[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Boss DPS Weapons (2021 Edition)

Destiny 2 Best Boss DPS Weapons


10. Falling Guillotine

 Use and Review:

 There is little doubt about how effective a good sword can be in battle. But when it comes to owning bosses in PVE there is little doubt of who dominates the field. Fallin Guillotine is a beast. Its special attack that sweeps in a circular arc, not only damages enemies it does devastating damage to them including bosses. The only thing the player has to be aware of is the boss's stomp attack. It is liable to take out a guardian in one hit.

Weapon Stats

  • Swing Speed 46
  • Impact 60
  • Defense 60
  • Charge Rate 32
  • Ammo Capacity 60
  • Bounce Intensity 100


Exotic: Vortex Frame

Blade: Enduring Blade

Guard: Heavy Guard

Trait: Energy Transfer

Trait: Whirlwind Blade

Random Rolls:

  • Blade: Hungry Edge, Tempered Edge, Honed Edge, Jagged Edge, Enduring Blade.
  • Guard: Heavy Guard, Balanced Guard, Enduring Guard, Burst Guard, Swordsmaster’s Guard.
  • Trait: Tireless Blade, Relentless Strikes, Energy Transfer. 
  • Trait: Surrounded, Whirlwind Blade, Counter Attack, En Garde

What Makes Falling Guillotine Awesome:

  • The sweeping attack does high damage to Bosses
  • It can clear a room of enemy drones
  • Fast use of the weapon's special ability


How to obtain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hO_dUEqtJU&ab_channel=RestAssured


9. The Lament

This sword is the bane of most bosses ' existence. If your inventory does not count with Falling Guillotine the Lament makes up for it. The power held in this sword takes out enemies left and right, not only capable of clearing a room it can hack away at a boss's health meter as an angry beaver takes to a freshly grown forest. 

Weapon Stats

  • Swing Speed 46
  • Impact 74
  • Stability 50
  • Defense 70
  • Charge Rate 32
  • Ammo Capacity 63


Exotic:  Banshee’s Wail

Blade:  Jagged Edge

Guard: Enduring Guard

Trait:  Tireless Blade

Trait: Revved Consumption

What Makes the Lament Great

  • Banshees Wail makes this chainsaw sword slice through shields and armor
  • Increased damage stacks with revved up attacks
  • Damaging enemies heals the user


How to Obtain: The Lament Exotic Review (CHAINSAW SWORD) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light


8. Xenophage

The ammo capacity, the range, the damage. Xenophage is still a hallmark of PVE. Not only is it one of the best heavy’s available it is amazing against sub-bosses and main baddies alike. It's just a matter of finding the spot that offers the most cover, than just blasting away at the main enemy's health bar.

Weapon Stats

  • Impact 100 
  • Range 71
  • Stability 39 
  • Handling 37 
  • Reload Speed 38 
  • Rounds per minute 120
  • Magazine 20
  • Aim Assistance 33
  • Inventory Size 3
  • Zoom 16
  • Recoil 85 
  • Bounce Intensity  

Weapon Perks. 

Barrel: Pyrotoxin Rounds

Battery: Full Bore

Stock: High-Caliber Rounds

Trait: Range Finder

Stock: Composite Stock 


What Makes Xenophage Great

  • Fires high powered explosive ammo
  • The range finder will increase its effective range and thus greater damage

How to obtain: Xenophage Easy Solo Dungeon Skip Encounters Guide


8. One Thousand Voices

Use and Review: 


This energy beam projection weapon is the Destiny 2 equivalent of easy like a Sunday morning. The beam of energy just melts boss health bars away. The only reason it does not rank higher up the list is the limited ammo, and the time it takes to reload. That being stated there is no way to go wrong here. Fire away, find cover, reload and repeat. 

Weapon Stats 

  • Impact 100 
  • Range 100 
  • Stability 46 
  • Handling 10 
  • Reload Speed 37 
  • Charge Time 1000 
  • Magazine 4 
  • Aim Assistance 100 
  • Inventory Size 80 
  • Zoom 25 
  • Recoil 100 
  • Bounce Intensity  

Weapon Perks. 

Barrel: Legendary Barrel 

Battery: Legendary Battery 

Stock: Fitted Stock 

Trait: Unforeseen Repercussions 

Intrinsic: Ahamkara’s Eye 


What Makes One Thousand Voices Great

  • Amazing damage per shot
  • Fantastic Range
  • Almost impossible to miss 

How to obtain:  Once you cleared the Last Wish raid and beat Riven of a Thousand Voices. Once finished with the Queen's path Trail, you can loot this weapon from one of the chests that requires an Ethereal key (make sure you have one). 

How to obtain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbamgQWVvwk


7. Whisper of the Worm

This boss killer for players that like to engage bosses at a distance. Sniper rifles have been a bane in PVE enemies since the first Destiny game. It allows for players to engage at a safe distance, and still kick like an up-close mule. Whisper of the Worm is one of the better weapons that serve this playstyle. The combination of its perks, magazine size, rate of fire makes it a fearsome tool to take onto the battlefield.

Weapon Stats. 

  • Impact 100 
  • Range 78
  • Stability 24 
  • Handling 35 
  • Reload Speed 42 
  • Rounds Per Minute 72
  • Magazine 3
  • Aim Assistance 39 
  • Inventory Size 50
  • Zoom 40 
  • Recoil 74
  • Bounce Intensity 26  

Weapon Perks. 

