[Top 5] War Thunder Best Tier 1 Bombers That Are Powerful

Bombs go boom.

Bombers are underrated in this game and were the most fun to play for me. It was fun playing the actual objective, destroying the vehicle convoys, bunkers, bases, and many other ground targets. Watching the bombs fall perfectly on bases never got old to me and that’s what I’ll talk about today - the durability of these bombers, the bombs that they drop(quantity&quality), and a few other cool, unique features. Anyways, let’s begin:

5. BV 138 C-1

THIS thing is a bomber?

Yeah, it is, despite looking like a scout plane. It doesn’t really have a massive payload attached to it, but it is capable of eliminating smaller ground targets and being quite maneuverable for a bomber. Since it’s a hydroplane, you can also land on water+capture naval points. It’s a fun bomber all around but it’s surely not what the Krauts were bombing London with!

Why this bomber is awesome:

  • Defensive armaments are pretty strong, can keep pests from your back
  • Capping naval points is possible because this is a naval fighter
  • Maneuvrable, even for a bomber

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4. Ar-2

Looks small but can take down plenty of ground targets.

Ar-2 is a soviet bomber capable of taking more than 1 base. It’s also pretty fast, as it’s capable of outrunning dogfighters from different factions. The mobility of this plane is also a huge plus, cuz for a bomber, it’s pretty decent. The best idea is to just drop a few bombs at a base, destroy it>drop your remaining bombs at a second base>land>bomb the bases again. It’s simple and fun!

Why this bomber is awesome:

  • Cool defensive armaments, 7.62 ShKAS machine guns
  • Capable of carrying 100kg, 250kg and even 500kg bombs
  • Decent mobility for a bomber, can quickly drop a few bombs here and there and get back to the base

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3. B-18A

A Yankee bomber.

This American bomber can reach the maximum speed of 395 km/h when upgraded, what makes this plane also special is the fact that it has a co-pilot - it increases the survivability of the aircraft if one of the pilots gets taken out. Make sure to climb up to higher altitudes and drop bombs at bases, a single 2,000kg bomb can take out the whole base in one go. Maneuravble and perfect for learners!

Why this bomber is awesome:

  • Maneuvrable, even for a bomber of this size
  • Equipped with 2-ton bombs, say bye-bye to the enemy bases
  • Playing with this bomber often gets you matched up with weaker opponents, lol

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2. Sunderland Mk IIIa

With love from Britain.

Maybe this bad boy doesn’t have a massive payload but it can take a beating before going down. The airframe is pretty sturdy and the whole plane in general, you can deal with 2 fighters at once and take care of them with your defensive armaments, which are .303 Brownings machine guns. If you’re feeling crazy, you can use this plane as a heavy fighter - as ridiculous as it sounds, it is possible because of this bomber having multiple machine guns mounted everywhere. Fun plane, can take a huge punishment and still be flyable!

Why this bomber is awesome:

  • Can land on water and cap naval points
  • Ridiculously sturdy and hard to shoot down
  • 8 machine guns is more than enough to cut a plane in half

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1. PBY-5A Catalina

Another yankee bomber!

What makes this bomber special? It can land both on water and on the ground. This flying boat thingy is also capable of carrying a heavy load that consists of 100-pound, 500-pound, 1000-pound bombs, mines, and 2-ton torpedoes which can completely obliterate bases to ashes. It’s stacked with useful defensive armaments that will keep you alive from other fighters trying to shoot you down. It’s kinda slow but remember - slow and steady wins the race in the long run!

Why this bomber is awesome:

  • Can land both on water+ground
  • Stacked with torpedoes+bombs, a decent plane for playing the objective
  • x3 Browning machine guns, awesome for bombers+normal fighters

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