[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 2 Bombers That Are Excellent


Don’t you love bombers? There came a time when I grew sick of dogfighting with lighter planes and I finally decided to switch to bombers. Was it worth it? Hell yeah, lemme tell you somethin’, there’s nothing more satisfying than destroying an enemy base with 1 accurate bomb. There are a few things that you should keep in mind though, that other players have a few brain cells and they’re gonna target you - your survival depends on the bomber that you’re flying, how well-armored you are, and what armaments are being used against you.

In this article, I will analyze some of the best bombers for T2 and explain their best features, how you should play them and why they’re badass. Let’s start with:

3. Fw 200 C-1

A flying brick.

This bomber is an excellent choice for long journeys and base-bombing missions. You can equip yourself with bombs of 250KG, 500KG, and 1-ton bombs - if you’re not being targetted and the enemy team just lets you do your thing, which is dropping bombs at bases, you can take out 2 bases in total before heading back to reequip. Make sure to climb up to a higher altitude slowly and avoid any enemies. If some idiot ends up following you, lower caliber weapons shouldn’t be too much of a threat, you should be able to defend yourself with x4 7.92mm machine guns.

Why this bomber is awesome:

  • Huge payload can take out 2 bases in 1 flight before reequipping
  • Plenty of fuel, don’t have to worry about running out of it
  • Easy to land with, both on the ground and carriers

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2. B-25J-1

American birdie.

B-25J is a lot more durable than the previous bomber and it is also stacked with decent, defensive armaments. The airframe is rather sturdy and can take a beating from lower-caliber weapons. Unfortunately, the belly part of the plane is not that sturdy and it is recommended to not drop bombs from high altitudes, instead, be a low-altitude bomber and focus on ground targets with your armaments, which are 12.7mm Browning machine guns. Another thing that adds up to your survivability is that for a bomber, you’re a pretty small target and the tail gunner can be a nuisance to anyone who’s behind you trying to shoot you down. Fun bomber!

Why this bomber is awesome:

  • Decent defensive armaments, especially in the tail
  • A sturdy plane, make sure to fly on low altitudes due to your belly being vulnerable
  • Surprisingly, can be played in multiple roles, such as a fighter, bomber, interceptor

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1. Halifax B Mk IIIa

Yeah, this feller is the best.

Halifax is a British, heavy bomber that can carry a payload of around 12,000 pounds. Despite that, it can still be rather maneuverable and played in two different ways, either as a low-altitude bomber or a high-altitude bomber. This bomber is so crazy in fact that it can destroy multiple bases/airfields in 1 go. This is also one of the most durable planes out there and with enough skill, you’ll be able to maintain control of this bomber even if it’s severely damaged (engines disabled, wings shot to hell, etc) - at that point, you should return to a friendly base and rearm. The belly of Halifax is vulnerable but thanks to the tail gunner you can shoot down or at least scare off pricks trying to exploit your weakness. Halifax is an excellent, versatile bomber that can easily destroy everything, even our galaxy. Try out this feller, he’s a beast!

Why this bomber is the best:

  • Doesn’t feel like a T2 bomber, maybe at least 1-2 tiers higher
  • Can take a beating and fly with serious damage, sometimes with only 1 engine working
  • Defensive armaments are stacked with ammunition, enough to shoot down or scare off fighters trying to shoot you down

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