[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Bounties for XP

Destiny 2 Best Bounties for XP

Everybody progresses at their own pace, and that’s just fine. However there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get to a higher level in less time. For those folks we compiled a list of our picks of Destiny 2 bounties that will give you a heartier serving of that sweet xp.

How this list Works

We’ll start by listing bounties by who you can get them from, then by their type and how much Raw XP you can get from them.Raw XPis how much the bounty gives you if you don’t have any bonuses active. 

Bounty Types

Weekly Bounties - 12000 XP per Bounty

Most vendors carry two weekly bounties, you have 7 days to complete these before they expire.

Daily Bounty - 6000 XP per Bounty

Each vendor carries 4 dailies, these are a easier than weekly bounties. Since each daily grants you 6000 XP, completing 4 bounties will grant you 2400 XP. Which equals 2 weeklies. Doing all weekly and daily bounties from a vendor will grant you a total of 4800 raw XP.

Repeatable - 4000 XP per bounty

These bounties can be done multiple times. They are very helpful but we will exclude them and focus more on dailies and weeklies which provide a bigger bang for your buck in XP. However, taking a few of these from a vendor is never a bad choice.


Vanguard Bounties

Head over to Commander Zavala at the Tower to find these bounties and also rank up your reputation with the Vanguard for XP and various rewards.

Since bounties change every day or every week, we’ll give you an example of a bounty that is normally available from a vendor.

Weekly Vanguard Bounty Examples -12000 XP each

1. Lightning Strikes

  • In multiple strikes, defeat combatants with Arc damage.
  • "Arc energy flows from target to target with devastating effect. Channel it as you flow from stronghold to stronghold." —Commander Zavala

2. End the Ritual

  • Complete strikes and defeat at least one Hive strike boss.
  • "The Hive are not interested in our worlds or our people. It is our Light itself they seek to devour. So go and give them a taste of yours." —Ikora Rey
  • Daily Vanguard Bounty Example - 600 XP

3. In their Face

  • Defeat enemies in strikes with any Shotgun.
  • "At that range, I'd rather let my hands do the work. But not everyone is so inclined." —Zavala


Crucible Bounties

You want the Crucible? Shaxx is the Crucible. Talk to him at the tower and complete his bounties in the PVP game modes.. Show him you earned that XP.

Weekly Crucible Bounty Examples - 12000

4. Thrill of Victory

  • Complete Crucible matches. Wins grant the most efficient progress.
  • "It is important to try your best. But Guardian—it is also important to win." —Lord Shaxx

5. Step Into the Light

  • Complete Crucible matches. Casting your Super, defeating opponents with your Super, and shutting down opponents in their Super grant the most efficient progress.
  • "Some Guardians have mastered the art of honing their Light into new weapons. Others prefer to make themselves the weapon." —Lord Shaxx
  • Daily Bounty Example - 600 XP

 6. Coordinated Fire

  • Defeat opponents while assisting or assisted by one or more teammates.
  • "The strength of a fireteam is greater than the sum of its Guardians." —Lord Shaxx


Gambit Bounties

Speak with the Drifter in the Tower Annex to get these bounties to be used in the Gambit game mode. Here I’ll be listing the ones that reward the most XP.

Weekly Gambit Bounty Examples - 12000

7. Do It

  • Earn 5 points. Wins add 3, losses add 2.
  • "You wanna get paid? Stop looking at me and go play some Gambit." —The Drifter

8. Might of the Traveler

  • Earn points by casting Supers, defeating enemies with Supers, and creating Orbs of Light.
  • "Not so much difference between Light and Dark. Like all weapons, it's about how you use 'em." —The Drifter
  • Daily Gambit Bounty Example - 600 XP

 9. Not Your Mama’s Combat Drill

  • Defeat enemies in Gambit.
  • "The name of this bounty? I love my mother. And I don't want her anywhere near Gambit." —The Drifter


10. Planetary Vendors

Throughout the solar system many characters give out bounties similar to that of the ones mentioned in the above sections ranging from 4000 XP repeatables, 6000 XP dailies, and 12000 XP weeklies. Below we’ll list some examples of some moon bounties, which can be acquired from our beloved 3-eyed moon lady Eris Morn.

Moon Cheese - 6000 XP

  • Loot chests on the Moon.

  • From: Eris Morn

  • Location: The Moon, which is actually devoid of cheese.

Lunar Spelunker - 12000 XP

  • Loot chests in 3 of the Moon's Lost Sectors.
  • "The people on the Moon in the Golden Age were tunneling deep under its surface. Why? What were they looking for? Perhaps you can find out." —Eris Morn
  • From: Eris Morn
  • Location: The Moon, which still has no dairy products.


Did this list help you out? Or maybe you have more tips for grinding XP? Share them with us and your fellow Guardians in the comments below!

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