[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Classes for PvP

Destiny 2 Best Classes for PvP, Destiny 2 Best PvP class

Ah, the Crucible, win or lose, the multiplayer experience for Destiny 2 can always  be a fun one. But you know when it’s the most fun? When you’re winning. Other than actually getting good at the game, you can up your chances by choosing the right weapons and abilities. 


Your abilities play a pivotal role in combat and it’s generally accepted that it’s a matter of choice for you to pick what works for you.

However, certain subclasses lend more of an advantage in PvP, and that’s what we’re here to help you with. Here’s our guide to the best subclasses in Destiny 2 PvP.


1. Arcstrider (Hunter)

"Flow like lightning. Strike like thunder."

Aside from becoming a lightning ninja, Arcstrider provides some interesting advantages. The top and middle skill trees are the better choices for PvP. The top tree, Way of the Warrior, is offensively focused, keeping you moving and killing. The middle path, Way of the Current, does a similar job with the addition of a powerful defensive ability that lets you block and deflect projectiles whilst also boosting staff damage up to 3 times.

Arcstrider Perks

  • Very mobile
  • Middle tree can reflect damage
  • Top tree allows for constant maneuvering and longer striking range


2. Nightstalker (Hunter)

"Draw from the Void. Light the way."

Nightstalker is a well rounded class that can also be sneaky. For PvP, the middle tree Way of the Wraith replaces the usual Shadowshot super with Spectral Blades, a roaming super where you can run and slice people up with Void blades. Another perk of this tree is the ability to become invisible on precision kills. If you like the Shadowshot you can stick to the bottom tree Way of the Pathfinder. This tree lets you shoot your bow multiple times instead of just the one, letting you spread out your arrows and tether more enemies.

Nightstalker Perks

  • Versatile, abilities cover a range of different strengths
  • Good neutral game (good when Super isn’t active yet)
  • Middle tree allows for invisibility as long as precision kills are scored
  • Bottom tree has a higher potential for kills with multiple Shadowshots


3. Striker (Titan)

"At close quarters a fist is better than any gun." 

I will not lie here. I am extremely biased for this subclass, but hear me out: in terms of neutral game (fighting when your Super isn’t active yet) Striker is great. Bottom tree Code of the Juggernaut is arguably really good, but Code of the Earthshaker has Seismic Strike, AKA the Titan Shoulder Charge. There are a lot of valid strategies out there but it doesn’t matter now because shoulder charge is where it’s at, and the winner’s circle is where you’ll be if you utilize it well. This attack can rack up kills or help you move around quicker. 

Striker Perks

  • Code of the Juggernaut grants more bonuses and buffs and extends Super on kills
  • Code of the Earthshaker has shoulder charge, which gets you fast kills and helps maneuvering.
  • I won’t even put another Titan subclass on this list because you need to be using shoulder charge. I’m serious. I won’t.
  • Strikers are cool and awesome and handsome
  • Good neutral game


4. Dawnblade (Warlock) 

"Spread your wings and set the sky ablaze." 

For you space wizard specialists out there, you may already know how powerful Dawnblades can be. Top tree Attunement of the Sky lets you fire upon your enemies while gliding, making you into a sort of human fighter plane with space magic. The Icarus Dash ability lets you dodge mid-air to evade attacks from anyone who wants to ground you, no need to lower yourself to the same level as those peasants! Bottom tree Attunement of Flame has your Super lasting for longer meaning more flaming space wizard fun times.

Dawnblade Perks

  • Top tree grants high mobility
  • Bottom tree allows for health regeneration ability with 
  • Melee abilities have good tracking


5. Voidwalker (Warlock)

"From the smallest atoms bloom the greatest explosions." 

The Voidwalker class has long been a powerhouse in PvP. In D2, the Warlock bottom tree Attunement of Hunger lets you keep your health full with it’s regeneration focus. If you like violent Void powers heard over to the middle tree for Attunement of Fission which grants you some explosive melee abilities that can chain enemies, as well as Nova Warp, where you teleport around and blow people up. 

Voidwalker Perks 

  • Bottom tree allows for opportunities for quick health regen
  • Attunement of Fission tree grants highly mobile Super ability
  • Persistent ability regeneration


Liked our list? What is your favorite class and what do you think should be on here? Let us know in the comments below!

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