[Top 10] War Thunder Best Tanks (2021 Edition)

[Top 10] War Thunder Best Tanks (2021 Edition)
An epic tank battle.

Oh my, this list is going to be controversial...

A Panzer IV fighting a Soviet SPG.

With over 300 tanks to work with, War Thunder does not lack ground vehicles. Some of them are bound to be much more powerful than others, even if they are in the same rank. Of course, it’s not just tanks that War Thunder deals with, but also anti-air vehicles, self-propelled guns, tank destroyers and armored cars, and those are just the main categories. 

Across all nations present in the game, we can find some very, very powerful tanks that are very hard to even damage, yet alone destroy. In this article we will outline the top 10 most powerful, maybe overpowered, ground vehicles in War Thunder.

We will look not only at top-tier tanks, but will take into consideration all those armored vehicles that shine in their particular rank and at least 1 tank from each nation is included. This guide is completely updated for 2021, so if you’re looking for something up to date, check this one out!

#10 Char B1 Bis (Best for medium to long-range engagements)

A Char B1 on its way to penetrate your precious Kruppstahl.

If you see a Char B1 roll by, hide and pray for the best.


The Char B1 is almost unstoppable at its rank. It has the best armor among its peers and will not be stopped by almost any gun with a frontal shot. If you get lucky and aim for the sides or the rear, you’ll kill this french tank. It’s a slow but unstoppable beast.

When you’re playing as a Char B1, you want to avoid close ranges and pick your fights from a distance. That way, it will be easier for you to hide your weak spots and harder for the enemy to penetrate your thick armor plates. This strategy, though, requires good aim. Are you up for the task?

If you’re dealing with softer targets, like trucks or open-top vehicles, it’s best to use the 75mm secondary cannon, which you can see on the front. Lob a High-Explosive shell at those types of enemies and they’ll go up in flames!

What the Char B1 Excels In:

  • Long-range fights
  • Absorbing damage
  • Dealing with softer targets


#9 FV4005 (Best for sniping and one-shotting tanks)

A FV4005 shooting from a hidden position.

It’s soooo big…

The British FV4005 has the privilege of having the biggest caliber for any ground vehicle in War Thunder. Its 183mm gun, shooting HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) rounds, will deal with most tanks on the battlefield with a single, decisive shot.

It has its faults though and is not maneuverable, to say the least. It also has a limited turret rotation of ±45°, which isn’t the best, but it’s still enough to deal with your enemies effectively. Its armor isn’t the best either, due to having only 14mm on the turret, even in the front. 

When you’re using the FV4005, you should avoid flanking routes and play fairly conservatively. The tank is best employed for sniping, but you will have to make your shots count since you only have a maximum of 12 and a reload time of 38.9 seconds. Use your co-axial machine gun for an effective range-finding tool, since it has a very similar trajectory.

What the FV4005 excels in:

  • Sniping
  • Dealing with even the heaviest of tanks
  • Eliminating hull-down tanks


#8 Ho-Ri Prototype (Best for shooting from a distance)

An Ho-Ri on grey background.

First premium tank we deal with. It’s a strong one for sure.

The Ho-Ri prototype is a premium Japanese tank destroyer most useful at medium range. You will be harder to hit and, even if you are, your thick mantlet will help you survive most engagements. Your gun is very powerful as well, so you will not have any problems dealing with most tanks. 

The only enemy you should worry about is the Russian IS-2 since it can easily penetrate your frontal armor. Mobility isn’t a strong suit of the Ho-Ri, but it still is not bad and for what you’re using the vehicle you won’t have too many problems. Remember though, this is not a tank to be used on the move. Find a decent spot and hold it until it’s time to find another one!

What the Ho-Ri prototype excels in:

  • Dealing with medium-range engagements
  • Clearing out Capture points from a distance
  • Locking down roads


#7 ASU-57 (Best for ambushes)

An ASU-57 ready to ambush.

Little, fierce, vodka-fueled warrior.

The ASU-57 is a very small and very dangerous Soviet tank destroyer. It has basically no armor, leaving it vulnerable even to machine-gun fire and it has no roof, which can be easily exploited by strafing planes. What is it good for then? 

The small size of the ASU-57 allows for some sneaky action on the battlefield. It is very difficult to hit and even spot, it accelerates quickly and it’s very nimble. All of these qualities make it perfect for ambushes and destroying much bigger tanks. The ASU-57 is also extremely short, which lends itself well to driving so close to the enemy tank that it cannot physically hit you. 

Sniping is also a viable option with this tank destroyer, tanks to the high-velocity, high penetration gun. The ASU-57 also has access to nigh vision, which gives it an edge in night battles.

What the ASU-57 excels in:

  • Hiding
  • Ambushing
  • Sniping


#6 Strv 103C (Best for defensive plays)

A Strv 103C on gray background. 

Swedish armor at its finest.

This tank really represents Swedish defensive doctrine at its finest. It has a low silhouette, allowing for sneaky plays, and the front armor plates are sloped at a very steep angle, which means that shots will ricochet away most of the time. The Strv 103C also has a fixed gun barrel, which means that the tank will use its suspensions to do precision aiming. 

