[Top 5] War Thunder Best Rank 3 British Tanks That Are Excellent


Now that I have listed the best tier 2 tanks and you can check out my article. Please do it's really good you won't be disappointed. We will be moving onto tier 3 tanks. Now, these tanks are way better than tier 2 so that's why they're a rank higher no? Anyways they're made by the brits as you might have guessed by the title of the article and if you haven't well that's okay now you know. See we accept all people even those who were told they were special in school :). 

5. Sherman Firefly

It doesn’t even fly!

For our first tier 3 tank, we have the Sherman. Ah, the classical tanks the Shermans. Why is it called the firefly? I don't know. Maybe it breathes fire or something. This is a medium tank with a battle rating of 4.7. I think that's good as well I don't know I failed maths at childbirth. The chassis of this tank was based on the original M4A4 Sherman tank. Which is pretty cool. And this tank also has the longest barrel. You'll be able to flex onthe other tanks with this knowledge. 

Why this tank is dope:

  • A classical Sherman tank with high power output. 
  • Battle rating of 4.7 
  • medium tank. 



4. Challenger

Hits like Mike Tyson.

Do not challenge this tank to a battle as you will definitely lose the fight. No matter what you do you'll lose it. The armor of the tank is capable of absorbing some shots or completely bouncing off shots from its hull. Which is pretty good in my humble opinion. If you get flanked you can easily position yourself in the correct spot and you'll be fine by all means. Just make sure that they hit the front and not your sides or back. 

Why this tank is dope:

  • the armor is able to absorb damage and bounce off shells of it. 
  • the front armor is the strongest. 
  • the cannons can penetrate almost anything thrown at them. 

Info: https://wiki.warthunder.com/Challenger#:~:text=Description,the%20British%20Ground%20Forces%20Tree.

3. Churchill III or A22

Similar name…

Ah yes, the heavy tank was named after the great British politician that wanted to go to the moon. what a guy, am I right? This tank can go against any german foe and probably survive. Why probably? Well at the end of the day it depends on your skill, not on the vehicle you're driving. But there's a huge flaw in the design. The engine is on the side of the tank. Ye, good luck trying to protect that engine in this long-ass spaghetti noodle tank. 

Why this tank is dope:

  • heavy tank named after a politician. 
  • can take a lot of damage from the front. 
  • the engine is on the side try not to expose it to the enemy. 

More info: 


2. Avenger

It avenges its allies.

This is a rank 3 medium tank which also has a rating of 4.7 but it's way better than the previous ones. How? Well, it's lower on the list so it must be true from a stranger on the internet. Anyways this tank doesn't have any weak spots on itself and the placements are pretty damn solid. It can even hold off an SPAA attack. I don't know what an SPAA is but I think it's pretty strong. If you angle yourself correctly only two of your crew members will be killed. How cool is that? 

Why this tank is dope: 

  • has a battle rating of 4.7. 
  • medium to heavy tank. 
  • if positioned correctly even heavy shots won't do a lot. 

More info: 


1. Achilles

No tendons, no heels.

Now, this tank does not have an Achilles tendon so you can kill it but it does have a huge fuel tank in the back which you can shoot and take out probably. The battle rating is a 3.7 but don't let that stir you away from using this beast. It can take multiple shots from a panzer 3 and 4 while at the same time taking some loads inside. The protection is good and the sloped armor can deflect a few shots from different tanks. Of course, if they come behind you'll most likely be dead. 

Why this tank is dope:

  • it's a slow but decent heavy tank. 
  • it can bounce off a few shells. 
  • works great if placed in a high spot or a decent bush. 

More info: 


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