[Top 5] War Thunder Best Battleships That Wreck Hard

kek battleship goes brr!

Do you like to swim? With battleships at sea? Great, because I’ll talk about the best battleships in War Thunder. Some of them are better than others, but even the weakest battleship shouldn’t be underestimated on the battlefield. I’ll talk about my favorite 5 battleships that I’ve played with and had plenty of fun with! Let’s start with…

5. IJN Settsu

The jap boat!

This boat might seem lackluster to some, the japs always struggled with their naval power and seemed to always lag behind the Brits and Yankees. With this battleship though… the Japanese were still inferior to the British and American navy. But hey, I had plenty of fun with this ship and launched plenty of annoying torpedos and other battleships. Yay!

Why this battleship is awesome:

  •  Durable armor
  •  Can launch torpedoes
  •  Perfect for weebs

4. USS Wyoming

The Yankee battleship.

It seems powerful and it is, but the thing that always annoyed me about this battleship was its size - WHY IS IT SO GODDAMN LARGE? It’s larger than my mother. But with big sizes come powerful guns, in the case of this ship it’s armed with 12 guns and has excellent, secondary weaponry!

Why this battleship is awesome:

  •  Cruisers are not effective at all against this battleship
  •  Can fire all of the main cannons at the same time
  •  12 guns

3. USS North Dakota

Another Yankee boat with a fancy name.

This battleship clearly doesn’t care about aircraft, as it barely has any anti-aircraft guns. Who cares? This thing is packed with so much armor it can withstand plenty of damage before going sinking to the bottom of the ocean. In total, Dakota has 5 turrets and you won’t really give a crap if you lose 1 one of them, you’ll still be able to pack a punch. High-caliber shells and making sure you stick close to your allies are factors that will win the round!

Why this battleship is awesome:

  •  High-caliber weaponry
  •  5 turrets in total
  •  Heavily armored beast!

2. HMS Marlborough

Finally, it’s time for the bri’ish canoe!

Why is this battleship decent? It can kick ass from a long-range and deal excessive amounts of damage. This battleship also comes up with HE shells, which are currently the most powerful rounds in the game. AP shells also provide excellent penetration, while secondary weaponry provides excellent defense against destroyers and smaller vessels. Although Marlborough relies a bit on its allies, its powerful weapons can destroy pretty much everything and everyone!

Why this ship is awesome:

  •  Thick armor
  •  Decent amount of sailors
  •  Outstanding shells(HE, CPC)

1. Parizhskaya kommuna

Weird name, pretty good ship though!

This is a soviet battleship. It’s the best, why? It provides good survivability and even better armament. This commie boat doesn’t really need to rely on its teammates too much to stay alive, which gives this battleship the ability for more ballsy and independent moves. Strong and independent - two factors that win games in War Thunder!

Why this battleship is awesome:

  •  OP main guns, access to HE shells.
  •  Durable battleship
  •  Excellent anti-air defense capabilities

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