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Loved by many, Hated by all, The Hunter.

The Hunter is the pinnacle of precision and speed. If popping off headshots one after another and decimating enemies at any range is what you want, the Hunter is for you. Here are the three Hunter subclasses ranked. No subclass is necessarily better than any other since they all shine in their own way. They are ranked based off how good they are in their areas of expertise.

3. Arcstrider (Good for all game types)

Who doesn't want to beat Hive over the head with a stick?

The Arcstrider Subclass has you wielding an Arc Staff and slicing through your foes with it. The Arc Staff is a 1 hit kill for any low level enemy or guardian, the only catch is you have to get right up in their face to do anything. Arcstrider is a quality subclass for all modes, but without amazing reflexes and dedication, never really outshines Gunslinger or Nightstalker.

Arcstrider Pros

  • Highest damaging per hit super
  • Easily the best looking super for the Hunter class
  • Fast dodging with good health regen capability

Arcstrider Cons

  • Requires quite a bit of skill to perfect the Arc Staff
  • No mid to long range
  • Never seems to outperform the other subclass options in a casual players hands

Arcstrider conclusion 

Arcstrider is an extremely fun and well rounded subclass. Fast paced point blank combat is Arcstrider’s specialty. I’d recommend running Way of the Wind, Gambler’s dodge, and the Arc Bolt grenade.

Play Arcstrider if you have complete mastery over your controller and can make split second decisions to engage, dodge, or hold back.

Don’t play Arcstrider if you’re not prepared to spend hours mastering it’s skill intensive super.

2. Gunslinger (Good for PVP)

Why use a stick if you can use a gun?

The Golden Gun, six shots of Solar glory and and high damage make Gunslinger an impeccable subclass to use in PVP. The ability to greatly reduce your Super/Grenade/Melee make Gunslinger perfect for fast paced scenarios like Iron Banner and even Gambit. Sadly low ammo count and high single enemy damage make it not the best subclass to use for PVE.

Gunslinger Pros

  • Fast paced, high damaging, and devastating
  • Insane cooldown reductions if used right
  • Iconic and stylish, the epitome of the Hunter class

Gunslinger Cons

  • No great AoE effects
  • Low Golden Gun ammo count
  • Less than stellar performance against hordes of enemies

Gunslinger conclusion 

Gunslinger is an excellent subclass for demolishing Guardians and taking out singular enemies with extreme precision. It’s top tier in Crucible and Iron banner but still good in PVE scenarios. My recommended build for PVP is Way of the Sharpshooter, Marksman’s dodge, and Incendiary grenade.

Play Gunslinger if PVP is your go to game type and your skilled with a hand cannon.

Don’t play Gunslinger if you want to support your fireteam in Strikes and Raids

1. Nightstalker (PVE)

Wait, you can use a bow?

With Nightstalker you get Shadowshot which fires Void Anchors that slow movement, prevent the use of abilities, and even make them more susceptible to damage. The Nightsalker values stealth and team play over all making it excellent for PVE. Nightstalker can even hold it’s own in PVP with it’s invisibility options. Nightstalker is number one on this list because of it’s unparalleled dominance in Strikes and Raids.

Nightstalker Pros

  • Massive AoE effects
  • Invisibility maneuvers to get out of sticky situations and even surprise other guardians
  • Unmatched domination in PVE

Nightstalker Cons

  • Low 1v1 damage
  • Invisibility buffs may be too short for inexperienced Nightstalker users
  • Not extremely effective in PVP

Nightstalker conclusion 

The Nightstalker is a very viable subclass for most activities in Destiny 2, although great AoE and debilitating effects makes it clear that Nightstalker is a subclass made for long raids and PVE. I’d recommend running Way of the Trapper with the Orpheus Rig, Invisidodge, and Voidwall grenade for a PVE build.

Play Nightstalker if you have good communication with your fireteam and want to grind out Strikes and Raids with your friends.

Don’t play Nightstalker if you’re only going to be playing Crucible and Iron Banner. It can still be useful but the prior subclasses are generally superior in PVP combat.

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