[Top 10] War Thunder Best Ammo For Planes


If you’re gonna be playing planes in War Thunder, you gotta know which ammo types are the best and which ones you should use - some of them are very situational, some are specific to be effective against air targets and some are made to assist your other teammates. I’ll quickly go through a list of ammo types that are the most efficient in the world of War Thunder!

10. Tracer

For newbs!

Tracer rounds are awesome for players who are new. The tracer rounds leave a trail and make it easy for newer players to destroy enemy planes or ground vehicles. They’re not really powerful but you’ll still be able to destroy a few lightly-armored biplanes flying around. It also allows you to correct your line of fire quicker!

Why these rounds are awesome:

  • Can correct your line of fire
  • Helps your teammates with targeting enemy planes
  • The damage of these rounds depends on the nation

9. Ground Targets

For tanks and vehicles.

As the title suggests, the point of this ammo is meant for the ground targets. Surprisingly, it can still be used against heavily armored fighters or bombers - its rounds are solid, armor-penetrating, and effective against everything that’s bulky!

Why these rounds are awesome:

  • Useful for eliminating convoys of vehicles
  • Also used against heavily armored aircraft

8. Night

I think this still can be used during the day..

You use this ammunition most effectively during the night, the point of it is to make your ammo bright as the sun during dog fighting at night. Nights in War Thunder are extremely rare, so if you happen to find a match during nighttime, BINGO! 

Why these rounds are useful:

  • Tracks enemy planes
  • Helps with stealthy attacks
  • Prevents flash blindness

7. Universal Targets

For pretty much everything.

You wanna destroy a heavy, thickly-armored plane? Perhaps some ground targets? Maybe a little, adorable biplane? Great, these rounds are for you, the name itself suggests that these rounds are for everything and everyone. Effective, but not the best is the most accurate way of describing these rounds.

Why these rounds are awesome:

  • Good against everything
  • Useful for lazy players who don’t want to bother with selecting ammo type for each plane
  • Incendiary/armor-piercing rounds

6. Air Targets

I think we all know what this ammo is for…

It’s against other planes. Bombers, fighters, light planes - pretty much everything that can fly, besides a bird. It contains incendiary and other armor-piercing capabilities, which makes these rounds effective against all types of armor. Also useful against crews of enemy planes!

Why these rounds are good:

  • Powerful ammunition against other aircraft
  • The most effective way of destroying other planes
  • Also useful against trucks and such

5. Armored Targets


These rounds, as the name suggests, are used against heavily armored targets, both on the ground and in mid-air. Lightly armored planes will just simply disintegrate while being fired upon, other heavily armored planes can also get ripped apart, especially their engines and wings. Does wonders for penetration of armor and overall damage.

Why these rounds are awesome:

  • Highest penetration ammunition
  • Useful while fighting off other enemy planes
  • Destroys easily medium armored tanks

4. Incendiary (I)


The point of these rounds is to set enemy engines and fuel tanks on fire. As we all know, as soon as there is fire on your plane, it means that you’re already in a lot of trouble. Provides some penetration and it’s suggested to use if you know how to target engines!

Why these rounds are good:

  • Sets engines on fire
  • The same thing applies to fuel tanks
  • A decent level of penetration

3. Adjustment incendiary (AI)

Another fancy ammunition!

It’s like incendiary (I) ammunition but provides slightly more penetration and a lesser chance of bullets bouncing off of other planes. Of course, it sets enemy planes on fire and if you manage to hit a fuel tank or an engine enough times, it’s gonna start burning pretty fast. Have fun with it!

Why these rounds are awesome:

  • Slightly better versions of the (I) version
  • Enjoyable if you’re a pyromaniac
  • Setting engines and other sensitive plane parts on fire

2. Immediate-action incendiary (IAI)


This ammunition leaves a distinctive “puff” if you hit an enemy plane. It causes devastating consequences if you happen to hit an engine or a fuel tank, setting the plane on fire and essentially to the painful death of the crew. It causes a slight explosion during impact and huge amounts of damage to all types of planes. Have fun using it!

Why these rounds are awesome:

  • Leaves “puff” explosions if shots connect with enemy planes
  • Better penetration and more devastating than the previous rounds
  • Satisfying for shooting other planes!

1. Stealth

For sneaky buggers.

These rounds are useful for more experienced players, they can’t be seen by your enemies, nor by YOU. You won’t be able to see them until you successfully hit your opponent, they’re usually used for ambushing your enemies and another cool thing is the fact that you can see the impacts of your bullets better, as these rounds don’t have any fancy traces that ruin your vision, thus it’s advised to use these rounds for precise strikes on engines or cockpits. The best type of ammunition if you’re a sneaky/ambusher type of a player. It’s also my favorite type of ammo!

Why these rounds are great:

  • Doesn’t have any tracers, which makes it hard for your enemy to detect you sooner
  • Allows you to see the impact of your bullets on enemy planes
  • Easier to use in arcade mode, due to assisted aim

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