[Top 5] War Thunder Best Countries That Are Powerful

Inb4 USA…

Well, of course, the USA is going to be in the first spot. But before we get there, we’re gonna talk about a few inferior countries and describe why they’re almost as good as our big daddy USA. I’m gonna mention their planes, tanks, and other army branches. Let’s roll!

5. China

Nothing has happened in 1989.

China is a weird faction. Their tanks are a mix of Russian, American, and British tanks. The same thing applies to their planes. It’s weird but I love it, mostly because it’s a mash-up of some of my favorite nations. Also, isn’t China slowly outpacing the USA in terms of the military? Yeah, even more reasons why you should pick these fellers!

Why China is awesome:

  • A mix of different vehicles
  • Can play as different factions in 1 match!

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4. France

Why not…

Let’s give the Baguettes a chance, we all know that they’ve surrendered in a record amount of time but we gotta look at the positives - they’ve taken over a village in the same amount of time as the Germans took over Poland!

Okay, okay, on a more serious note - French tanks might seem lackluster at first but with practice, they become stronger and stronger. Take advantage of the fact that French tanks in the first rank are pretty durable, all it takes is to learn the spots of enemy vehicles and shoot them. In terms of planes, there are some hidden gems, my favorite being the D.520 and Super Mystere, which are known for their speed&armaments.

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Good ol’ Momma Rossiya.

These guys are known for zerg-rushing, capping objectives, and surprisingly, not running out of ammo. They’re also very noob-friendly in all of the branches, whether it’s aircraft, tanks, or navy. One of my favorite naval ships is the Spokoinyy - superb AA protection and plenty of torpedos. Planes are alright, they don’t die too quickly and have plenty of ammo. Tanks are also dope, one of the greatest flankers and snipers in the game!

Why USSR Is dope:

Noob-friendly faction

Zerg-rush tanks

Plenty of ammo

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2. USA


Guess what. The USA is not the first, no, not this time. I’m sick of their crap and they deserve a second spot for all the annoyances I have encountered while playing the Yankees - but I’m not here to criticize, I’m here to explain why I’ve picked the second spot for these guys. 

US is known for their impressive versatility in terms of everything - they’ve got(IMO) the best navy in War Thunder and fairly decent tanks as you progress through the ranks(Ariete, Abrams, Victor, etc), and let’s not forget about the planes - they’re fairly versatile and useful for boom and zooming, bombing and effective dogfighting. Decent but kinda boring after a while!

Why the USA is good:

  • Versatility in all of the military branches
  • Balance in all things
  • They won WW2

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1. Germany


Germany has become my favorite nation to play in War Thunder. There’s a reason why these guys managed to push through the Soviet Union without any breaks in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa, it was because of their supreme aircraft(which was considered to be the best back in WW2) and their extremely durable tanks. The same thing applies in War Thunder, incredibly powerful cannons mounted on Germans tanks are capable of 1-shotting other tanks while capable of taking a pounding at the same time, their aircraft on the other hand is awesome in terms of maneuverability, firepower, and boom ‘n’ zoom tactics. I’ve always seen much success while playing Germany - in summary, Germany is primarily about firepower - pick if you like boom, boom!

Why Germoneh is the best:

  • Excellent firepower
  • Some tanks&most planes have decent maneuverability
  • Superb durability, especially in tanks

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