[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Bows and How To Get Them

Destiny 2 Best Bows
The bow, favored by hunters and tall blonde elves alike

What bow should you take with you on your next Destiny 2 adventure?

Bows are perhaps the most unique type of weapon in Destiny 2. With power and precision they hold a spot as some of the best weapons in the right hands. Here are the Top 5 Bows in Destiny 2 and how to get them.

5. Accrued Redemption

“I should never have let it come to this. Now each arrow is a penance.” -Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3

With a god role Accrued Redemption can destroy in PVP. Nice evened out stats make it a good base weapon with the potential for a great roll. 

Type: Legendary, Kinetic


  • Draw Time 684
  • Impact 76
  • Stability 49
  • Handling 60
  • Reload 46
  • Accuracy 80

What makes Accrued Redemption so awesome?

  • An excellent, reliable bow to take with you into Crucible
  • You don't have to give up your Energy weapon slot
  • Good stats across the board

How to get Accrued Redemption

Destiny 2 how to get Accrued Redemption

4. Leviathan’s Breath

"Cast a Shadow over the wilds of this universe. Return with glorious trophies." -Emporer Calus

The only Power weapon bow in destiny 2, Leviathan’s Breath is a goliath of a weapon. It shines the brightest in PVE (Although most power weapons are good in PVP if you can acquire the ammo) with it’s staggering bolts dealing massive damage to unshielded enemies.

Type: Exotic, Power


  • Draw Time 1328
  • Impact 60
  • Stability 10
  • Handling 10
  • Reload 10
  • Accuracy 75

What makes Leviathan’s Breath so awesome?

  • Can kill supercharged Guardians in one shot
  • Devastating in PVE with large concussive blasts
  • Uniquely in with the power weapons

How to get Leviathan’s Breath

Destiny 2 how to get Leviathan's Breath

3. Arsenic Bite-4B

“My aim is true.”

Sleek and Fast, the Arsenic Bite 4-B is not to be messed with in PVP. Unrivaled speed in every sense of the word, this bow lends itself well to fast paced environments. Not to mention its one of the best looking bows in the game.

Type: Legendary, Energy


  • Draw Time 612
  • Impact 68
  • Stability 62
  • Handling 64
  • Reload 64
  • Accuracy 52

What makes Arsenic Bite 4-B so awesome?

  • Intrinsic perk grants added movement speed
  • Excellent name and incredible lightweight frame
  • Faster than most other bows

How to get the Arsenic Bite 4-B

A random legendary drop. Keep grinding for those Legendary Engrams.

2. Trinity Ghoul

“I couldn’t afford to miss. Not when it was his life on the line.” -Marin Mansanas, Tangled Outrider

A powerful monster of a Bow, Trinity Ghoul is extremely formidable in PVE and still holds it’s own in PVP. It’s Exotic perk grants arrows that split when fired and tighten spread the longer you hold. A great bow for any activity you want to play.

Type: Exotic, Energy


  • Draw Time 720
  • Impact 80
  • Stability 55
  • Handling 58
  • Reload 55
  • Accuracy 86

What makes Trinity Ghoul so awesome?

  • Precision kills give you a lightning shot
  • Unique split mechanic provides good versatility
  • Dominates PVE

How to get Trinity Ghoul

A random Exotic drop also sold by Xur. Good luck.

1. Le Monarque

"Wings flutter. Beauty distracts. Poison injects. The butterfly's curse extends to your enemies. A short life, shortened further by your hand." -Ada-1

Le Monarque is the king of Destiny 2 bows. A bit on the slower side, Le Monarque easily makes up for it with great stopping power and an insane Exotic Perk. Firing after a full draw unleashes a poisonous field that spreads from enemy to enemy.

Type: Exotic, Energy


  • Draw Time 684
  • Impact 76
  • Stability 51
  • Handling 59
  • Reload 46
  • Accuracy 81

What makes Le Monarque so awesome?

  • Great Exotic Perk with horde clearing potential
  • Very aesthetically pleasing with one of the best names
  • High accuracy and impact

How to get Le Monarque

Destiny 2 how to get Le Monarque

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