The main downside of this Swedish S-Tank is that it does not allow for precise shooting at long distances due to its peculiar aiming system. What it has, though, is good speed and maneuverability, a small enough profile to be somewhat hard to hit and a powerful enough gun to penetrate a solid number of tanks.      

What the Strv 103C excels in:

  • Defensive plays
  • Short-medium range engagements
  • Hit-and-run tactics.


#5 ZTZ99-II (Best for careful plays)

The ZTZ99-II on a grey background.

 CCP sends his regards.

The ZTZ99-II is a chinese modern main battle tank. It has all the feature of other similar vehicles in its tier but its main strongpoints come from 2 main features: Its laser warning receiver and its firepower. It also has some weaknesses, like its big weak spots, like the gun mantlet and huge driver’s weak spot, and doesn’t have good mobility.

What this tank is best for is carefully choosing an emplacement and using its laser rangefinder to quickly aim for distant targets and take them down with a single, well aimed shot. If you’re looking at something a bit softer than your average main-battle tank, use the High Explosive shell, which is the most powerful available to any high-rank MBT. Your situational awareness will benefit from your laser warning system and high-quality thermal sights for the commander.

What the ZTZ99-II Excels in:

  • Using its High Explosive shells
  • Dealing with well armored targets from a distance
  • Being extra aware of its surroundings.


#4 Tiger E (Best for clearing out capture points)

A Tiger E probably destroying tens of Sherman just by looking at them.


The Tiger E has a hefty reputation amongs tank enthusiasts. It is perhaps the most famous World War II tanks and is a perfect embodiement of expensive, durable and over-engineered German late-war tanks. The main pros of this behemoth are its deadly 88mm cannon and its thick armor, which when properly angled can make any shell glide off armlessly. 

It is very tempting to rush into battle when you’re driving a Tiger E, but an experienced player will know how to deal with you quickly should you not be careful enough. Avoid exposing your side and rear armor and always angle when engaging other tanks: doing this you will maximize the effectiveness of your frontal 102mm armor. If you manage to land a shell into an enemy tank, you shouldn’t worry about that vehicle surviving: the 88mm gun is one of the best around.

What the Tiger E excels in:

  • Engaging most other tanks from the front
  • One-shotting most enemy tanks
  • Absorbing a lot of shots before going down.


#3 M4A3E2 “Jumbo” (Best for absorbing damage)

A Jumbo rolling through a forest, and it's coming over there... It won't stop coming...

The yanks are coming! 

The Assault Tank M4A3E2 “Jumbo” may look to an unexperienced player like any other Sherman tank: Viable, yes, but not something to worry about. This facade ends when you land your first shot, that should easily tear through the frontal plating of the tanks, and it glides off armlessly into the air. 

The main strong point of the Jumbo is its ridicolously thick armor. We’re talking 177mm for the turret’s front and 101mm of angled frontal plate, all protecting a crew of 5 people. This makes for incredible durability on the battlefield, as even Tigers cannot penetrate its frontal armor. The gun is nothing to write home about though, since it’s just a standard Sherman 75mm.

The best strategy for anybody using the Jumbo is to play as a bullet magnet, assaulting capture points and harassing enemy tanks. It has great mobility for an heavy tank and as such it lends itself to flanking succesfully as well.

What the M4A3E2 “Jumbo” Excels in:

  • Assaulting capture points
  • Flanking
  • Harassing enemy tanks


#2 Centauro I 120 (Best for hit-and-run tactics)

A Centauro on grey background. Note the scale on the bottom. 

What a mistake-a to make-a!

The Centauro I 120 is an Italian top-tier light tank, the latest iteration of the Centauro family in the game. This tank has truly great mobility and a powerful gun, but lacks effective armor and is left vulnerable to anything more powerful than 14.5 mm MG fire. 

Its playstyle should resemble something like all other Italian light, swift vehicles, so it’s most useful as a Cap rusher, as a sniper and as a flanker. All these roles will maximize the best functionalities of the tank and will make it a truly difficult opponent to deal with. Don’t get caught in the open though!

What the Centauro I 120 excels in:

  • Sniping
  • Flanking
  • Capturing points at the start of the round 


#1 KV I C 756 (r)

A German KV-1 with tan camo.

“What do you mean Ivan? That’s a KV-1, it’s on our side!”

The KV-1 C 756 (r) is a premium German heavy tank. It is the result of an heavy modification of a captured Soviet KV-1, made to carry the 75mm German cannon. As such, its firepower is significantly increased while still keeping its thick armor.

This should be treated as Tiger tank, just at a lowe tier, meaning that if it is used well enough it will result in you raking 10-15 kills per life. You shouldn’t have to worry about enemies penetrating you if you manage to angle your tank well and the gun will absolutely get rid of anything in its way. Mobility is better than your average KV-1 as well.

What the KV-I C 756 (r) excels in:

  • Dominating the battlefield
  • Getting rid of enemy tanks
  • Assaulting Capture points


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