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Americans have okay tanks, although in World War 2, in my opinion, Germans had the best tanks. We all know why the Yankees won, it was all about quantity over quality. Also about the oil. But anyway, we’re here to talk about the best tanks on the USA faction - they’re known for their precise strikes, good durability, and good weaponry. I will also include some modern tanks, cuz blabbing about WW2 tanks is BOOORINGGGG. Let’s start with:

7. M22

The starter.

This is a rank 1 tank from the World War 2 era. It was being constructed in late 1941 and it saw later plenty of action against the Germans. Is it useful? Well, it reaches impressive speeds on flat terrains and it’s great if you’re using the hit and run tactic, which basically means that you quickly to a spot, destroy an enemy tank and bail out before they can get you. Have fun!

Why this tank is great:

  • Light tank that’s pretty fast
  • The tank is small and hard to hit
  • If close enough to an enemy tank, it might not be able to be hit with a shell(cuz it’s that short…)

6. M4A1 

Weird name.

A gucci tank with excellent cannon depression, drives pretty fast once you’re accelerated enough, and has also a mounted HMG that’s effective against air targets. The tank has pretty thick armor in general, but the front parts are even more buffy. It’s also worth adding that’s the reload speed is incredibly fast - 6.5 seconds, plus firing from the cannon is accurate most of the time while traveling. A nice Yankee tank, get it!

Why this tank is great:

  • Accurate, even while traveling at high speed
  • Extra durable in the front
  • Powerful anti-aircraft guns

5. M26


I love this tank, not only that it can 1-shot other tanks, it’s also capable of successfully defending itself from hostile planes due to its powerful .50 cal machine guns. The turret rotates quite fast, not fast enough to lift the tank into the air and make it an attack helicopter. This tank is an underdog, very low-key but will beat the crap out of you if you’re playing against it. Fun times!

Why this tank is great:

  • The underdog in War Thunder, isn’t very popular, yet effective
  • Powerful cannons capable of 1-shotting tanks or knocking out crew members
  • Accurate firepower

4. M103

Jesus, look at the cannon of this thing!

This tank is a beast. It’s capable of 1-shotting other enemy tanks from medium and long-range, which makes this tank one of the greatest tanks for “sniping” gameplay. This tank is great if you don’t like close-quarter or urban combat - you’ll have plenty of fun shooting other tanks from afar and not giving a crap!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Alright mobility
  • Thick armor, especially in the front
  • APBC has decent penetration

3. T92

Sounds like a Russian tank, but it’s actually a Yankee one.

This tank has little armor but it does a great job anyways, even against rank V tanks, as it can 1-shot pretty much everything. After a few modifications, this tank gets an improved acceleration and speed. In summary, avoid other tanks, shoot them in the back, watch players rage in the chat and lick their salty tears!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • A small, fast glass cannon
  • Low profile tank
  • Useful modifications make this tank even better

2. M60A1

No chemicals will be effective against this beauty!

This tank provides protection against chemical shells and high-caliber mounted machine guns against flying targets. Besides that, it has a few smoke shells and smoke grenades, which make this tank a very safe tank to use, it can also be used as a supportive tank, providing smoke cover for your other tanks. It’s accurate, kinda slow but who cares, and most importantly, DURABLE!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Protection against chemicals
  • .50 cal machine guns are useful against flying targets
  • Accurate weaponry

1. M1 Abrams

Everyone knows this tank!

It’s probably one of the most recognizable tanks in the world and in War Thunder. This tank is known for its impressive speed, probably one of the fastest tanks around, its thick armor and plates that make other shells bounce off of them. It’s capable of completing a 180-degree turn in a very short amount of time and internal armor makes sure that the crew doesn’t get knocked out too fast! Simply one of the best and one of the most recognizable tanks in the world!

Why this tank is the best:

  • Very fast
  • Well armored, effectively defend you against shells/chemicals
  • Turns around efficiently

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