[Top 5] War Thunder Best Bombers That Wreck Hard!

[Top 5] War Thunder Best Bombers That Wreck Hard!
A bomber squadron.

Bombers are generally very useful in War Thunder.

They can provide close air support in mixed battles, allowing you to even turn the tide of the whole battle after a single, successful bombing run, and can of course win you the round by destroying all enemy bases and airstrips in air battles. 

Not all bombers are alike though, and some are better than others. In this guide, we’ll let you discover the best 5 bombers in the game. We’re sorry if your favourite plane or nation wasn’t included. Now let’s roll with our number one entry!


#5 Stirling B Mk. I (Best payload at its rank)

If you’re looking for a strong and high payload at Rank III, look no further.

The Stirling B Mk. I is a solid World War 2 British bomber that will allow you to carry a lot into battle the best payload for any Rank III bomber. Though it’s good at carrying bombs, it isn’t the best at actually managing to deliver them, but can actually get the job done well enough to warrant at least the last spot in this top 5. 

The main con of the Stirling is that its defensive armament, speed, climb rate and agility aren't on par with other bombers in its category. This might seem like too big of a con to be considered one of the best bombers, but if this plane can be protected by a couple of escort fighters, it will manage to destroy 3 enemy bases in just one round. Outstanding!

What the Stirling B Mk. I excels in:

  • Payload 
  • Destroying bases
  • Winning matches quickly if well escorted


#4 Ar 234 B-2 (Best for fast tactical bombing)

Who said you need defensive armaments?

The Ar 234 B-2 is an early jet bomber available in the German air tech tree. It doesn’t carry that much of a payload and doesn’t really have defensive armaments, but its speed and agility will make it a difficult target to it and an excellent tactical bomber for Mixed Battles.

Although a less skilled player might not feel too comfortable going into battle without a means of actually shooting back at attacking aircraft, an Arado pilot must recognize that his best weapon against any assailer is the plane’s ability to perform perfect evasive maneuvers. 

What the Ar 234 B-2 excels in:

  • Agility and speed
  • Fast tactical bombing
  • doing multiple bombing runs in one match. 


#3 Ki-21-Ia (Best maneuverability)

Low-tier extravaganza!

The Ki-21-Ia is a Rank I japanese bomber, capable of doing some pretty astounding stunts for its size and appearance. While it may look just like other cumbersome and slow frontline bombers, the Ki-21-Ia is actually the most maneuverable bomber available in War Thunder.

This beast can also carry around 1000kg of bombs in many different setups, meaning that you can target light and heavy targets alike while also being able to quite literally out-maneuver fighters coming to get you. Fantastic!

What the Ki-21-Ia excels in:

  • Maneuverability
  • Big enough payload
  • Frontline bombing


#2 B-29A-BN (Best for defensive armaments)

If has all the machine guns on it, and then some!

The B-29A-BN “Superfortress” American bomber plane is surely one of the most popular and well-known bombers in the whole world, even outside War Thunder, and it is only fair that it takes second place. It has a giant payload and enough machine guns to scare enemy fighters away.

When in a Superfortress, your number one priority should be destroying those enemy bases and delivering that sweet, sweet american 20,000 lb payload over your foe before slowly making your way back to base. Just be cautious and avoid head-on attacks, as those are the ones you’re going to be most weak against.

What the B-29A-BN excels in:

  • Excellent payload
  • Fantastic defensive armaments
  • Destroys enemy bases like clockwork


#1 He 177 A-5 (Best for making money)

Ahhhhh, German engineering at its finest.

In all honesty, the He 177 A-5 and the Superfortress could be interchanged as the best bomber in War Thunder, but in my personal opinion being able to guide your own bomb at Rank IV is too cool of a thing for the He 177 to be in second place. It has a huge payload, good defensive armaments, excellent engines and it can withstand a good amount of damage.

You heard it right, not only this plane can carry up to 6,600 kilograms of imposing German bombs, but also it can carry 3 1,400 kg “Fritz X” guided bombs, which could at this point be the most German thing I’ve ever seen. Only they could name a bomb Fritz… Also, this bomber will make you some good ol’ Silver Lions in no time, thanks to its fantastic survivability and armaments.

What the He-177 A-5 excels in:

  • Solid payload capacity
  • Can drop guided Fritz X bombs
  • Good defensive armaments. 


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