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We have discussed T1, T2 and the time has finally come for T3 fighters. The armaments in this tier are a whole lot better, you can allow yourself a little bomber-hunting here and there and go at whopping speeds of around 700 KM/h. I’ll be talking about planes I’ve had the most success with, from different factions, such as the Soviet Union, the USA, and other factions. Without boring you any further with this introduction, I shall present you with my first plane:

5. F4U-4 Corsair

Fast and furious.

This is a lovely piece of machine that will outrun most planes on the battlefield, only a few will be able to catch up with this feller. F4U-4 is an excellent plane if you want to play the objective - why? Well, it has decent second armaments for ground targets, a plentiful payload that consists of 500 and 1000-pound bombs, and even HVAR rockets. These things will send bases, bunkers, and pretty much everything that’s on the ground to ashes!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Decent payload for its size(500KG, 1-ton bombs that can deal a fair bit of damage to bases, artillery units and bunkers)
  • Fast as hell, can reach speeds of even 750 KM/H - perfect for temporarily checking out of a dogfight
  • Durable in the cockpit area, both the glass and seat is well-armored

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4. P-47D-28 Thunderbolt

A large boy.

Decent speed, almost on the same level as the F4U-4, what’s better about this guy is the fact that it can drop a larger quantity of bombs/rockets - 500KG, 1000KG bombs, HVAR rockets, and M8 rockets. It’s an absolute beast and will decimate literally anything that’s on the ground. When it comes to the machine gun firepower, the plane is equipped with 8(!) 12.7mm machine guns that can cause serious damage if you manage to hit your shots. Keep the speed of this plane above 550 KM/H and your plane will fly like a dream!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Massive payload(bombs/rockets that can easily obliterate ground targets, 
  • Decent armaments, both for dogfighting+ground targets
  • Performs well at high speeds, make sure to dump your payload if you have any

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3. La-5FN

Time for the Ruskies.

Lalala can reach the maximum speed of 646 KM/H if upgraded. Why is it good? It’s surely not because of its payload, more like because of its maneuverability and ammunition count that other Soviet planes lack. This bastard is also pretty durable, both the rear(75mm) and the front(55mm) glass in the cockpit is pretty thick and so is the back of the seat, which provides 10mm of steel protection. The armaments are located in the nose, which means it’s easy as hell to aim with those 20mm ShVAK cannons - use this to your advantage and target vital plane parts, such as wings, the engine or the pilot.

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Sturdy cockpit(thick, bulletproof glass, sheets of metal cover the seat)
  • 2x50KG bombs, you can drop them at a convoy if the enemy team ran out of fighters to shoot down
  • Accurate+rapid fire cannons, perfect for disabling engines and other vital parts

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2. Fw 190 A-5


Welcome to Germany, where we have a few things - funny painter leaders, terrible luck when it comes to winning wars but incredible planes, born and raised to be excellent fighters. This Fee-wee is excellent at boom and zoom tactics, due to having resilient wings that can shrug off the incoming fire and they also have a high rip speed, which is around 910 KM/H. The MAX. speed this plane can reach is 693 KM/H when upgraded. It’s also worth adding that the wings are not the only parts of this plane that are sturdy - the cockpit glass is rather thick, there’s engine metal coverage, on the fuel tank and the pilot’s seat. Fun to play, hard to master!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Sturdy, both the cockpit and wings can take a beating from the incoming fire or high speed
  • Decent firepower - x2 20mm 151 MG cannons mounted on the nose, 2x20mm MG FF cannons mounted on both wings and x2 7.92mm MG 17 machine guns mounted on the nose.
  • Excellent for boom and zoom tactics, due to the wings being rather hard to break

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1. P-63A-10 Kingcobra

The King.

With a little number of cons, this Banana plane is capable of shredding bombers to bits, thanks to its 37mm cannons that are extremely strong at this tier. The whole cockpit is well fortified with metal, which guarantees the safety of the pilot most of the time. It’s essential to be a wiggly piece of shyt because the only vulnerable part of this plane is the fuel tanks located in the outboard section of the wings. If your team is too busy gettin’ frags, get the payload that consists of x3 500KG bombs that are pretty powerful for eliminating ground targets. I believe that this is the best plane out there in this tier, as it’s versatile - a decent payload, sturdy, perfect for boom&zoom, regular dogfighting and keeps decent performance at high speeds - a must for grinding!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Versatile and fun to play
  • A decent bomber-hunter, due to the 37mm cannons
  • Can result in dropping bombs if no one is playing the objective

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