[Top 3] War Thunder Best British Planes That Are Powerful

Brits and their planes this time.

Brits have quite maneuvrable and noob-friendly planes on the list. They’re usually well-armed and durable enough to last for long periods of time, they’re not as agile as the Japs but they get the job done in terms of versatility - you want bombers? No problemo. Do you want dogfighters? Sure, there ya go. Dive bombers - you get the idea. The Brits got everything and that’s why I’ll mention a few of their planes. This time it’s going to be the highest ranks, aka V, VI and VII!

3. Sea Venom FAW 20

Looks weird..

But it’s a remarkable aircraft. If you’re flying on a map where airports are not available on land, you can always land on a carrier if skilled enough. Bomber hunting goes pretty well for this plane, thanks to its decent ammo capacity and speed, you can be sure that you won’t run out of ammo fast and be able to catch up with bombers at high altitudes. The speed can also be used for boom and zooming tactics, so feel free to climb altitudes, descend and pick off planes. Even though you’re the fastest plane in your rank, a MIG-15, which is 1 rank higher than you, will be able to catch up with you and destroy you - that’s why if you see a MIG-15 from afar away, avoid it at all cost!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Good ammo capacity
  • Excellent for bomber hunting
  • Boom and zoom methods apply to this plane

More details:


2. Lightning F.6

Fast as lightning!

This is a simple plane for simple people - you fly, spot an enemy plane, kill it with your guns or missiles, profit. Even though this plane is rank VI and all, it’s advisable to work together with your team, instead of trying to solo carry, as you might struggle against other jets, such as F-4C, for example. With accurate missiles and excellent cannons that pose a serious threat, this is in my opinion the greatest planes out there that the Brits have to offer!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Accurate missiles
  • Powerful cannons that are capable of shredding down other planes
  • Excellent turn rate, especially between 750-100 kilometers per hour

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1. Jaguar GR.1A


Nice kitty.

This kitten is capable of landing on carriers and successfully turning bases and ground targets to dust. It’s equipped with a long list of armaments that you can select - 32 types in total. It’s fully capable of defending itself against other aircraft and it’s also capable of dealing huge amounts of destruction to vessels thanks to its GBU bombs. If they’re landed accurately, they can sink destroyers in one go. TLIAD, also known as Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator, makes targetting other enemy targets a lot quicker and easier. Combining all of this with speed, decent air-to-air missiles, and a huge array of bombs + turn rate, this is one of the best planes to fly currently in the game. It’s the definition of PTFO!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Awesome for destroying naval enemy targets, bases, and convoys
  • Fast + awesome turn rate
  • Laser-guided missiles, fat bombs and TLIAD

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