[Top 3] War Thunder Most Fun Tiers For Planes

The best tiers!

There are 7 tiers in total but I’m here to provide you with a fun article and not some goddamn essay. Anyways, I’m going to describe 3 tiers in total, quickly analyze some of their best planes and explain why each tier is fun to play.

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3. Tier I


Why tier I? Because that’s when it all started, that’s when I was around 13 years old, flying my first British plane, which was Fury Mk I - the good old times when I would go up against a German BF-109 and get completely obliterated, trying to take down a heavily-armored bomber with my crappy 7.7mm Vicker machine guns but also stomp the enemy team with the incredible maneuverability of the biplanes and generally… have a good time. 

Decent planes for this tier:

  • Gladiator Mk II(British) - A biplane, maneuvrable and agile
  • Bf 109 E-1(German) - Heavy-hitting and more sturdy than a biplane
  • He 100 D-1(German) - Stronger than BF-109, performs well in high altitude
  • Ki-27 otsu(Japan) - The most maneuverable plane out there, pure joy to fly with

2. Tier V

It just got even more dangerous.

So why the sudden hop to tier V planes? Because this is where we get to fly early jets - how awesome is that? You no longer have to put up with some garbage WW2 era junk but with actual jets with incredible speed, superior armaments, and maneuvrability that is off the charts. Sometimes you’re gonna get ranked up against tier 4 planes and at that point, hunting lower tiers can get just ridiculous. You’re gonna also feel plenty of satisfaction when reaching this tier, just because of how hard it was and how much time it took to finally reach this stage of the game. Jets at this stage can reach speeds of sometimes even 1100 KM/H but it depends from faction to faction - some are better at maneuvrability, while some other ones are great at armaments, for example, the Soviet MiG-17 is armed with a 37 mm N-37D cannon and two 23 mm NR-23 cannons that easily annihilate other fighters, even bombers can get taken out in a short burst! Fun tier, worth grinding for.

Some of the planes that I like at this tier:

  • MiG-17 - maneuvrable if you manage to stay at a low to medium speed, can easily destroy other planes, bombers included
  • F-86F-25 Sabre - This on the other hand has decent maneuverability at higher speeds, armaments are mounted on the nose, which makes it easy to aim with
  • Ho 229 V3 - A fancy-looking German plane, besides just looking fancy, it’s armed with some of the best armaments in the game with a decent damage output+long bursts

1. Tier VII

Time for the top-notch jets.

Tier VII in War Thunder is the highest tier that you can reach. It’s filled with golden jets that can reach speeds of even 2,000 KM/H, some are designed specifically for combat in the air against other jets, while other ones are meant for destroying ground targets - the A-10A for example, also known as the BBBRRRRRRRRR plane, while having a low speed of around 680 KM/H, it’s filled with armaments and a payload that is perfect for ground targets. There are plenty of badass jets in this tier, some of my favorite ones are from the USA and the Soviets, solely because of their speed+armaments. 

Some of my favorite jets in this tier:

  • MiG-23MLD - one of the fastest jets in this tier, can reach a whopping speed of 2,358 KM/H and it’s still capable of being rather maneuverable during dogfighting
  • F-5A - Can be played in multiple ways, such as a fighter, a base-bomber, and still keep a decent speed
  • A-10A - A jet that I have previously described, equipped with a payload that’s equipped specifically to target ground targets but the main cannon is also capable of shredding to bits other fighters if they happen to get in your way

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