perk combinations, The Summoner has a lot to offer:

  • Moving Target or Rangefinder + Rampage or Elemental Capacitor
  • Overflow + Focused Fury

The Summoner has great consistency perks like Moving Target, Rangefinder, and Elemental Capacitor. Tack on Rampage for higher damage numbers to have a very solid auto rifle for PvP.

However, there is also the Overflow + Focused Fury combination. Proc Focused Fury and then Overflow to have a very large magazine with increased damage. See Cool Guy Games for his mention of this perk combo, specifically on the Piece of Mind pulse rifle. 

How do I get The Summoner?

The Summoner is one of many great Trials of Osiris rewards.

The Summoner is exclusive to the Trials of Osiris. So if you’re wanting to farm for your roll or the Adept version, you’ll need to wait for it to be in the rotation. Good luck!

6. Monte Carlo (For PvE)

You can throw titan frisbees all day with Monte Carlo and Void 3.0.

Monte Carlo is an exotic auto rifle in the Kinetic slot, and it's fantastic for build crafting. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 21
  • Range - 50
  • Stability - 60
  • Handling - 64
  • Reload Speed - 81
  • Aim Assistance - 50
  • Magazine - 43
  • Zoom - 15

Monte Carlo feels great to fire at 600 rounds per minute, and doing so activates the exotic perk, Monte Carlo Method - dealing damage with the weapon reduces your melee cooldown and grants a chance to fully recharge said melee with a kill. Moreover, there’s the intrinsic perk, Markov Chain. This grants increased damage from kills and melee kills and improved ammo reserves.

Do you see the cycle? Build into your guardian’s Strength stat to constantly throw knives, smoke bombs, or Captain America shields with the new Void Titan. It’s a build that keeps on giving!

As for taking Monte Carlo into the Crucible, it’s decent. It’s of the 600 RPM archetype, has decent range and minimal stability, and can be used to feed that melee cycle.

Where do I get Monte Carlo?

I hope Monte Carlo's catalyst turns the gun into a glaive.

Monte Carlo is another randomly dropped exotic. Try out the higher difficulty Nightfall strikes - the higher the difficulty, the more chance of getting an exotic drop.

5. Tommy’s Matchbook (For Both PvE and PvP)

Tommy's Matchbook is the ultimate risk/reward weapon.

Tommy’s Matchbook was the seasonal exotic weapon back in Season of the Worthy. And while you don't see it very often in both PvE and PvP, it is actually very, very good. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 18
  • Range - 58
  • Stability - 59
  • Handling - 62
  • Reload Speed - 10
  • Aim Assistance - 81
  • Magazine - 100
  • Zoom - 16

Tommy's Matchbook sports the exotic perk, Ignition Trigger. Continuously firing the weapon increases damage but burns the user. But with the second perk, Heat Sink, the damage taken is reduced while hip-firing. Add the weapon's catalyst, which grants increased recovery, and the intrinsic near-perfect hip-firing accuracy to have a unique and solid auto rifle. There’s a risk to using Tommy’s Matchbook, but it’s worth it. 

How do I get Tommy’s Matchbook?

What an interesting aesthetic.

This exotic auto rifle can be bought from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. Being easily accessible, you won’t need to farm Nightfalls til you drop. What a relief!

4. Gnawing Hunger (For Both PvE and PvP)

Gnawing Hunger is one of the most consistent weapons in the game.

Chances are you’ve seen a Gnawing Hunger in some guardian’s loadout. Strikes, the Tower, even Gambit. This is a void 600 RPM auto rifle that, at one time, dominated the Crucible. To understand why it’s a staple in many-a-loadout, check out the base stats:

  • Impact - 21
  • Range - 53
  • Stability - 49
  • Handling - 67
  • Reload Speed - 61
  • Aim Assistance - 65
  • Magazine - 43
  • Zoom - 16

With solid stats all around, Gnawing Hunger is incredibly consistent. With solid stability, range, and handling, it's an auto rifle that just beams enemies. And it's great for controller users too. Here are the perks I recommend:

  • Subsistence + Rampage
  • Tap the Trigger + Kill Clip

For PvE, Subsistence + Rampage is the way to go. Using lower-tier enemies, see if you can get Rampage x3. And for PvP, Kill Clip will shorten your time to kill, and Tap the Trigger gives stability and accuracy with each trigger pull. Gnawing Hunger is simply a really solid gun.

How do I get Gnawing Hunger?

There's one very good reason to run Dares of Eternity.

There are two ways to get Gnawing Hunger. Having been removed from the World Loot Pool this season, you can purchase the gun when Xur sells it or run Dares of Eternity when the weapon is in rotation. But don’t fret about its availability; Xur sells it almost every weekend!

