[Top 5] War Thunder Best Tank Countries That Are Powerful

Which one is the best?

There are a few countries in War Thunder that are good, the USA with their long list of balanced, durable tanks, Germans with their firepower, Soviets with huge amounts of ammo, and France with… baguettes? White flags? Well, we shall quickly explain which nation is the best to pick and mention their biggest pros!

5. United Kingdoms


Brits are known for their versatile tanks, you won’t get bored with their fighters and have plenty of fun with the Challenger variants, which are relatively easy to fly. Other tanks though might require a few guides to read here and there but the UK is known for its diverse playstyles and a long list of tanks to choose from. Fun to play, a bit hard to master!

Why Brits are awesome:

  • Fun to play
  • A long list of tanks
  • Always something to learn!

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4. Japan

I think I’m turning Japanese!

People might give me slack for this but I’ve enjoyed playing Japanese tanks… They’re small and sometimes fast, depending on what type of terrain you’re driving on. They usually have decent gun depression and elevation and can cause a fair amount of damage if your shots hit. Pick these guys if you like underrated and pretty fast tankettes!

Why Japs are awesome:

  • Fairly agile tanks
  • Fun to play

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3. Italy


Italy is a lot like Japan, not too far behind in terms of agility and maneuverability. Some tanks are equipped with either OKAY’ISH or PRETTY OP weaponry. If you’re looking for other tanks such as snipers or flankers, well, you’re in a good spot because Italy is a nation filled primarily with these sorts of tanks. Eat a pizza, play Italy, win games!

Why Italy is awesome:

  • Okayish maneuverability
  • Powerful armaments

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2. Germany

Kraut time.

German tanks are a bit slow, but armed with weaponry that can disintegrate other tanks in mere seconds. Not only that, but their durability is also on a high level. They’ve got high-caliber armaments with powerful shells capable of destroying bases everything they see!

In summary, Germans are the gods of being obnoxious pricks. They’re stacked up on firepower and durability but suffer in terms of speed!

Why these guys are awesome:

  • Great “sniper” tanks
  • Powerful weaponry
  • Durable

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1. USA

Oh, is it the greatest country in the world?

Yes, but in War Thunder. These guys have probably the most balanced tanks of them all, decently equipped as well, you won’t see too many big differences between tanks in this faction. They’ve got over 100 tanks in total so you can rest assured that you’ve got a long and fun journey of unlocking these beasts. The last thing that I might add is that Americans are versatile in terms of the playstyles that their tanks have to offer! They’re fun as hell to play and the most noob-friendly faction in the game!

Why this faction is the best:

  • Noob-friendly
  • Durable tanks
  • Versatile

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