Top 5 Best Destiny 2 PvP Weapons 2019 (And How To Get Them)

Best Destiny 2 PvP Weapons
Guardians rush to capture the most points in the Crucible

What Are The Best Destiny 2 PvP Weapons?

With the new Season of Opulence in Destiny 2 comes a new Crucible experience.

Whether you’re trying to gain the new pinnacle weapon or simply wanting to dominate your fellow guardians you need to ask yourself one important question. What gun will I use?

To answer this question I have made a list of the top five weapons to use in the Crucible, and have provided links on how to get them.

1. The Mountaintop

The Mountaintop is the Crucible pinnacle weapon of season 5, Season of the Forge. It is a primary grenade launcher used by Lord Shaxx himself. Able to fire grenades in a straight line in a very quick manner makes it one of the ideal weapons for hitting guardians where it hurts.

The Mountaintop drops with Rangefinder, which is one of the best perks a grenade launcher can have since it increases the velocity of the grenades. However, it’s Micro-Missile perk is where it gets interesting. The Mountaintop fires a small missile in a straight line, effectively making it a primary rocket launcher.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome For PvP:

  • Primary grenade launcher
  • High velocity
  • High damage
  • Almost always a one-shot

Weapon Details:

How To Get The Mountaintop:

2. Beloved

The Beloved is the sniper rifle reward for completing the Menagerie activity from the Season of Opulence. A reimagined weapon from Destiny, or D1, Beloved is a highly sought after weapon. Not only is it a force to be reckoned with, but it will also help in completing this season’s quest for the Crucible’s pinnacle weapon.

Beloved can drop with a collection of randomly rolled perks, but the curated perks are what makes this sniper great to use in the Crucible. The No Distractions perk allows for less flinch to occur when taking damage when aiming down the sights. Box Breathing grants bonus range and precision shot damage a short time after aiming.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome For PvP:

  • Mag size of 4
  • Bonus precision damage
  • Less flinching
  • Useful for pinnacle quest

Weapon Details:

How To Get Beloved:

3. The Last Word

The Last Word is the exotic hand cannon from D1.  A weapon wielded by the renegade hunter, Shin Malphur, and the first weapon to made into the Golden Gun. This weapon has been a Crucible favorite since the first game for several reasons. 

The Last Word is best known for its Fan Fire perk. This perk allows the wielder to fire the nine rounds very quickly from the hip that will allow for faster reload and increased accuracy for each successful hit. The Hip-Fire Grip allows for increased accuracy when firing from the hip. These two perks make The Last Word’s hip fire a dangerous thing.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome For PvP:

  • Fast firing
  • Very accurate
  • High impact
  • Fast reload

Weapon Details:

How To Get The Last Word:

4. The Recluse

If you’ve played Destiny 2, then you know what The Recluse is. This monster of a weapon was the Season of The Drifter’s Crucible pinnacle weapon. Many guardians braved the Crucible’s competitive mode to gain access to this SMG, and for very good reasons.

The Recluse has an extreme rate of fire that would scare the most hardy individual. If that wasn’t enough, a kill with any weapon will increase the damage of The Recluse and a kill with The Recluse itself will increase its reload speed. So a high rate of fire, increased damage, and high stability make The Recluse one of the most dangerous weapons in the Crucible.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome For PvP:

  • High rate of fire
  • Increased stability
  • Increased damage on a kill
  • Increased reload speed on a kill with The Recluse

Weapon Details:

How To Get The Recluse:

5. One Thousand Voices

One Thousand Voices is a raid exclusive exotic weapon, more specifically it comes from the Last Wish raid introduced after the release of the Forsaken expansion. It is a exotic fusion rifle that shares properties with trace rifles. The Ahamkara design is reminiscent of the raid boss, Riven.

One Thousand Voices, or as it is popularly known as “1K”, has the perk Ahamkara’s Eye. This allows for the fusion rifle to seem like a trace rifle as it fires one continuous damaging beam of energy. Unforeseen Repercussions pairs nicely with this as it causes anything hit by the beam to explode after a delay. This means that if an opposing guardian fires this at you and you think you’re fine, then you should probably think again.

What Makes This Weapon Awesome For PvP:

  • High damage
  • Explosive delay
  • High impact
  • Long Range

Weapon Details:

How To Get One Thousand Voices:

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