World of Tanks Best Tanks for Every Tier

World of Tanks Best Tanks

Hello, tankers!

We know there are lots of tanks in World of Tanks. They have lots of different features to play. My gameplay is based on movement so my choice is light and mobile tanks. Some people like it heavily armored but slow, some choose to deal good damages without getting seen but no armor.

Picking the best is always important, if you understand how to play it, that makes you the best player in the battle. You can bounce shells, spot enemies, without getting shot, dealing lots of damage in camouflage. In this situation, you have to choose the best tanks and learn their features.

So our goal is to choose the best tanks for every tier objectively. For this comparison, our criteria will be mobility, armor, accuracy, damage per minute (DPM) and penetration stats.

*Best configuration was chosen.

**No equipment attached. %100 crew with no additional skills.

***Premium and collector vehicles not included.

Tier I  


  • Dpm--1287Hp
  • Hp-- 280Hp   
  • Penetration-- 45mm
  •  Aim time-- 1.8 sec    

Advantage(s)-- Best DPM and view range for its tier, high hp

Disadvantage(s)-- Weak armor


  • Leichttraktor with its high DPM and high view range can easily destroy targets without showing itself. But in practice, tier 1 tank battles like arcade battles. 
  • Leichttraktor has the advantage again with its mobility (not the best, but not bad)  and its armor sometimes bounces shell especially comes from autocannons. 


Tier II

Fcm 36

  • Dpm-- 857Hp       
  • Hp-- 280Hp       
  • Penetration-- 34mm       
  • Aim time-- 2sec

Advantage(s)-- Very good armor all side

Disadvantage(s)--  Very slow


  • Fcm 36 is a great tank for face-to-face fights, no one can stand against it. It can bounce most of the shells on tier II. 
  • But an enemy with good mobility can backdoor and damage it easily. Vulnerable against SPG’s if there is in the match.


Tier III

Somua S35

  • Dpm-- 1137Hp       
  • Hp-- 445Hp       
  • Penetration-- 66mm       
  • Aim Time-- 1.7sec  

Advantage(s)-- Very good armor (has weak points by the way), nice gun depression

Disadvantage(s)-- Technically top speed 45km/h but it’s not, too slow. Experienced players can easily hit weak points, sides, and back vulnerable.


  • Somua S35’s gameplay is very similar to Fcm 36’s but its armor is worse than it with weak spots. 
  • In-game taking good position’s especially on hills can make you a winner. But should be careful of fast enemies like Bt-5.


Bonus -Tier III

  Pz I C

  • Dpm-- 1324Hp       
  • Hp-- 410Hp       
  • Penetration-- 33mm       
  • Aim time-- 1.4 sec

Advantage(s)-- Top speed 79km/h, 40 shells in magazine means 320hp damage with a magazine (if it can penetrate).

Disadvantage(s)-- No armor, no penetration, 2 crews (Driver and commander)


  • It’s one of the funniest tanks you’ll ever play. You can rush anywhere with some zigzags. 
  • You can shoot everywhere like a guerilla. If you see a well-armored enemy your choice should be running away.
  • Every player should play at least once.


Tier IV


  • Dpm-- 1571Hp       
  • Hp-- 570Hp       
  • Penetration-- 121mm       
  • Aim time-- 1.9sec

  Advantage(s)-- Very nice armor for its tier, good penetration

  Disadvantage(s)--- Too slow, very low alpha damage


  • With great all-side armor, you can push through all enemy defenses. You can hit them repeatedly with a fast reload. 
  • But like the other good armored tanks, its armor can be your best enemy when the enemies came closer to your sides and rear.


Pz. II Luchs

  • Dpm-- 923Hp       
  • Hp-- 520Hp       
  • Penetration-- 95mm       
  • Aim Time-- 2.2 sec

Advantage(s)-- Too fast (top speed 60km/h), Good view range, can deal 240hp damage with one magazine

Disadvantage(s)-- Weak armor (as expected from a light tank), Long magazine reload time (16sec), engine get damaged easily (german tanks chronic issue)

*My choice is 30 mm gun.


  • Luchs is a tank for spotting, hit-and-run missions. You can flank enemies with your top speed discharge all of the shells in your magazine, deal high damage and run away for a reload. 
  • You should be in a safe zone when reloading cause it takes time. When you feel you will get damage, prepare your repair kit cause there is a high chance of taking damage to your engine.


