[Top 10] War Thunder Best USSR Tanks That Are Powerful

Ruskie tanks, boys!

Alright, guys, I have written countless articles about War Thunder tanks but now, I’m gonna talk about the best USSR tanks out there. What they’re known for are their armaments, which can incapacitate or even 1-shot enemy tanks. I’m gonna mention some of their best features, how you should play them and why they’re badass!

10. T-70

Older than my grandma!

This feller is pretty fast for a T1 tank, he can reach speeds of around 50 KM/H. Head-on engagements are recommended, as the front armor is not also sturdy but sloped, which can cause incoming shells to bounce off your armor. It’s also pretty small, which makes it a hard target to strike during combat, although you should make sure that your sides are covered!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Rather fast for a T1 vehicle
  • A well-placed shot with the main cannon can 1-shot enemy tanks
  • Front armor is sloped+sturdy, can withstand plenty of damage

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9. T-28

Looks like a cake!

This tank is slightly slower than the previous tank - which is good, it means that it’s still mobile as hell. Besides mobility, this tank also has a crew of 6 people, which increases the survivability of the tank. T-28 can also fire armor-piercing shells that can easily annihilate enemy vehicles with ease. You should drive this tank in urban environments or any environment that can provide you with cover - going out on an open field is not recommended!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Good shells, both against tanks and lighter vehicles
  • A crew of 6 people
  • Fairly mobile

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8. KV-2

Heading to the T2 tanks!

What the hell is wrong with the turret of this tank? Perhaps it was born with a genetical disorder but it’s easy to assume that if that thing fires 1 shell, you can expect it to deal tremendous amounts of damage - and you’re correct. This tank is known for destroying higher-tier enemy tanks with ease, although playing it in close-quarter combat is not recommended - the reload speed might be an issue and the turret is just so big that it’s not exactly hard to miss. Instead, try to be more of a sniper - shoot from afar, reload, repeat. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can also shoot and hide - aka, being an annoying prick!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Large turret looks intimidating, and shouldn’t be ignored by enemies
  • The main cannon is extremely powerful, known for 1-shotting higher-tier tanks
  • High-count crew

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7. T-34E STZ

Another T2!

This tank has better front armor than the previous T-34s, the sides are not that sturdy but they’re sloped, which increases the chances of projectiles bouncing off of them. Overall, this tank has a pretty small profile, can move quickly from point A to point B, and change targets easily, thanks to the fast turret traverse speed. Try not to camp too much and you should be good!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Pretty fast, can reposition rather quickly
  • Front is sturdy enough to withstand plenty of damage
  • Decent armaments for its BR

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6. Object 268

A tier V beast!

This guy has a badass cannon that can EASILY annihilate other tanks. The front of the tank is covered with 200mm metal, which provides excellent protection. The sides of the tank are also kinda sturdy, can take a few hits before retreating. The tank is also equipped with smoke grenades, which can save your life or the lives of your teammates!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • A powerful 152mm cannon that can instagib other tanks with well-placed shots
  • A decent reload speed, can catch other players off-guard
  • Decent enough front armor

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5. T-54

Last T5 tank.

There’s a DShK mounted on the top of the tank, which is perfect for annihilating light vehicles - if you watched the last scene of Rambo 4, you’ll know what I mean. They can also be used against aircraft, with enough luck you should shoot one of them down. It’s also worth noting that this tank doesn’t have that many vulnerable spots, plus the turret is very sloped and sturdy. Also, you have smoke grenades - use them, either for retreating or making sure your teammates don’t get rekt!

Why this tank is cool:

  • Sturdy and sloped turret
  • DShK mounted on the top can be a pain in the ass for aircraft trying to target you
  • Decent mobility, a lot better than its previous counterparts

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4. T-80B

Another excellent tank.

This tank is quite survivable, although you need to look after the crew - there are only 3 men operating this tank, thus taking unnecessary hits can quickly end up in your demise. The main cannon has great accuracy, both when stationary and on the move, and can also deal plenty of damage. It’s a small profile tank with great mobility, which allows you to shoot&scoot efficiently. Give it a try!

Why this tank is dope:

  • A great main cannon, decent accuracy, and firepower
  • Mobile and small profile, can be a pain in the ass to destroy
  • Access to thermal vision

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3. Object 685

Slim and mobile!

Remember, this tank is awesome to play but if you go full Rambo into the battlefield, you can expect to get completely obliterated. It’s important to have some of your teammates around you or at least cover, as your tank is not the most durable out there. Keep in mind that you have smokes and the ability to swim in the water, which can help while retreating or flanking enemies. Your tank also has the scouting ability, which could be useful for some of your teammates. Fun to play, make sure to be careful!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Mobile, has the ability to swim in the water
  • Fast reload speed
  • Equipped with ESS and plenty of smoke grenades

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2. T-72B3

A flat-looking tank.

Good, the odds of this tank surviving are higher cuz of that. Both the turret, sides, and front are sturdy enough to withstand a couple of hits, although it’s still advisable to take cover - the crew count is kinda small, thus one accurate hit can knock out the entire crew of the tank. You can choose plenty of shells for your cannon, which also has an autoloader. The gun control feels smooth, thanks to the turret’s traverse speed. Seems good in close-quarter combat!

Why this tank is cool:

  • Decent armor all around
  • Plenty of useful shells available
  • Decent turret traverse speed

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1. Т-90А

The last tank, the Tier VII tank!

I think that the best method of playing this tank is as a sniper, the main cannon is accurate at long distances and powerful enough to 1-shot or at least severely damage enemy tanks. There are a few threats, other tanks might want to flank you or helicopters will target you with their ATGMs, but even then you might survive a hit or two. The tank also doesn’t appear to be too big, make sure to stay hull-down and you’ll be a hard target to destroy!

Why this tank is the best:

  • Can survive a few hits from helicopters&tanks
  • Accurate and high-range main cannon
  • Small profile tank, while hull-down, it can be pretty hard to target

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