[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 1 Japan Planes That Are Powerful


The Japanese are known for a few things - anime, wiggly skyscrapers, and spaghetti. But did you know they’ve had one of the most underrated planes? I’ve had plenty of fun with them, flying them is smooth and maneurability+agility is off the charts in this faction. Have a good time reading this article and thanks!

3. A5M4

Few words about this guy:

A5M4 is a relatively fast plane for its rank, it can reach speeds of around 460 KM/H if upgraded and it's also maneuverable. It’s not the sturdiest plane out there but thanks to the excellent turn time, you can easily outmaneuver other planes and stay alive. Armaments, nose-mounted but not that strong, are meant to be shot on vital parts of other planes, such as pilots or engines. Give it a try!

Why this plane is fantastic:

  • Decent maneuverability, on the same level as biplanes
  • Nose-mounted armaments = easy aiming
  • Turn time makes this plane rather easy to out-maneuver other planes and shoot them down

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2. Ki-10-II C

A biplane, cuz why not!

Biplanes are known for being rather squishy but if you wiggle around and take advantage of this biplane’s turn time, you should stay alive for long enough to inflict massive losses to the enemy team. This is yet another very maneuvrable plane with an excellent turn time that excels when flown at low altitudes - make sure to aim at key parts of other planes, as 7.7mm machine guns are rather MEH!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Easy to aim with, remember to use your ammunition wisely
  • Maneuvrability is a bit better than on the last previously mentioned plane
  • Targetting the wings is essential, as your guns are not the strongest out there

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1. Ki-27 otsu


Ki-27 is a fast and deadly plane IF played correctly. It can reach speeds of almost 500 KM/H and out-maneuver pretty much most if not all planes on the battlefield. Remember to fly this thing at altitudes below 3,300m and you should be good. Of course, like all Jap planes, the armaments on this plane are the classic 7.7mm machine guns that don’t pack that much of a punch but can be deadly if you aim them precisely on weak points of other planes, such as wings, engines, pilots, etc. It’s also recommended to not engage in head-on attacks as that will easily end up with you getting shredded to bits - instead, be a prick, ambush other planes, take advantage of your amazing turn time and bail out when things get sticky - sometimes your speed alone will get you out of trouble, that’s an option too.

Why this plane is the best:

  • Fast for its rank, almost 500KM/H
  • IMO, this is the most maneuverable plane in T1
  • Pleasant and smooth to fly, doesn’t take ages to learn flying patterns with this thing as well!

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