[Top 5] War Thunder Best Rank 2 Planes That Are Excellent

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Helloooowwww, today we’re gonna quickly analyze the best rank II planes in the beautiful but deadly world of War Thunder. For the sake of diversity, I’ll include planes from different factions, such as Germany, the USA, or the USSR, which has perished in flames over 30 years ago. Without further useless blabbing, let’s start with our first pick!

5. Bf 109 F-1


This good ol’ Bf is known for two things - excellent speed and even better top-notch climb rate. Weaponry is mounted directly on the nose of the plane, which makes it easy to shoot at other enemy targets. Firepower is capable of shredding other planes to bits with not too much effort - just make sure to not waste your ammo too fast!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Boomer and zoomer
  • Fast for a rank II plane
  • Decent firepower



4. Re.2001 serie 1


This Italian fighter is a bit of an underdog in rank II games, he’s capable of competing with other Spitfires and also has a nice climb rate. It’s not advisable to fly head-on into other planes, that’s why you should get on a higher altitude and attempt boom and zoom tactics, and try to hit other planes in the cockpit or the engine. Also don’t target bombers - your ammo is decent but not that powerful to shoot down these things!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Climb rate!
  • Alright turning ability
  • Maneuvrable

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3. Yak-9

Odd name but k.

Yaku nein is a soviet plane that is surprisingly accurate at all distances, very maneuverable at altitudes below 3,000 meters, and has decent armaments capable of downing other planes with ease, especially when you’re a fan of climbing up to altitude and diving! Fun but sucks completely at higher altitudes.

Why this plane is awesome:

  • 20mm/12.7mm armaments
  • Hard to shoot it down
  • Accurate at all distances

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2. Fw 190 A-1


Fun for bomber-hunting due to its superb firepower, boom and zoom tactics are also well-suited for this plane. Stacked with plenty of ammunition is always a guarantee of staying in the air longer and shooting at stuff. He’s an okay dogfighter as well, due to being highly maneuverable at higher speeds and agile in general. Fun to fly, fun to destroy other planes with!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Durable
  • Boomer/zoomer
  • Awesome firepower

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1. P-51 Mustang

The Yankee devil.

It takes skill to fly this plane but with learning, learning, and learning you will eventually get a hang of flying our beloved Mustang. Its 20mm machine guns are capable of obliterating unsuspecting planes and its great dive speed makes this one of the best planes for boom/zoom tactics. You can also gain access to British ammunition load-outs, which makes this plane even more deadly than before. Unfortunately, this plane doesn’t have any payload, which makes it kinda unfitting for killing enemy targets, nonetheless, this is still one of the most fun planes to fly in rank II.

Why this plane is awesome:

  • With skill, this plane becomes OP
  • Powerful armaments(20mm)
  • Awesome performance at higher speeds

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