Exotic: White Nail

Barrel: Polygonal Rifling

Magazine: Accurized Rounds

Trait: Mulligan

Stock: Fitted Stock


What Makes Whispers of the Worm Great

  • Landing three precision shots will reload the mag.
  • Missing a shot will have a chance to return to the ammo mag
  • Amazing damage 


How to Obtain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCn0qpB6jeM&ab_channel=KackisHD



Use and Guide:  

This monster killer is one of the most powerful of its kind. Its damage melts boss health, and the combination of its perks allows it to be of great use to stick grenades to walls and cause damage from one mine to another. Making it great for setting up traps for slow-moving boss’s 

Weapon Stats:

  • Stability 64
  • Handling 63
  • Reload Speed 67
  • Velocity 100
  • Blast Radius 40 
  • Rounds Per Minute 150 
  • Magazine 6
  • Aim Assistance 69
  • Inventory Size 100
  • Zoom 13
  • Recoil 50
  • Bounce Intensity 50

Weapon Perks

Exotic: Arc Traps
Barrel: Quick Launch
Magazine: High Velocity Rounds
Trait: Moving Target
Stock: Composite Stock

What Makes Anarchy Great

  • Great against slow-moving boss’s allowing to trap them in a damage field
  • Great ammo capacity
  • Moving target greatly compliments the Arc Traps perk

How to Obtain:

5.Tractor Cannon 

The weapon that is good for any occasion is also a good option to bring into a boss fight. The Tractor cannon's only real drawback is its limited ammo capacity. Yet this is not so bad since the reload speed is decent enough. The charge shot does wonders against bosses. It's the only chance you will get to play as Mega man as you run through destiny enemies.

Weapon Stats:

  • Impact 65
  • Range 19
  • Stability 82
  • Handling 46
  • Reload Speed 24 
  • Rounds Per Minute 80 
  • Magazine 4
  • Aim Assistance 90
  • Inventory Size 0
  • Zoom 12
  • Recoil 60
  • Bounce Intensity 40

Weapon Perks

Exotic: Repulsor Force
Barrel: Extended Barrel
Battery: Particle Repeater
Trait: The Scientific Method
Trait:  Composite Stock

How to obtain: Rare Exotic World Drop.



4. Eyes of Tomorrow

Review and Guide:

One of the main concerns when facing bosses in Destiny 2 is how enemies swarm players. This happens often, many times the boss figure themselves aren't the main danger in the room. The main feature here is that Eyes of Tomorrow helps position by letting you know where all the enemies are. The player can focus on fighting the boss without getting swept up in a hord of enemies from behind. 

Weapon Stats:

  • Stability 75
  • Handling 50
  • Reload Speed 51
  • Velocity 57
  • Blast Radius 75 
  • Rounds Per Minute 20
  • Magazine 1
  • Aim Assistance 68
  • Inventory Size 20
  • Zoom 20
  • Recoil 75
  • Bounce Intensity 25

Weapon Perks

Exotic: Eyes on All
Barrel: Smart Drift Control
Magazine: Alloy Casing
Trait: Adaptive Ordnance
Stock: Fitted Stock

What Makes Eyes of Tomorrow Great

  • Exploits the enemy spawn mechanic to increase the damage of this weapon.
  • Eyes on All allows for tracking multiple enemies, no more getting flanked or snuck up upon

How to Obtain:

3. Thunderlord

Review and Use:  

Oh, Thunderlord, the most underappreciated weapon in the PVE arsenal. Woe to those that have collected this weapon and let it sit in their weapons locker gathering dust. The weapons has a phenomenal rate of fire, damage, and when taking against bosses it melts their health bar like an ice-cream sitting under the noonday sun. It is possible many don’t like the fact that it runs through ammo quickly, even though the reload speed more than makes up for this drawback.

Weapon Stats. 

  • Impact 41
  • Range 64
  • Stability 55 
  • Handling 46 
  • Reload Speed 68 
  • Rounds Per Minute 450
  • Magazine 62
  • Aim Assistance 90 
  • Inventory Size 30
  • Zoom 15
  • Recoil 70
  • Bounce Intensity 30  

Weapon Perks. 

Exotic: Reign Havoc

Barrel: Polygonal Rifling

Magazine: Armor Piercing Rounds

Trait: Lightning Rounds

Stock: Feeding Frenzy


What Makes Thunderlord Great

  • Damage from this weapon can generate lighting sticking from above for more damage
  • Armor-piercing rounds cause extra damage to enemies with shields
  • Each kill increases the reload speed for a short time

How to Obtain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXIyzmQRBok&ab_channel=KackisHD


2. Interference VI

Use and Review:

A grenade launcher that actually promotes distance combat for players. This weapon promotes this style by rewarding the distance of each attaches with increased damage. A player working a sniper, grenade launcher combo will be tearing boss characters apart. 


Weapon Stats:

  • Stability 44
  • Handling 46
  • Reload Speed 46
  • Velocity 36
  • Blast Radius 30
  • Rounds Per Minute 120
  • Magazine 6
  • Aim Assistance 61
  • Inventory Size 36
  • Zoom 13
  • Recoil 66
  • Bounce Intensity 34

Weapon Perks

Exotic: Adaptive Frame
Barrel: Volatile Launch
Magazine: Alloy Casing
Trait: Field Prep
Trait: Full Court

What Makes Interference VI Great

  • Damage increases the further the projectile travels
  • Its adaptive frame makes it sturdy and realizable

How to Obtain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpW5QtinFkw&ab_channel=PauseResetPlay

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