[Top 3] War Thunder Best Russian Premium Tanks That Are Powerful

Premium only.

Howdy fellers, today in this short article I will quickly analyze some of the best premium tanks in the world of War Thunder - try to explain what they excel at, how fast they are, how powerful their main cannons are, and yadi-yada.Also, I will mention tanks from tier 1, tier 5, and tier 6 - for some reason, there are no premium tanks on tier 7. Anyways, without further blabbing, let’s start with our first tank:

3. M3 Medium(Tier 1)

Small but deadly.

M3 Medium is a rather unique tank, it’s capable of using two weapons at once, which are the 37mm M5 cannon and the 75mm M2. The frontal armor is pretty good and so is the armor surrounding the turret - it’s slopped and it’s possible for incoming shells to ricochet off of it. Another thing that makes this tank rather survivable is the crew - there are 6 crewmen in total operating this feller, which makes it pretty hard to put it out of commission. 

Why this tank is dope:

  • Can use both 37mm and 75mm guns mounted on the tank
  • Frontal armor is pretty durable, the turret is also sloped and sturdy, can ricochet missiles off of it
  • Gun depression is -7 degrees

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2. Object 120

Look at the size of this thing…

This tank looks… ridiculous. But I love it, why? Because it’s best played as a sniper, due to the powerful 152mm cannon that can be loaded with HEAT-FS and APFSDS shells, which are known for their high armor penetration. Despite looking kind of heavy, it can move at speeds of 70KM/H(arcade) and 64KM/H(realistic), which is good, considering the size of this tank’s cannon. Make sure to stay at a safe distance from other tanks and snipe some kids!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Super effective as a “sniper”, aka a tank that shoots at targets from afar
  • Powerful shells with high penetration can inflict plenty of damage
  • Decent mobility for a tank of this size

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1. BMP-2M

A glass cannon. 

This guy is known for a few things, having powerful armaments and being able to swim, as this is an amphibious tank - can be useful for retreating or reaching areas that are hard to reach. When it comes to the armaments, you can fire 4 ATGM missiles at once and guide them at the same time, but make sure to not overkill enemy tanks, as the ammo capacity on this tank is rather low. The 2A42 cannon is effective enough to destroy enemy tanks with hits from behind, the sides, and even the front if loaded with proper rounds. Remember that if there are obstacles, you can get rid of them with your grenade launcher mounted on the top, although you won’t inflict any significant damage against tanks with it.

Another important thing is that shrapnel can hit missiles mounted on the sides of the turret, causing them to explode - urban fighting is still possible, but not recommended for this tank!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Powerful and probably the best armaments for its BR
  • Guided missiles with decent damage output+penetration
  • Amphibious - it can travel in the water, can use this to reach nice spots or retreat

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