[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 2 American Tanks That Are Powerful

Are there any tanks beside Abrams?

Yes, there are. Especially when we are going to be analyzing tanks from tier 2, tanks after world war 2. I will quickly mention their pros, how fast they are, how deadly their main cannons are, their second armaments, and other cool features that each tank has. Alright, enough yadi-yada, let’s start with our first pick:

3. M4A1 Sherman

M4A1? I’m pretty sure there’s a rifle with that name as well!

This thicc boy is pretty strong, mostly because of its 75mm cannon and the turret traverse speed. The front is well-armored and can withstand heavy punishment, if you need to escape or get out of a sticky situation, the tank accelerates well and reaches high speeds. Fun to play and awesome for shoot and scoot tactics!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Pretty small and hard to hit, can ricochet shells off its armor if you position yourself correctly
  • 75mm cannon of this tank can instagib everything that moves
  • A rather mobile tank, can be a nuisance for the enemy team cuz it’s small

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2. M24

A multitool tank!

This tank is known for making sure your teammates don’t die - why? Well, it’s equipped with over 10 smoke grenades that can provide covering fire to friendly retreating tanks. But, did you know, that this tank is capable of 1-shotting other tanks? Not only that it can save your teammates, it’s also capable of completely obliterating your foes. The turret rotates at a high rate and it works great with the main cannon. The HMG can be used against some ground targets but also against planes, which can save you if you’re paying attention to the sky!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Plenty of smoke grenades to get out of bad situations
  • Fast backward speed also makes sure you can escape easily
  • HMG can shoot down enemy planes, friendly too if you’re an A-hole

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1. M4


This tiny bugger is pretty hard to hit at longer distances, if you angle the tank's armor correctly, it’s capable of withstanding heavy fire and still kick some butts. Armaments are pretty strong, the penetration of shells alone can take care of tanks such as T34 and easily knock out crews. It’s also worth adding that due to this tank’s gun depression, hills are your best and it’s easy to angle your main cannon on them!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Easy to shoot with, although you might need to learn weak points of other tanks 
  • High damage output+penetration that’s capable of knocking out crews
  • Angling this tank properly can keep you alive for long periods during combat

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