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What Are The Best Tier 6 Tanks in WoT? 

If you want to try out strongholds, then you get a chance to at tier 6 and you want to make sure you bring a good tank.

Every list is subject to some player bias, but you will get a mix of tanks here.

The top 3 will be the most common tier 6 tanks you will see.

10. FV304


Hiding amidst houses, the FV304 can still shoot with its amazingly high gun arc.

Starting the list off with a unique SPG that has good accuracy and aiming time. My most favorite thing about it is the fast rate of fire and the speediness of the tank; letting you easily relocate and move up closer. As an artillery player, this tank is a lot of fun and deadly in the right hands.

What Makes FV304 Awesome:

  • Quickest SPG in the game because of the top speed and power to weight ratio
  • One of the most precisely accurate artillery in the game
  • Fast aiming time
  • Can hide behind cover and still shoot easily with its high gun arc

Vehicle FV304 Rating:  81/100 (OP score)

9. Hellcat


The Hellcat roams through at a fast pace.

This speedy tank destroyer is unique and deserves its spot on this list, being the fastest TD in the game. It is a classic tank that is very loved by me and all the other tankers, as it is one of the most played tanks. Its 90 mm AT Gun M3 is strong and you do not want to be flanked with it, but the speed can make that easy and can even be used to scout.

What Makes Hellcat Awesome:

  • The high top speed of 72km/h
  • Competitive damage, accuracy, aim time for this tier
  • Excellent camouflage values and gun depression
  • Higher view range then most

Vehicle Hellcat Rating:  83/100 (OP score)

8. Jackson


Nice peaceful day in the fields with a Jackson.

A tank destroyer needs to be a good sniper and that’s why I slightly prefer this one over the Hellcat. It has a higher ammo capacity than Hellcat and more damage. It also has much better armor too.

What Makes Jackson Awesome:

  • Competitive damage, accuracy, aim time for this tier
  • Strong armor that can bounce several shells from long distance
  • Decent enough maneuverability
  • Excellent gun depression with a strong enough turret armor to make use of hull-down tactics

Vehicle Jackson Rating:  84/100 (OP score)

7. T-150


This T-150 is getting its track dirty while taking care of business.

The grind for this tank is worth it as it is an overall great tank with above average stats all around. The turret is the strong point with its small weak spots. It has a smaller profile than other heavy’s and is excellent at side scraping with its side armor and large tracks.

What Makes T-150 Awesome:

  • 90mm all-around hull armor can angle to have 121mm of armor
  • Strong 107mm that has good damage and penetration
  • Good gun depression
  • Nice power to weight ratio for decent top speed

Vehicle T-150 Rating:  85/100 (OP score)

6. AMX 12 t

AMX 12 t

Look at the length of that gun on the AMX 12 t!

Getting an average of 540 damage when fully unleashed, this autoloader light tank is a force to be reckoned with. This tank was so good it had to be downgraded from 6-round drums to 4, but still deserves this spot on my list with its usefulness as a light tank. Perfect for flanking then making a strategic retreat as you reload or it can be spotting you nearby and you will not even know.

What Makes AMX 12 t Awesome:

  • Excellent concealment values and small enough to hide almost anywhere
  • Huge signal range
  • Penetration is the best for a tier 6 light tank with good accuracy to back it up
  • Can pick up speed nicely with its good acceleration

Vehicle AMX 12 t Rating:  88/100 (OP score)

5. KV-2


KV-2 has such a cute little gun, how can so much heat be packed in there.

This dangerous tank is known for its extreme firepower. With its 152mm howitzer, it is a very unique tank and one of the most fun tanks to play, deserving of 5th place. Beware of its strong high explosive rounds that can easily cripple multiple modules and go through any armor.

What Makes KV-2 Awesome:

  • The “derp” gun with its high penetration and explosive damage can one-shot someone
  • Nice thick armor to the side
  • Great accuracy as the gun tends to hit even when not fully aiming
  • The shells are cheap, so this tank is a great money maker

Vehicle KV-2 Rating:  90/100 (OP score)

4. M44


An M44 sporting a nice zig zaggy camouflage.

Before we hit the top 3, we have this cute little artillery. The M44 is well-rounded and every important tier 6 matchup will want one. It is speedy and deadly which makes it the perfect support tank for your team.

What Makes M44 Awesome:

  • Amazing mobility for an artillery that can reach a top speed of 56 km/h
  • Great accuracy with its fast and good damaging gun
  • Has a wide horizontal and vertical shell arc that helps reduce reticle bloom after shifting aim

Vehicle M44 Rating:  92/100 (OP score)

3. Type 64

Type 64

The beautiful and wild Type 64.

Now we have the top 3 most common tanks starting with the amazing type 64. They gave this tank a head up on its competition with the best firepower and mobility of its tier. It is bigger than most light tanks, but by being one, it still gets on-the-move camouflage.

What Makes Type 64 Awesome:

  • Great mobility and one of the highest top speeds of 72Km/h
  • Best view range in tier 6 at 390m
  • Good gun depression and decent accuracy
  • Very fast rate of fire with decent penetration

Vehicle Type 64 Rating:  96/100 (OP score)

2. Cromwell B

An artistic look at the powerful Cromwell B.

The Cromwell, and its premium version Cromwell B, are both versatile mediums that you will see a lot of. They are well-liked medium tanks with great maneuverability that no other tier 6 medium tank can do. The Cromwell B has the higher firepower, armor, mobility then its non-premium version when stock, but becomes practically the same when fully upgraded.

What Makes Cromwell B Awesome:

  • Good camouflage, view range, and mobility make it a great scout which every battle needs one
  • Decent accuracy backs up the good damage and penetration
  • Increased credit income
  • Cromwell B only wins over Cromwell by having a little bit better mobility

Vehicle Cromwell B Rating:  97/100 (OP score)

1. T-34-85M


A T-34-85M on the battlefield, looking for its next victim and looking good while doing it.

At the top place is the premium version of the T-34-85M medium tank. Unlike the number 2 on the list, this premium version is better in every way than its counterpart. They play similar but the T-34-85M has much thicker armor and will last longer and get out more powerful shots. Very well-rounded and can adapt to most situations that happen out on the battlefield.

What Makes T-34-85M Awesome:

  • Good front armor that is capable of bouncing shots and nice  turret armor
  • For a medium tank is has great damage per minute with the well-rounded gun
  • Powerful high explosive rounds
  • The 5 –man crew setup allows for great training of Russian medium crews

Vehicle T-34-85M Rating:  98/100 (OP score)


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