[Top 3] War Thunder Best German Tier 2 Planes That Are Powerful


What are Germans good at - taking over Europe in less than 3 years, drinking massive amounts of alcohol, and losing wars. But there’s one more special thing they’re good at - making incredible planes, designed for dogfighting and outmaneuvering other planes.

And that’s exactly what I’ll talk about - their speed, agility, firepower, and many other cool features that each plane has. Let’s start:

3. Bf 109 E-3


This plane can reach speeds of almost 600 km/h. Be careful when diving, as the wings will rip at somewhere 790-800 km/h. It’s a bad idea to attack other players head-on, as all of the vital components of the plane are located in the front. The turn rate is decent, the climb rate is also dope, and it’s stacked with plenty of ammunition. Fun to play plane, better than its predecessors, that’s for sure!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Excellent, high speed+acceleration
  • Alright turn rate
  • Plenty of ammunition for LMG’s+decent firepower

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2. Bf 109 F-1

Very accurate and deadly.

Why is it deadly? Well, the cannon can be loaded with some powerful German ammo, which can easily take down other fighters. Why is it accurate? Cuz all of its armaments are installed on the front of the nose, which makes it very easy to aim at other enemy targets. The plane can reach speeds up to 640 km/h if upgraded, there’s also some armor under and behind the main seat. A flying tank is the best description this plane can get!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Machine guns are located in the nose, which makes aiming a piece of cake
  • OP weaponry - 20mm cannon+x2 7.92 MGs
  • Decent speed for this tier, can be used for escaping+catching up to other fighters

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1. Fw 190 A-1

Numba 1!

One of the fastest planes in this tier, it’s also one of the greatest planes to conduct boom and zoom tactics, aka climbing to a certain altitude, then descending and destroying other planes by surprise attacks. As the previous plane, this one is also loaded up with Minengeschoss ammunition, which easily shreds bombers to bits. You should watch out for Spitfires but remember that you’re faster than them and they have weaker wings, so now you know where to aim. Plenty of ammunition for the LMGs is another cherry on the cake, you never have to give a crap about leaving combat too soon!

Why this plane is the best:

  • One of the fastest planes in this tier
  • OP weaponry, strong against other fighters and bombers
  • Fast, perfect for boom and zoom tactics

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