Destiny 2: How To Become Charged With Light

Destiny 2 players that are learning how to become charged with light
Take your Guardian's Mod abilities to the next level.

Charged with Light 101 (by Fallout Plays)

Wondering how you can upgrade your playstyle in Destiny 2? 

“Charged with Light” is an important buff that players should use in Destiny 2. You can get it by equipping certain Armor Mods. 

The green Charge Generator Mods stack your Charged with Light buffs, while yellow Charge Consumer Mods use those stacks to provide you with useful power-ups such as additional attack power or faster health regeneration. 

Fine-tune your Guardian’s stats by using these Mods. Also, make sure you learn how they work in order to create the most effective builds. Here’s how to become Charged with Light:  

How to Become Charged With Light in Destiny 2

  • Obtain a Green “Charged With Light” Armor Mod from Banshee-44 and Ada-1 or use the default mods you have in your Inventory.  
  • Equip one or more of these “Charged with Light” Armor Mods to your armor pieces. 
  • Check the details of each Mod you equip so you know the specific conditions they require to make you Charged with Light, whether they involve certain actions in PvE or PvP. 
  • Play in PvE or PvP and meet the conditions of your equipped Mods and you will become Charged with Light. 

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