[Top 5] War Thunder Best Italian Tanks That Are Powerful

Pizza dispensers.

Italians are not the greatest tanks available, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can still wreck stuff up on the battlefield. I’ll include the highest rank tanks from the Italian faction, including their pros, how to play them, and yadi-yada. Without further yadi-yading, let’s get into our first tank!

5. OF-40 Mk.2A

This cutie.

The hull and the sides are quite vulnerable so it’s advisable to position your tanks in safe spots and positions. One place that is armored is its turret, enemy shells often ricochet off of the metal. It’s also a fast tank, usually faster than your teammates' tanks and it does a great job at surprise-attacking enemy tanks. Guns are fairly long-ranged, which makes this tank an excellent “sniper.

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Mobile
  • Well-armored turret
  • Decent armaments

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4. Centauro I 105 R


This creature is great at 4 things - sniping, flanking, supporting, and scouting. It doesn’t have a lot of armor and it doesn’t really need it - it does a great job at destroying enemy tanks from a long distance. It’s also very fast, faster than the previously mentioned tank(forward speed in arcade battles is 123km/h and in realistic battles is 110 km/h). It’s equipped with many useful gadgets, such as smoke shells, thermal vision, scouting tools, and artillery making this one of the greatest support tanks in the game.

Why this tank is great:

  • Supportive abilities
  • Quite mobile
  • Thermal visions
  • Smoke grenades

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3. C1 Ariete (Preserie)


This tank is quite durable if you know what you’re doing, that’s why you should take advantage of that fact and use this tank in aggressive/flanking gameplay. You shouldn’t be also worried about frontal attacks as the front of the tank is thicc enough to withstand plenty of hits. Enjoy your 120mm cannon and its fast rotation speed, which can catch others off guard!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Enjoyable to play due to its durability
  • Above-average mobility
  • Gen. 1 thermal vision for the gunner

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2. C1 Ariete PSO 

Arieta once more!

Well, I had to include another variant of this tank, as this is one of my favorite sniper tanks in the whole game. Does it lack armor? Yeah, but once more, it does not matter. Its APFSDS missiles are good enough to be launched from afar, right onto enemy tanks, and watch them seethe in the chat. If you’re brave, you can use this tank for more close quarters but don’t expect to stay alive for longer than a minute, especially in arcade battles!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • The cannon is 120mm and quite powerful, capable of 1-shotting other tanks from afar
  • Very high reverse speed
  • Awesome turret traverse speed

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1. C1 Ariete


Yes, there aren’t any better tanks than this. This tank can be both a supportive and combative ground vehicle. You can be aggressive and with full confidence attack other tanks or help out your teammates and make sure they don’t die too fast. The WAR add-on can also be unlocked, which will increase your chances of survival on the battlefield, allowing you to conduct more ballsy plays. A fun-to-play tank and quite dangerous, it can 1-shot enemy tanks if played properly!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Capable of 1-shotting tanks if shot in the right place
  • Alright mobility
  • The WAR addon can increase your chances of survival

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