[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Dawnblade Builds

Flaming warlocks into battle.
Dawnblades into battle.

     Flames of solar energy courses through the Guardians as he stands firm against facing the dark; it rushes in as he summons his swords and launches at the enemy's hordes. The Warlock builds revolve around the notion of collecting energy. The right combination of exotics and mods will make you unstoppable. Here is a list of the best builds currently available for the Solar Angel. 

1. Ammo God. 

The guardian using this build focuses on replenishing ammo and helping his fellow guardians; much like a character from an 80-action movie, the guardian will never run out of ammo by literally producing it. Then gaining energy and manifesting rifts to buff his allies. Real support builds for this game, have fun with your fireteam. 

  • Easy to find mod perks. 
  • Lightning-fast weapon handling. 
  • Powerfully rift abilities for enhancing allies' damage or healing. 
  • Not the fastest super energy builder but gets the job done. 
  • Fast rift, you might want to choose to empower for extra damage. 
  • You can choose different weapons with this build. 
  • Great for PVE. 

Full Build YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Lz3rhJbpXI&t=7s 

2. Suncarlo. 

A one-two punch which makes a guardian a force to be reckoned with, both in PVP and PVE. The combination of the Montecarlo and the Sun-Bracers generates a constant stream to the grenade and melee abilities. Any wielder of this combination with Dawnblade will significantly benefit the ranged aspect of this combination. Aim well, Guardian, and wield these on the battlefield. 

  • Requires two easy to acquire exotics.  
  • Builds up energy fast for grenades and melee. 
  • Quickly fills up super energy. 
  • Grants fast grenades for constant damage to groups of energy. 
  • Great for PvE and PvP 
  • Both exotics work together and empower each other. 
  • Fantastic for players that want to pressure opponents in PVP. 


Full build YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seTDCD5EV1c&t=1s 


3. God of the Sky (not official build name) 

One of the very best Dawn blades builds. A one Warlock wrecking crew of solar damage. The build focuses on taking full advantage of generating energy for grenades and melee while floating above the battlefield. This PVE build creates a constant field of damage with moments that grants up to 5 seconds of grenades allowing you to color the area a glowing orange lot of death. This one is a fun build. Enjoy. 

  • Keeps the player at a safe distance. 
  • A constant stream of damage. 
  • Quick energy to the super. 
  • Great for raids and meaty bosses. 
  • Builds up energy fast for grenades. 
  • Takes full advantage of the ranged melee. 
  • Only requires one exotic. 
  • Allows you to pick your preferred weapon. 

Full Build YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFpWjLjd4v8&t=445s 

4. Explosive Set Up! 

This hand cannon dependent monster build is fantastic for PVP. I could stop the explanation there and be satisfied, but these two items' exotic build creates a constant stream of energy for your warlock. It requires only one exotic perk and builds quickly towards your super. Take this fun build-out for a test drive on PVP and watch that kill ratio skyrocket especially if you’re a hand cannon main. 

  • Requires two powerful exotics. 
  • A combination of elements increases reload speed, ammo capacity, and perks bring about massive damage. 
  • Splash damage can potentially kill surrounding enemies. 
  • Great for PVP. 
  • Great for Raids and dungeons anywhere that spawn numerous enemies. 
  • Quickly builds up energy for supers. 
  • Limits weapon options but makes up for it with great damage. 
  • Fantastic for hand cannon wielders. 

Full build YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxiBCQjWeNg 


5. Pro Build. 

This recovery based PVP slayer is truly a build to aspire too. It gives many an option for primary weapons and secondary to personalize your combat style. It mainly depends on healing, so that it will require high investment in recovery, but you will be able to power through almost any damage plus charge your rift ability. It truly is one of the best builds before the beyond light drops. Have fun taking out your fellow guardians since you are going to heal through almost anything. 

  • You can assign your preferred weapons. 
  • High investment in recovery. 
  • Takes great advantage of rift ability. 
  • A slower charge for super but the recovery makes up for it. 
  • Requires only one exotic that is easily found. 
  • Generates energy quickly to grenades and melee. 
  • Dominate PVP with this build and its great options. 

Full Build YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxAqQf7CGh0&t=1s&ab_channel=Apathettic 


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