World of Tanks - Best Medium Tanks for Every Tier

The best medium tanks in World of Tanks

What is a medium tank and what is its main purpose in the game?

Medium tanks are the best all-rounded vehicle in the game. In terms of armor, mobility, and firepower they fall between big, armored and sluggish heavy tanks and mobile light tanks.

Medium Tanks, depending on vehicles’ characteristics, may act like Heavy tanks in way of blocking corridors on the map and brawling. They may also be like Light Tanks in way of providing their team some relevant information about positions of enemy tanks. 

All previously said shows us that this category is one of the most interesting in Worl of Tanks, if not the most interesting.


Tier II

Best Tier II Medium Tank –T2 Medium Tank

 T2 Medium is an American Tier II medium tank. The main advantage of this one is 37mm Browning Semi-automatic gun. A combination of this gun and good mobility of this vehicle will allow you to walk through Tier II easily.

 What makes T2 Medium awesome:

  • 37mm Browning Semi-automatic gun – it fires 107 rounds per minute;
  • 40 km/h – the best maximum speed in the Tier;
  • Great base view range of 320 meters;
  • 1.63 seconds needed for a full aim;


Tier III

 Best Tier III Medium Tank – M2 Medium Tank

M2 Medium Tank is an American Tier III Medium Tank. Used properly (with 75mm Howitzer M3 gun) this vehicle represents the fearsome enemy.

With 38mm of penetration on standard High Explosive round, it can penetrate the majority of the light tanks easily and it will go through the sides of many tanks too.

What makes M2 Medium Tank awesome:

  • 75mm Howitzer M3 gun which can land 175 damage on successful penetration;
  • Decent mobility – 43 km/h;
  • 370m of view range (with M2M7 turret-mounted);
  • 2380 damage per minute;
  • 20 degrees of gun depression;


Tier IV

 Best Tier IV Medium Tank –Matilda

Matilda is a British Tier IV medium tank. Although Matilda is as fast as Heavy Tank, this particular vehicle has all the criteria to take the title best Tier IV Medium Tank.

Great gun, pretty good armor, solid view range – trust me you will have fun even in the higher tiers (V or VI).

What makes Matilda awesome:

  • 121mm of penetration on standard and 145mm of penetration on premium rounds;
  • 2.01 seconds reload time – it will fire 29.81 rounds per minute;
  • 1341 m/s – shell velocity
  • 1.82 seconds needed for full aim;
  • 75mm of the frontal hull and turret armor;


Tier V

Best Tier V Medium Tank – T – 34

 T – 34 is a Soviet Tier V Medium Tank. It is one of the legendary historical vehicles in the game and it has all great sides of one solid medium tank – gun, speed, view range.

 What makes T – 34 awesome:

  • 57mm ZIS – 4 gun – 189mm of penetration on premium rounds (the best of all medium tanks of the Tier);
  • 2312,4 damage per minute;
  • Sloped armor allows you to use side scraping;
  • 8 degrees of gun depression – pretty good for a Soviet tank;


Tier VI

In this chapter, we’ll find two particular vehicles that may be the best ones. The story is about very known premium tanks from this Tier, and the choice is on you according to your personal preferences.


Best Tier VI Medium Tank – Cromwell

Cromwell B or Cromwell Berlin is a British Tier VI premium tank. Although at first glance you may think that the regular Cromwell and Cromwell B are identical vehicles, if you look better - better terrain resistance and traverse speed make Bromwell stand out from its‘regular cousin’.

 Great top speed, maneuverability, view range and gun (penetration, DPM, handling) make this one tank one of the best among plenty of them in this Tier.

What makes Cromwell B awesome:

  • The maximum speed of 64 km/h (it accelerated better than standard Cromwell due to better terrain resistance);
  • 2.193,95 damage per minute;
  • 8 degrees of gun depression;
  • 0.35 accuracy;
  • More credit income, and pretty good crew trainer for your British Mediums;


Best Tier VI Medium Tank – T–34–85M

 T-34-85M is a Tier VI Soviet premium Medium Tank. Compared to standard T-34-85 it has better frontal armor (75mm), DPM, rate of fire and slightly better aim time.

