[Top 5] War Thunder Best Tier 1 Fighters That Are Powerful

Newbie planes.

Howdy boys, today I shall quickly analyze some of the best T1 planes for beginners and explain why they kick ass. I’m going to mention planes&biplanes from various factions, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and even the Japanese. I’ll try to describe their biggest pros, how agile they are, and how OP their armaments are. Let’s go:

5. Fury Mk II

The British newb biplane.

One of the reasons why I think this is a noob-friendly plane is how maneuverable it is and it’s also stacked with plenty of ammunition. For a T1 plane, it’s kinda fast - if upgraded, the maximum speed that you can reach is around 400 km/h. You shouldn’t really go bomber-hunting with this thing, though, as the 7.7mm Vicker machine guns are only capable of destroying other biplanes and fighters.

Why this plane is dope:

  • Easy to fly with, I still remember flying this thing back in 2013
  • Decent rate of fire+reload speed in arcade mode
  • Plenty of ammunition

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4. Gladiator Mk II

Slightly faster than the previously mentioned biplane.

It’s also better armed than the Fury MKII - this feller is armed with x4 .303 Browning machine guns that are rather deadly, even towards some bombers in this tier. It’s a lovely biplane, it can also do a great job at eliminating ground targets, such as artillery units or vehicle convoys. Fun and easy to learn!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Decent maneuverability can get you out of bad situations most of the time
  • Access to flaps
  • .303 Browning machine guns are far better than the 7.7mm Vicker MGs

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3. F2A-3 Buffalo

A fat plane.

This plane looks a little bit thick. Perhaps it was designed like this to intimidate your opponents, but one thing that this plane excels at is maneuverability - it’s excellent for dogfights but it’s also important to avoid head-on encounters due to the fuel tanks being rather explosion-friendly. In summary: wiggle as much as you can, don’t engage in head-on shootouts and you should be fine - remember that you can land on carriers cuz of the tail-hook!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • As soon as you don’t engage in head-ons, you should be fine
  • -Maneuvrable, even though this plane looks like a fat pig
  • -Easy to play with, doesn’t require 

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2. Ki-27 otsu

One of the most maneuverable planes out there!

I was bored one day and I decided to start playing as Japan and boy, was I surprised - Ki-27 otsu is one of the most maneuverable planes out there. It’s fast as hell, when upgraded it can reach speeds of almost 520 km/h. Although the armaments ain’t that impressive, a few well-placed shots can will down everything in this tier. Speed and agility are what this lovely plane offers!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Very maneuvrable and easy to learn
  • Fast as hell, can outrun most if not all fighters in this plane
  • Excellent for dogfighting but requires a few well-placed shots in order to be effective

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1. Bf 109 E-1

The German boy!

This bad boy can be a dogfighter and even a bomber, as it can carry 250kg bombs that can easily destroy convoys, bunkers or deal a bit of damage to bases. It performs well in medium to high altitudes, speed can reach a whopping 591 km/h and aiming is always easy, due to the armaments being located in the nose of the plane. Remember though to avoid head-ons, due to the vital parts of this plane being located in the front. Have fun!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Performs well in medium and high altitudes
  • Equipped with 250-kilogram bombs, excellent for vehicle convoys/bunkers
  • Can reach speeds of 591 KM/H if upgraded

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