World of Tanks Best Autoloaders for Every Tier

World of Tanks Best Autoloaders
The scariest tanks on the battlefield, the Autoloaders.

What Are The Best WoT Autoloaders?

They are a mechanical device built into the tank that loads up more than one round at a time without needing human hands.

There are Drumloaders that reload the entire magazine all at once, or Autoreloaders that will reload one round at a time instead of replacing the entire magazine.

Smaller tier guns could be more classified as semi-auto guns or autocannons. Starting off with the best tier 1 tank, the T1 Cunningham, there is a best autoloader tank all the way to tier 10.

Tier 2

Best Tier 2 Autoloader: T1E6


The T1E6 is saying happy new years.

I was so excited when I got this premium tank back in 2013 for New Years. Its semiautomatic gun was one of the best gifts Wargaming have given. It is a more advanced form of the favorite T1 Cunningham with its thin armor, but good speed and fast gun.

What Makes T1E6 Awesome:

  • Nice acceleration with a good top speed and maneuverability
  • Semiautomatic gun brings a five-shot magazine with big burst damage and short reload
  • Awesome gun depression

Tier 3

Best Tier 3 Autoloader: Pz1C


A platoon of Pz1C is something to be feared.

The Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C, Pz1C for short, is a very popular tank; one of my favorites as it is super-fast and fun to play. It has amazing maneuverability and, of course, multiple rounds in its drum. It has 5-8 rounds and fires them off at amazing speed, the full drum can even take out a lot of 2-3 tier tanks within seconds before they understood what was happening.

What Makes Pz1C Awesome:

  • One of the fastest tanks in the game at an incredible 79km/h
  • Amazing rate of fire with high burst damage
  • Tiny size makes for a hard target to spot or hit
  • Nice view range and radio range for tier 3

Tier 4

Best Tier 4 Autoloader: Luchs


Luchs is coming down the mountain to kill you.

Upgrade from the last tank, the Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs is the obvious choice for this list.  This great scout tank is quick and equipped with the auto-cannon that will destroy most tanks in tier 3 and 4 with just its one clip. Its damage is even good enough to harm tiers above with its amazing penetration.

What Makes Luchs Awesome:

  • Just like its predecessor it has amazing top speed, maneuverability, and also acceleration
  • Great view range and camouflage values
  • Amazing penetration with good burst damage too
  • Still tiny and cute

Tier 5

Best Tier 5 Autoloader: Leopard


Leopard, protector of the flowers.

There were not really any options for tier 5, but here it is anyways, the VK 16.02 Leopard and its 3cm autocannon. We are continuing down the same line as Luchs evolves into this tank and loses some maneuverability. In exchange, it has better armor, move maneuverable turret, and longer signal range.

What Makes Leopard Awesome:

  • For a tier 5 scout it has great armor
  • Good choice for ramming other light tanks and artillery
  • 3cm autocannon has high penetration and burst damage like its predecessor

Tier 6

Best Tier 6 Autoloader: Skoda T 25

Skoda T 25

The sun illuminating this majestic autoloader.

Finally, we leave the last line of tanks and look at the tier 6 from the one line in Czechoslovakian called Skoda T 25. This tank has the speed and acceleration to unload its drum and retreat into cover. You will be able to peek out of cover quickly with its fast reload time too, very short when comparing to other autoloaders in tier 6.

  • What Makes Skoda T 25 Awesome:
  • Fast in both top speed and acceleration
  • Nice penetration
  • Quick magazine cycle time and reload
  • Amazing gun depression.

Tier 7

Best Tier 7 Autoloader: T71 DA

T71 DA

Dare and try to stop the T71 DA from base capturing?

For tier 7 we have the American tier 7 light tank called T71 Da and its 6-round clip autoloading gun. It is a great tank for its tier and makes for a great scout that can do great damage. Can be either an active scout or passive scout with its nice view range and agility.

What Makes T71 DA Awesome:

  • Gun has high burst damage with decent reload for the magazine
  • Nice overall mobility
  • Good enough gun depression and elevation for an oscillating turret
  • Excellent view range for its tier

Tier 8

Best Tier 8 Autoloader: AMX 50 100

AMX 50 100

The AMX 50 100 among the grassy fields.

Here we have a flexible heavy tank instead of the usual light tank called AMX 50 100. It is the first French heavy tank to get an autoloader, which contains 6 rounds in its magazine. It will be unloading amazing damage with these shots and you have to worry about the good accuracy and penetration it has.

What Makes AMX 50 100 Awesome:

  • Destructive burst output that is easily done with the good accuracy and penetration
  • Excellent maneuverability with its great top speed
  • Small turret for a heavy tank with great gun depression to aide it

Tier 9

Best Tier 9 Autoloader: Skoda T 50

Skoda T 50

Skoda T 50 is coming around the mountain, beware.

Back to the Czechoslovakian line with the next awesome autoloader, Skoda T 50 the medium tank. It has an excellent autoloader gun that has great handling and amazing reload rate. It is a great support tank and very capable in the right driver’s hands.

What Makes Skoda T 50 Awesome:

  • Nice mobility with its great top speed and acceleration because of an awesome engine
  • Good gun handling with short reload time between the clips and even the shells
  • Nicely striped spaced armor on hull sides to help defend against HE shells

Tier 10

Best Tier 10 Autoloader: AMX 50 B

AMX 50 B

Look how long the AMX 50 B autoloading gun stretches.

We now reached the end and have many choices for tier 10, but the winner is the French AMX 50 B and its famous autoloading gun. It may be a heavy tank, but it is more of a support tank as we want its firepower over its armor. It is fast for a heavy tank, which lets it quickly fire away, then back out of the fight and relocate to another battle, giving its support there and dominate all over the map.

What Makes AMX 50 B Awesome:

  • Autoloader gun has 4 rounds with good penetration
  • Amazing gun depression
  • Excellent maneuverability with its high speed making it tied for fastest heavy tank at 65KM/H
  • Hull armor can bounce shots when angled
  • Really fast aim time for an autoloader, great improvement on its predecessors, with a good reload as well


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leeuniverse 3 years 7 months ago

Can't comment fully on lower tiers these days, don't play. However, from what I remember of those German Lights from the past, they weren't good anymore, I think the "British" and whatever were the better tanks (save maybe for platooning, then yes the German for Lols). - T71 I agree. - T8, T9, T10 I don't agree. - T8 should be Progetto 46 or Pantera 44 (I like both). The AMX 50 100 hasn't been good since the Great Physics Nerf which nerfed all tanks speeds, but really hit the AMX hard, and the two Round Placement Nerfs which nerfed all tanks also hurting the AMX. There's a reason nobody plays the AMX for competition anymore, and it's those three nerfs. - T9 should be the Standard B. - T10 should be the TVP T 50/51.

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