[Top 5] War Thunder Best British Planes

Time for some fooken bri’ish planes, mate!

Brits have tea and excellent planes from the World War 2 Era. If you’ve ever played War Thunder, then you’ll know that playing as these guys was always a blast - light and agile fighter planes that allow you to out-maneuver your opponents without any sweat.

The name itself does a great job describing what this article will be about - let’s start first with…

5. Nimrod Mk I


This is one of the first planes that you’ll probably be using as a Bri’ish pilot. These things are small, cute, agile, and deadly. Although they’re a bit squishy, you can expect to out-maneuver most planes on the battlefield. With a decent speed and climb rate, you can easily annoy the crap out of your opponents!

What is this plane great at:

  • Being flexible
  • Awesome climb rate
  • Above-average weaponry

4. Spitfire Mk Ia

Spitting fire!

That is what this plane does. It’s an excellent rank II plane with decent enough durability and even better turn fighting. Just make sure to fly at least around 300 km/h, as it becomes a bit less effective at those speeds, and also make sure to fly below altitudes of 4.5 KM to maximize the effectiveness of this glorious plane!

Why this plane is great:

  • Durable plane, 4-7mm steel plates
  • Excellent anti-fighter armaments
  • Useful modifications(100 octane fuel, for example)

3. V-156-B1

Let’s bomb some germans!

If you’re sick of dogfighting and other similar shenanigans, then this bomber plane is definitely for you. It has a mounted defensive machine gun that will kick anyone off your tail and allow you to bomb successfully enemy tanks and bases. An efficient bomber in the lower ranks!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • 500 and 250 lbs bombs
  • 4 machine guns that can target land vehicles
  • Defensive machine guns have plenty of ammunition

2. Spitfire LF Mk IX

Another spit firah???!!

Yes, another Spitfire. I love these planes and this one especially. It can reach the maximum speed of 659 kilometers, which is pretty goddamn fast and can outfly most planes. It also has access to powerful .50cal machine guns that will keep your opponents in check if they try to shoot you down!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Gucci acceleration
  • Maneuverability is incredible at all altitudes
  • Access to powerful M2 Browning 50cal machine guns

1. Tempest Mk II


My favorite plane, I’ve seen the most success with this lovely piece of machine. It’s an incredibly durable, heavy plane that excels in high-speed combat. The performance of this plane peaks when flown around 3 kilometers, although it’s still somewhat effective in higher altitudes. Strong turrets and excellent maneuverability at all speeds is what make this plane one of the best in my eyes - get it!

Why this plane is the best:

  • Strong firepower
  • Can land on carriers
  • Decent at diving

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