3. Chroma Rush (For PvE)

With the right roll, Chroma Rush really does shred. 

Introduced with Season of the Splicer, Chroma Rush is one of the best legendary auto rifles in the kinetic slot. Like Gnawing Hunger, it’s very consistent and has great perks. And it looks fantastic too. To start, here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 18
  • Range - 33
  • Stability - 60
  • Handling - 41
  • Reload Speed - 52
  • Aim Assistance - 80
  • Magazine - 51
  • Zoom - 16

And for perks, Chroma Rush has more than a few options for PvE. For example:

  • Subsistence or Feeding Frenzy + Rampage
  • Heating Up+ Rampage
  • Feeding Frenzy + Adrenaline Junkie

Rampage is likely the go-to perk for many. Add Subsistence or Feeding Frenzy into the mix for a solid enemy-clearing auto rifle. But don’t sleep on Adrenaline Junkie if you’re looking into a grenade-focused build!

Chroma Rush is fantastic. I particularly love Subsistence + Rampage for the increase in damage and the lack of reloading. I don't like taking the time to reload, so this perk combination is perfect for me.

How do I get Chroma Rush?

Season of the Splicer had excellent weapon design.

With the Season of the Splicer content now moved into the Destiny Content Vault, Chroma Rush can only be obtained from Xur. Hopefully. He hasn’t sold it yet, but my fingers are crossed!

2. Scathelocke (For both PvE and PvP)

The Destiny 2 vanilla auto rifle makes its return!

Taking second place on the list is Scathelocke. This is a 600 RPM auto rifle in the Kinetic slot and is actually a reprised weapon from when Destiny 2 first launched. It’s solid, it’s clean, and it’s arguably better than the rest. See the base stats:

  • Impact - 21
  • Range - 50
  • Stability - 45
  • Handling - 66
  • Reload Speed - 59
  • Aim Assistance - 65
  • Magazine - 42
  • Zoom - 20

What first sets Scathelocke apart from the rest is its zoom value. At 20, Scathelocke can reach up to 38 metres. For a 600 RPM auto rifle, that’s huge. And check out the recommended perks:

  • Tunnel Vision + Multikill Clip
  • Heating Up or Subsistence + Rampage

As with other 600 RPM auto rifles, Scathelocke is very consistent across the board. Decent range and stability, great handling, and a competitive time to kill in PvP. Pair this with damage perks like Multikill Clip or Rampage and you’re keeping that consistency whilst increasing its lethality. Scathelocke is just a great gun to use. 

How do I get Scathelocke?

Scathelocke is Destiny 2's AK-47

Having been removed from the World Loot Pool this season, there’s only one possible way to get Scathelocke. Xur. If Xur decides to sell it with a decent roll, you’re in luck. But we can only hope. 

1. Suros Regime (For PvP)

You don't often see Suros Regime, but it's actually excellent.

Suros Regime was one of the very first weapons to dominate the Crucible. With its distinct sound and sleek aesthetic, you’ll know when someone’s shooting at you with this Destiny 1 exotic. But why is this auto rifle better than the rest, and why is it number one on the list? Well, first see the base stats:

  • Impact - 21
  • Range - 51
  • Stability - 49
  • Handling - 68
  • Reload Speed - 67
  • Aim Assistance - 68
  • Magazine - 25
  • Zoom - 16

Suros Regime has two swappable firing modes. Dual Speed Receiver enables the weapon to fire at 360 RPM with increased damage and Spinning Up starts at 600 RPM and increases from there. Both are top-notch. However, Spinning Up is the way to go. Consider that 600 RPM is what Gnawing Hunger and The Summoner fire, but Suros Regime’s fire rate only increases while outputting the same damage numbers. You can get some crazy fast kills with just one magazine!

But Suros has an exotic perk and a catalyst too! Suros Legacy increases damage with the base half of the magazine and there’s a chance to be healed with every final blow. All in all, Suros is consistent and lethal. It’s the best auto rifle in the game!

How do I get Suros Regime?

The original Destiny auto rifle is still leading the pack after all these years.

Suros Regime is another randomly dropped exotic weapon. Play any activity, wait for Xur to sell it, buy his once-per-week exotic engram. You’ve many options to get Suros Regime!

Right now, some auto rifles are in a decent place for PvE, especially considering the Overload Champion Mod for auto rifles this season. We’ve Monte Carlo for melee builds or Krait for never needing to reload. For PvP, they’re surprisingly competitive in 6v6 and a great alternative to the meta. If you’re looking for new ways to breathe life into your Destiny 2 loadout, give one of these ten auto rifles a chance.

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