World of Tanks Best Light Tanks For Every Tier

World of Tanks Best Light Tanks For Every Tier
After Tiger's defeat, Germany starts to develop small, non-armored tanks.

Hello tankers

We like being fast, aren’t we? Moving like little mosquitos on the battlefield. Using speed and agility instead of armor. Yes, using the light tank I am talking about. Funny little things…

In-game their main objective is scouting progress, showing the enemy’s position to the allies. They have a key role in map distribution. Other than that, they can assist any type of tank. They have very poor firepower against normal tanks, so they cannot face to face enemies. Including having no armor, they have no chance. With those situations, flanking tactics incomes. 

They are perfect for flanking. Fast, small, quick-firing annoying things. They are excellent for these missions. 

Those beauties have disadvantages too, low HP, being vulnerable to HE shells, low survivability without movement for example. They have to be always on the move or in camouflage to survive.

So, take care of our little, cute and fast friends carefully. They are our babies…

Why don’t we check the best light tanks in World of Tanks then?


Tier V


  • DPM— 1028 HP
  • Penetration— 120 mm
  • Top Speed— 60 km/h
  • Power/Weight Ratio— 26.63 Hp/t
  • Camouflage Values (Stationary)— 21.89/5.21
  • View Range— 360 m



  • AMX ELC is a funny little tank to play. Fast, agile with a very small hull it is a light tank no doubt!
  • Firstly, its gun, 90 mm with great alpha damage. Average penetration with bad accuracy, aim time and depression. For hit-and-run missions, it can deal great damages for its tier. But for great engagements you have to stop and wait for aim, the gun can’t hit anything on the move. 
  • With a 90 mm gun, the turret can turn just 15 degrees on both sides. For flanking it can be a problem, be careful when you play this tank.
  • It has no armor, just 2 crew, and a low HP pool. Survivability is very low. You have to use your mobility or camouflage for not taking shots. 
  • It is just 6 tons. Its 180 hp engine can make its top speed 60 km/h. A very high power/weight ratio makes everything better. With a very low silhouette dodging shells is easier.
  • This low silhouette makes excellent camouflage. For balancing the tank view range is a bit poor. You have to use a combination of view range-camouflage for great support and XP.


Tier VI

AMX 12t

  • DPM— 1196 HP
  • Penetration— 144 mm
  • Top Speed— 60 km/h
  • Power/Weight Ratio— 27.25 Hp/t
  • Camouflage Values (Stationary)— 17.95/4.20
  • View Range— 360 m



  • French autoloader classic, AMX 12t.
  • It has a 75 mm gun with 4 shells-autoloader. With great penetration and accuracy it is excellent to use. Aim time is a bit poor and it is a light tank, so it has to shoot on the move sometimes. But somehow it has very bad accuracy on the move.
  • Different type of turret design cause poor elevation and depression angles.
  • Its mobility is great, with great acceleration and top speed. The compact size makes it much harder to hit on the move.
  • Great camouflage values can make it an excellent passive spotter, with a good choice of concealment it is hard to spot even in close ranges.
  • There is no armor like any light tank, but it has its own problems. Modules are so sensitive, especially the engine and ammo rack, players should be careful.



Tier VII


  • DPM— 2086 HP
  • Penetration— 145 mm
  • Top Speed— 64 km/h
  • Power/Weight Ratio— 24.74 Hp/t
  • Camouflage Values (Stationary)— 13.17/3.08
  • View Range— 390 m



  • Our first friend with MURICA POWA., T71 CMCD with great features all around.
  • It has a great gun with high DPM, great aim time. Accuracy and penetration are a bit poor, frontal shots won’t be useful. The great depression and elevation values make it easier to flank from anywhere.
  • Excellent mobility. Best in its tier (for tracked vehicles), excellent top speed and traverse values. Its traverse speed is very high, causing a loss of traction on the move sometimes, so be cautious. Reminding drift vehicles sometimes...
  • View range is great. Usually, players use a great view range for passive spotting, but it’s no go with this tank with this tank. Poor camouflage values for a small tank, you have to be on the move all time. 




Panhard AML Lynx 6x6

  • DPM— 1749 HP
  • Penetration— 182 mm
  • Top Speed (Normal)— 58 km/h
  • Top Speed (Cruise)— 80 km/h
  • Max Wheel Angle (Normal)— 27 degrees
  • Max Wheel Angle (Cruise)— 6.40 degrees
  • Power/Weight Ratio— 40.19 Hp/t
  • Camouflage Values (Stationary)— 18.81/4.48
  • View Range— 310 m



  • Our first wheeled friend on this list. They’ve changed lots of things in the game. 
  • It has a 90 mm gun with great penetration and aim time. Accuracy is a bit poor but you will have to be close to the enemy.
  • HE shells have great penetration, against enemy light tanks and artillery it is very strong.
  • Great gun depression and turret traverse speed make flanking easier from anywhere.
  • Excellent top speed, with the rapid mode it can reach 80 km/h but lost wheel angles for turning. It can reach 60 km/h in reverse. Traverse is not a thing, because it has no tracks. Can’t turn on the same position. 
  • There is no armor like other lights. But it has very vulnerable wheels, which cause a loss of speed. Very low HP decreases survivability. 
  • For game balancing, wheeled tanks have poor view ranges. 310 m is worse than most of tier III tanks. Because of that, you have to be very close to spot enemies, getting closer increases the chances of getting hit and lowers survivability.



Tier IX


  • DPM— 2475 HP (HE shell)
  • Penetration— 76 mm
  • Top Speed— 65 km/h
  • Power/Weight Ratio— 39.73 Hp/t
  • Camouflage Values (Stationary)— 15.27/2.29
  • View Range— 410 m



  • A good old friend with a 152 mm howitzer. Anti-light tank machine.
  • Its gun makes this tank very fun to play. Huge cannon with high damage capability. Having a howitzer causes poor accuracy, aim time and long reload time. So, you have to be close to your target, with a light tank it won’t be a problem. But you have to retreat for reloading. It sometimes causes the first kill to the enemy.
  • Mobility is decent. It can do spotting, flanking with ease. But a bit of poor camouflage won't let it passive spot easily. Being on the move is recommended. 



Tier X

Panhard EBR 105

  • DPM— 1950 HP
  • Penetration— 190 mm
  • Top Speed (Normal)— 70 km/h
  • Top Speed (Cruise)— 91 km/h
  • Max Wheel Angle (Normal)— 33 degrees
  • Max Wheel Angle (Cruise)— 15 degrees
  • Power/Weight Ratio— 42.35 Hp/t
  • Camouflage Values (Stationary)— 21.15/4.19
  • View Range— 340 m



  • The last member of this list, with 8 wheels here is the EBR 105.
  • Its 105 mm gun is not that useful. Poor DPM, penetration causes that. But it has great features too. Like excellent aim time and special target locking. It can hit its target on the move, especially while circling them. Its APCR shell has excellent velocity, it can hit moving targets with ease.
  • It has the highest top speed in the game (91km/h). without cruise mode, it is very fast too. It won’t stop until the engine is damaged or 5 wheels get damaged at the same time. It can be very annoying, but without its mobility it is nothing. 
  • Poor armor, vulnerable against anything. Low HP, low view range, can’t traverse while stationary. 
  • It needs a lot of experience to play effectively.

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