Destiny 2 Best Fragments: Which Is Best?

Destiny 2 Best Fragments

The launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light brought storyline changes; it re-introduced the ability to modify class features. This was present in the original Destiny but was not made available till the launch of Beyond Light. What is essential to know is that Fragments allow a player to modify the Stasis subclass. The central theme is that fragments can change everything from weapon damage to how much damage an enemy is dealt after being frozen by the sub-class freezing ability. The only drawback is that you can only obtain these from The Stranger, who offers two per week. To save on time and investments, knowing which are the best is crucial for your particular build. Here are the top three.

6. Whispers of Refraction

Defeating slowed or frozen targets grand you class ability energy—this fragment, when equipped, recharged your class abilities by about 15%. The item must have for Shadebinder and Revenant classes since it combines great with their class features.

This fragment shines in PVP, especially for players looking to make speed-based builds, the kind that can run around barricades and avoid rifts, or make it just in time to a void bubble for cover. Beware certain items like Mask of Bakris will disable the fragment.


  • Generates energy for class abilities quickly
  • Great for Shadebinder and Revenant Classes
  • Great for agility-based classes.


  • Only suitable for two classes
  • Resistance based fighters might want to avoid this.


5. Whispers of Durance

The fragments' ability to slow down enemies lasts longer. Abilities based on that linger, their duration will also increase. + 10 Strength. The real treat here is that the class stasis abilities will last much longer around 10 seconds. That means grenade effects last longer, such as the Duskfield grenade going from 6 to 10 or ice tornado from 12 to 16.

Revenants class seems tailor-made for this fragment. They have the most significant quantity of ways of applying the fragment effects. When combined with the Mask of Bakris a plethora, many options open up as teleportation comes into play. 


  • Increases Strength by 10
  • Fantastic for the Revenant Class
  • Slowed features last longer


  • It seems to be tailor-made to only one class.


4. Whispers of Shards

Shattering a Stasis crystal temporarily boosts your grenade recharge rate. Shattering other Stasis crystals increase the duration of this benefit. + 10 Resilience.

This fragment does precisely what it says. It increases your grenade recharge by 5 seconds for every crystal you destroy. It is excellent as a constant stream of energy for your grenades. The effects work much like the grenadier modifier on strikes. This fragment is especially recommended for Shadebinder warlocks combined with Glacier Grenades and Salvation Grips.


  • Great way to build up energy for grenades
  • Every crystal destroyed increases energy by 5 seconds.
  • Increases Resilience by 10


  • It is specific to only one feature of the character.


3. Whispers of Bonds

This fragment grants you Super energy by defeating frozen targets with weapons. While many may interpret this description as actually killing the enemy while it is frozen stiff, all you have to do is hit it while it's stuck in the ice with your weapon to obtain the boon. Energy will be collected at a rate of 2.5 per energy. 

It is crucial to freeze small groups for the best results. This fragment works excellent when paired with cold snap grenades, generating a large amount of super energy in a short amount of time. It is not recommended for Titan/Behemoths unless they are using ColdSnap grenades as well. The cost of equipping this is –10 to intellect and – 10 to Discipline. 


  • Increases super energy by defeating frozen enemies
  • Collected energy increased by 2.5 per enemy.
  • A small frozen group makes collecting energy much faster.


  • Equipping it will cost - 10 to Intellect and – 10 to Discipline


2. Whispers of Fissures

This fragment will increase the damage and size of the bust of Stasis when you destroy a Stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target. The description of the effect of this fissure is on point. It extends the area of development and increases the damage of the crystals you blow up. 

When using stasis grenades and skills, this fissure effect is arguably the most useful of all the available fragments. It is helpful to all classes the fissure excels when combines with Vesper of Radius and is especially powerful when used with glacier Grenades.


  • Area and effect of damage increases
  • All classes can use it.
  • Combines excellent with Vesper of Radius and Glacier Grenades


  • It does nothing for the speed of acquiring grenades of supers.

1. Whisper of Hedrons

This fissure increase damage to your weapon after freezing a target with Stasis at the cost of –10 to strength. Pretty straight, forward right? You freeze something with stasis, then make it go boom, and it ups your damage. This fragment will allow you to gain a 25 percent damage bonus that lasts ten seconds. Unfortunately, this does not stack with other buffs or abilities but it does with perks like Rampage.

The bonus granted is quite similar to passing through a Well of Radiance super, and can be activated when using any grenade from the Stasis options. It is available to all Stasis classes and the cost of using it is well worth the benefit.


  • Increases the damage to enemies 
  • Stacks with Rampage and similar perks


  • Does not stack with buffs or similar abilities.


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