Tier IV – Bonus 


  • Dpm-- 2441Hp       
  • Hp-- 415Hp       
  • Penetration-- 64mm       
  • Aim Time-- 1.7sec

  Advantage(s)-- Nice sloped armor can bounce lots of shell, huge 105mm howitzer with high HE shell penetration

Disadvantage(s)-- No turret making it hard to aim moving targets, 105mm gun not accurate in long-range, slow for changing positions.

*My choice is 105mm howitzer.


  • Hetzer is a bit troll tank with its 105mm gun. Its HE shells can penetrate most of the enemies on its tier and deal damage of about 400 HP. So you can one-shot enemies in tier IV.
  • When an armored enemy comes front no problem HE shell can’t penetrate but can deal lots of damage again. 
  • Be careful when taking positions, loading time’s not short and your hp’s not much. You can use it in close combat with supportive allies.


Tier V

AT 2

  • Dpm-- 1956Hp       
  • Hp-- 590Hp       
  • Penetration-- 110mm       
  • Aim Time-- 1.7sec

Advantage(s)-- With 152mm front armor you are nearly immortal (cupola is a big weak point)

Disadvantage(s)-- Like a turtle it’s hard to move, an easy target for Spg’s


  • AT 2 players should have patience like a boss. Until you take position game could be finished. But if you can enter the battle you are one of the keys to the win. 
  • Protect your sides and take a position with SPG’s can’t engage, you are the KING. Beware of the fury of a patient man.
  • Shoot them until they give up. Use 3rd person for watching bouncing shells and give them hell.


T 67

  • Dpm-- 2156Hp       
  • Hp-- 470Hp       
  • Penetration--128mm        
  • Aim Time-- 1.9 sec.

Advantage(s)-- Nice camouflage, high dpm, good mobilty, good penetration

Disadvantage(s)-- No armor (12mm), slow turret traverse speed


  • T 67 is a sniper tank. With this tank, you can engage enemies long-range with them repeatedly with high DPM. 
  • Spotted? No problem with 61km/h top speed you can change position easily. But be careful your armor is not thicker from my notebook. 
  • Sometimes you need to push enemies and circling them or the exact opposite. Your turret traverse can be a big problem. Save your distance.


Tier VI


  • Dpm-- 1750Hp       
  • Hp-- 960Hp             
  • Penetration-- What penetration?                          
  • Aim Time-- 4sec.

Advantage(s)-- 152mm gun made of Stalinium everybody’s nightmare

Disadvantage(s)-- There is refrigerator instead of turret, slow, 4sec aim (in tier VI 75mm guns reload in average 5sec), looooooong reload time


  • KV 2 is a bogeyman for tier VI. The Stalinium shells can one-shot any weak armor. 
  • When great armored enemies appear on the horizon just shoot them. You can damage lots of modules and take lots of HP. 
  • Don’t forget you have a fridge on the hull so hull-down positions won’t be working so much. 
  • In reload time, the enemy can deal lots of damage if you can’t hide. It needs patience and impatience same time.


Tier VII

T 29

  • Dpm-- 1684Hp       
  • Hp-- 1250Hp       
  • Penetration-- 198mm       
  • Aim time-- 2.3 sec

Advantage(s)-- Excellent Turret armor, good gun depression, high alpha damage

Disadvantage(s)-- Big weak point on the turret, wear hull armor, low DPM


  • T 29 tier VII’s king of the hill. Hide your hull use depression and you are no longer vulnerable. 
  • At other times your hull is easy to hit. Using angle would bounce some shells but experienced players can damage you with no effort. 
  • After engaging a target don’t try to stay in the same position, enemies can realize your weak point on your turret, don’t let them aim there. 


Su 100 M1

  • Dpm-- 2112Hp       
  • Hp-- 850Hp       
  • Penetration-- 212mm       
  • Aim Time-- 2.3sec

Advantage(s)-- Very good armor on its tier, good mobility, good penetration, good DPM

Disadvantage(s)-- Very less depression angle, the engine can catch fire easily


  • Su 100 M1 very surprising tank destroyer. It can penetrate most tier X tanks, it can bounce tier IX shells. 
  • Thanks to the small silhouette you can use your camouflage and engage enemies. If needed it can change position so fast. 
  •  Enemy penetration from the front can damage the engine in front and maybe causing the engine to catch fire. 
  • Be careful when taking positions. Avoid higher-tier shells. Don’t let enemies go your sides.



Emil I

  • Dpm-- 1963Hp       
  • Hp-- 1400Hp       
  • Penetration-- 217mm       
  • Aim Time-- 3.2 sec   

Advantage(s)-- Nice effective turret armor, very good depression (12 degree) 

Disadvantage(s)-- Very weak hull armor 


  • Emil I is a full hull-down tank. Find a good hill to climb up, use your 12-degree depression, discharge your magazine and deal lots of damage, retreat, reload. That’s the tactic for Emil I. 
  • Problem stars when there is no hill or you can’t hide the hull. Thanks to paper-thin hull armor you are no longer a heavy tank and getting damage anyway. 
  • So whatever happens, hide your hull with this tank.