 It is armed with punchy 85 mm ZiS-S-53, that pumps 180 damage per shot and fires 11.54 rounds per minute.

What makes T-34-85M awesome:

  • 75mm of frontal hull armor (you can bounce some lower-tier shots);
  • 90mm of frontal turret armor;
  • 180 alpha damage (above average for a medium tank in this Tier);
  • Great rate of fire – 11.54 rounds per minute;
  • 2077 damage per minute;


Tier VII

Best Tier VII Medium Tank – T20

T20 is an American Tier VII Medium Tank. Although it’s armorless, in skilled hands this tank becomes a real beast due to its speed, gun, view range, and decent camo-ratings.

What makes T20 awesome:

  • 240 alpha damage;
  • 10 degrees of gun depression;
  • 160mm of penetration on standard and 243mm of penetration on premium rounds (it will penetrate angled lower plate of the VK 100.01 (P));
  • Great gun handling (2.21 seconds needed for full aim, 0.36 dispersion);
  • More than decent camo values due to its low profile;



Best Tier VIII Medium Tank - Progetto M35 mod. 46

Progetto M35 mod. 46 is an Italian Tier VIII premium medium tank. It is one of the most interesting premium tanks, gameplay-wise.

The main feature of this tank is its auto reloader, which refills the clip for as long as you do not fire and the ‘refill’ time becomes progressively longer for every fired shell. 

This is a double edge sword because if you burst someone with all 3 shells from the clip your DPM will gradually abate, so be careful.

What makes Proggeto M35 mod.46  awesome:

  • The maximum speed of 55 km/h with pretty good acceleration;
  • Auto reloading system – automatically recharges every fired shell;
  • 212mm of penetration on standard rounds with 0.32 accuracy;
  • 9 degrees of gun depression;


Tier IX

Best Tier IX Medium Tank – Object 430

Object 430 is a Soviet Tier IX Medium Tank. The grind of this vehicle is one of the easiest in the entire game –you are getting the top gun as soon as you buy the vehicle.

Brawling type of Medium with great turret armor, sloped hull armor, and a good punchy gun will lead you to your Object 430U.

If you think this isn’t enough for a good medium tank – it has better camo than BC 25t…

What makes Object 430 awesome:

  • 238mm of penetration on standard rounds;
  • APCR as premium ammunition;
  • 120mm of sloped hull armor, 248mm of turret armor;
  • 390 alpha damage;
  • 1800 health – the highest Health pool of all Tier IX medium tanks;


Tier X

Just like in Tier VI, in Tier X we’ll put two vehicles in the first place. If you are looking for a tank that hits like an animal and has a strong armor (as a heavy tank), then:


Best Tier X Medium Tank – Object 430U

Object 430U is a Soviet Tier X ‘Medium’ Tank. It is a classic example of ‘Heavium’ tanks – it has the maneuverability of medium tank and protection of a decent heavy tank.

It is definitely one of the medium tanks that is often recommended to the new players, precisely for the qualities it possesses. Do not be surprised if you only see the gold grenades in the damage received screen – many inexperienced players have trouble penetrating this tank.

What makes Object 430U awesome:

  • 160mm of frontal hull armor, 300mm of frontal turret armor;
  • 90mm of side armor allows you to side scrape;
  • 440 alpha damage;
  • Solid 252mm of penetration on standard and great 340mm of penetration on premium rounds;
  • Surprisingly good accuracy (0.38), if we take into account 122mm gun;


On the other hand, if you want a less armored but faster medium tank with a better gun handling, then:


The Best Tier X Medium Tank – Progetto M40 model 65

Progetto M40 model 65 is an Italian Tier X Medium Tank. According to many experienced players, this vehicle is the best Tier X Medium tank – and we must agree.

Like any other high tier Italian tank, this vehicle has an auto-reloading system. It has great mobility, excellent gun handling, pretty good camo rating, and trollish hull armor (trust me, it will bounce some shots).

What makes Proggeto M40 model 65 awesome:

  • 268mm of penetration on standard round with 0.33 accuracy and 2.01 seconds needed for full aim;
  • The maximum speed of 65 km/h;
  • 9 degrees of gun depression;
  • 4 rounds in the clip;

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