[Top 5] War Thunder Best Rank 2 Planes That Are Powerful

Some T2 planes, cuz why not!

These planes are unique and pretty cool to grind for in lower BRs. I’m gonna talk about their best features, how fast they are, how effective their armaments they are, how you should play them, and a few other things. I’m gonna include planes from different nations, such as USA, Germany, Britain and the Soviet Union. Without prolonging this intro, let’s begin with our first pick:

5. D.521

Exotic-looking plane!

Besides looking exotic, is this guy any good? Well, this guy is pretty good in terms of armaments, it’s equipped with x1 20mm Hispano 404 cannon that deletes other aircraft and x4 7.5mm machine guns that can also deal plenty of damage that won’t run out of ammunition too fast. When it comes to other features, it’s a jack of all trades - it’s not that fast and it’s not too maneuvrable, but it’s gonna get the job done, that’s for sure!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Decent primary and second armaments, although you might want to save your ammo for the Hispano cannon
  • Machine guns are stacked with ammunition
  • Overall, a decent plane!

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4. P-39K-1

A soviet plane!

Fighters are usually pretty squishy but this guy can take a serious beating and still remain in 1 piece. The seat is protected both in the front/behind with thick metal plates, the front glass is 38mm thick and can keep you alive if you’re getting shot during head-on engagements and the well-armored back of the plane can prevent sudden snipes. When it comes to the armaments and the payload, you are equipped with a pretty powerful 37mm M4 cannon and a single 250KG bomb - make sure to drop it before engaging in air fights. It’s hard to die in this plane!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Well armored from all sides, can take tremendous damage and still be able to fly
  • Allison V-1710-63 is a powerful engine, that makes flying a breeze
  • Strong cannon - make your shots count, though.

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3. Corsair F Mk II

A lovely plane!

Corsair is a multirole aircraft, you can equip yourself with a single 500-pound or a 1000-pound bomb or go into battle without a payload and focus on Boom and Zoom tactics. This plane is equipped with x6 M2 Brownings that can easily overwhelm other aircraft - you also don’t have to reequip too often, as this plane has a high ammunition count(2,350RPG in total). The plane is both fast and maneuvrable, which is great for dogfights. Give this plane a try, totally worth it.

Why this plane is sick:

  • Decent maneuverability at high speeds
  • Can accelerate and reach a decent speed
  • Plenty of ammo for the machine guns

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2. Bf 109 E-7/U2

A German plane.

In terms of turn-fighting, maneuverability, and armaments, this plane performs very well. After upgrading it, you’ll be able to reach speeds above 600 KM/H. You can use it both for BnZ or standard dogfighting, the plane is quite maneuvrable and can be a complete nightmare to deal with. The armaments on the other hand are pretty hard-hitting, the 20mm cannons can be a serious threat to those who happen to be in front of you. Besides, this plane handles negative Gs pretty well and does a good job at climbing altitudes. Fun to play but don’t get hit too often, it’s not a bomber, damn it!

Why this plane is dope:

  • It has a long list of positives, maneuvrability&agility are the biggest pros of this plane
  • Armaments can be really deadly in hands of a skilled pilot
  • Performs well during negative Gs

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1. XP-55

Umm, where’s the front? 

This is probably the most bizarre-looking plane out there and I am convinced that the creator of this abomination had to be either high or schizophrenic. But… this is one of the best planes in this tier. Why? It’s perfect for bomber-hunting and even more perfect for BnZ tactics. It can reach ridiculous speeds while diving+your wings will be able to withstand speeds below 900 KM/H. All weaponry is nose-mounted, which makes aiming a lot easier. It’s also worth noting that your primary armaments, the 20mm cannons have plenty of ammo and are effective against bombers. Give this weird-looking plane a try, it may look a little bit disfigured but it gets the job done!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Probably the best plane for BnZ
  • Pretty strong armaments can easily destroy other fighters and even bombers
  • Maneuvrable, although close-quarter combat is not recommended

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