Tier IX

T 95

  • Dpm-- 2459Hp       
  • Hp-- 1800Hp       
  • Penetration-- 276mm       
  • Aim Time-- 2.5sec  

Advantage(s)-- Impenetrable armor on the front (there are few weak spots), good alpha damage, good DPM

Disadvantage(s)-- You can easily pass it while walking ( top speed 20km/h downhill), vulnerable from sides and rear 


  • Caution! Including a high dose of Murica!
  • T 95 is a creature that moving towards the enemy without stopping and killing it. In cities or non-arty maps with it can be your worst nightmare. 
  • Try to don’t face to face with its 150mm gun and 305mm armor. Be sure it will penetrate you. 
  • But everything has a weakness. It has cupolas to hit on the front and as I said for Matilda, its best feature makes it vulnerable. With poor movement, it can get flanked easily. If there is arty on the map just let him kill it slowly.


Amx M4 MLE 51.

  • Dpm-- 2142Hp       
  • Hp-- 1900Hp       
  • Penetration-- 257mm       
  • Aim Time-- 2sec  

Advantage(s)-- Very good frontal armor, a good movement for a heavy tank. 

Disadvantage(s)-- Poor side armors making angling hard, obvious weak spots on front 


  • Our baguette friend Amx M4 MLE 51 is a great warrior in tier IX. It can deal with most tier X guns with great armor. 
  • The problem starts when you try to hide your weak spots. Cupolas on the turret. When angling you have to calculate your angle degree. If you angle much your weak side armor makes you vulnerable. 
  • There is a penetrable point in the junction point between its front hull armor and side armor.


Tier X

Obj. 268 V4

  • Dpm-- 2294Hp       
  • Hp-- 2000Hp       
  • Penetration-- 293mm      
  • Aim Time-- 2.5sec  

Advantage(s)--  Invincible frontal armor, good mobility, good penetration 

Disadvantage(s)-- Not sure is there any maybe turretless design that can be added, high dispersion for long-range 


  • Here is one of the most overpowered tanks in the game. The power of the Stalinium comes again like a masterpiece. 
  • A frightening, overwhelming tank. You can go wherever you want with its great mobility, you can shoot whoever you want. Just use your frontal armor.
  • You can use it as a normal tank destroyer or like a heavy tank or medium tank it doesn’t matter.  
  • Your only problem would be showing your sides. And the gun not accurate at long distances. 
  • There is a weak spot on the engine bay’s upper side. It’s hard to penetrate with AP shell, but HE shells can damage there. Sometimes its cupolas can be dangerous too. 
  • Use your mobility to not getting shot at and engaging enemies same time. They can’t hurt you easily.


Udes 15/16

  • Dpm-- 2808Hp       
  • Hp-- 1950hp       
  • Penetration-- 254mm      
  • Aim Time-- 2.2 sec  

Advantage(s)-- Hydropneumatic suspension, good mobilty  

Disadvantage(s)-- Thin hull armor. 


  • Born in the mountainous regions and deep fjords of Scandinavia came here to making players mad. 
  • Thanks to its hydropneumatic suspension it can offer a great hull-down position. In that position, it has a very good angled turret that gets more angled and became impenetrable. Hills and peak points will be your friend with this tank. 
  • In the open field, this Scandinavian guy is vulnerable. Its mobility is fine, but not the best so be careful and don’t stay there too much.


Obj. 430U

  • Dpm-- 2588Hp       
  • Hp-- 2000Hp       
  • Penetration-- 252mm      
  • Aim Time-- 2.3sec  

Advantage(s)-- Very good frontal armor for a medium tank, high hp 

Disadvantage(s)-- Gas tanks and ammunition depot easily get damaged, slow for a medium tank, gun depression is so poor 


  • Object 430U is a great tank that has everything in it. 
  • Its turret armor mostly impenetrable, its frontal hull usually hard to pen (lower front is a weak point), it has spaced armor on the sides making angling easier but don’t angle too much it’s not much thick. 
  • Thanks to its mobility it can take positions way faster than heavies. You can lead heavies and shoot enemies before they take a position. You can go with medium tanks too, but it ponderous for them and gun depression would be a problem there.
  • With this tank you can face most enemies with no fear, playing as a heavy with a medium.  

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