[Top 5] War Thunder Best Dogfight Planes That Are Excellent

I remember playing this game back in 2014!

FINALLY! I get to write articles about my beloved, old-school game that is called War Thunder. I used to play this game years ago when it came out and boy, was it a lot of fun! I used to fly some WW2 planes and wreck kids left, right, and center, bomb enemy locations with 500KG bombs, and in general, have plenty of fun. 

What am I gonna talk about? Well, I’ll talk about some dope WW2 planes that wreck other inferior, pathetic planes. Let’s start with:

5. Ki-200 Shusui


This oddly looking fighter plane is surprisingly effective, with fast turning and excellent acceleration, you can expect this birdy boy to out-maneuver most planes and cause cluster headaches for your opponents. Some might consider it weak but if you master it, with time you’ll become a flying pain in the butt!

Why this plane is awesome:

  •  Agile
  •  Can easily out-maneuver other planes
  •  Rocket-propelled

4. G.56

Italian beast!

This goddamn thing is a terrifying creature. Its powerful engine guarantees incredible acceleration and speed. Weapons are quite powerful and you can quickly go on a killing spree, despite it looking a bit heavy, it offers an excellent turn rate at all speeds and allows you to out-maneuver the best planes in the game.

Why this plane is awesome:

  •  MG 151 cannons - OP!
  •  Loads of ammo 
  •  700km/h at 7000m

3. Yak-3P

Czerwona kalyna!

It’s a soviet plane. Naturally, I’m Polish and it’s in my genes to hate everything that is SOVIET, yet I can’t find it in my heart to hate this lovely plane. It was one of my first planes and I’ve had plenty of fun shooting at other planes and always getting 5-7 kills before eventually getting downed. Fun times!

Why this plane is awesome:

  •  Flexible during dogfighting
  •  Decent ammo capacity
  •  Decent turrets

2. Spitfire F Mk 24


This British machine of beauty and flexibility is surprisingly fast. You can equip it with powerful turrets and destroy other enemy planes in less than 2 seconds. The plane is a bit heavy, but despite that fact, you can still maneuver it quite well outsmart other players during dogfighting. Smart players will avoid dogfighting when the speed of the plane reaches about 700km/h - at that point, the plane will become kinda hard to maneuver so it’s advised to fly this cupcake at around 400-500km/h!

Why this plane is great:

  •  4 x 20 mm Hispano Mk.II cannons have an outstanding fire rate and are rather powerful
  •  Turn rate is great at medium speed
  •  Decent roll rate

1. La-15

Another commie plane!

This is yet another commie plane. It’s also my favorite commie plane, for some reason I score the highest while flying this plane and I can’t care less about other planes chasing me, because Asta LA Vista is fast as F*&K, BOIIII!

Seriously, this thing can reach speeds of above 1000 kilometers. It’s insanely fast and besides, its cannons deal incredible amounts of damage in short amounts of time. My favorite, my beloved, and the best plane of all time - LA-15!

Why this plane is awesome:

  •  Strong cannons
  •  +1000km/h at 3000 meters
  •  Incredible acceleration

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