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Heavy tank bouncing like a boss.

Hello, Tankers! 

Our topic is in this article, the rams of the game. Heavy tanks…

We know they are heavy, slow, strong. But why and how?

In-game heavy tanks have good armor with big guns. That means lots of weight. So they are slow. 

They have lots of roles; pushing lanes, taking enemy shots to themselves for the team, facing enemy heavies…

They are one of the key tank types of the game for winning. 

Like everything, they have a weakness too. Their bad mobility is their biggest enemy. Because of that, they are a priority target for Spgs, they can get flanked easily. They have a big silhouette, which means their camouflage isn’t good. Heavy tanks have to face the enemy all the time.

There are a lot of heavy tanks. Some of them are great, but some of them bad. For a great game experience and a better winning chance, picking the best is very important. So our goal in this article is to pick the best heavy tanks. 


Tier V


  • Dpm-- 2002 Hp
  • Penetration-- 120 mm
  • Hull armor-- 75 mm 
  • Turret armor-- 110 mm
  • Top speed-- 34 km/h


  • Kv-1 is an important tank for new players. Early experiment for heavy tank logic. 
  • Kv-1 has all-around armor, which increases its survivability.
  • One of the most important things for Kv-1 users is angling. Angle anywhere, anytime. Then watch the enemy shells bouncing. If you stay straight, Kv-1s armor won’t be effective. Don’t forget it’s not invincible, don't stay in the open.
  • The gun is average, but not the best. 160 Hp alpha damage is not bad, but accuracy and penetration is poor.
  • Kv-1 is a cumbersome tank. It takes time to reach its top speed. Traverse speeds are slow. 
  • Be careful, don’t get flanked, you can’t answer flankers because of slow traverse speeds. 
  • Side and rear armor are thick, but not effective because of flat armor.


Tier VI


  • Dpm-- 2372 Hp (HE shell)
  • Penetration-- 86 mm
  • Hull armor-- 75 mm
  • Turret armor-- 75 mm 
  • Top speed-- 35 km/h


  • The boogeyman of tier VI. No one wants to face its 152 mm howitzer.
  • With HE shell it can penetrate 86 mm armor with 910 Hp alpha damage it can one shoot most light armored enemies.
  • When armored enemies appear, no problem again. HE shells maybe can’t deal their alpha damage, but they can deal huge damage anyways.
  • Problem starting with Kv-2’s survivability. Same hull as Kv-1. For tier VI, it’s not enough. Thanks to its gun, it uses a fridge instead of a turret. So turret is generally weak.
  • Mobility is likely Kv-1, hard to access top speed, slow traverse speeds...
  • Its howitzer is a big deal, but it has a lot of weaknesses too. Reload time 23 seconds, dispersion and aim time are too high. 
  • If you miss your shot and can’t hide, you are probably a dead tank. 
  • So don’t stay alone, don’t trust your armor and don’t miss your shot with Kv-2.


Tier VII


  • Dpm-- 1756 Hp
  • Penetration-- 198 mm
  • Hull armor-- 102 mm
  • Turret armor-- 279 mm
  • Top speed-- 35 km/h


  • The tank for hull down. One of the most dangerous tanks in tier VII. Here is the T29 with its gigantic turret.
  • T29 is so useful when it hides its hull. Its turret cannot be penetrated with tier X guns too (There is a cupola, which is a weak point). With 198 mm penetration, it can penetrate all enemies on its tier. Thanks to its 10-degree depression, it's lethal on the hills.
  • Its hull is weak. Its effective armor is about 170 mm and most of the enemies can penetrate it with ease. Angling should be used very much if the hull cannot be hidden.
  • Don’t stay in the same position with this tank. By the time enemies can realize cupola, it's hard to hit from a long distance, but in a short distance, it’s a great hit point.
  • Dpm is low, but its alpha damage is 320 Hp, which is great for tier VII.
  • As a result, T 29 is a hull-down tank. Hide your hull, use your depression, engage targets, a retreat for reloading, engage again.



T 32

  • Dpm--2130 Hp
  • Penetration-- 208 mm
  • Hull armor-- 127 mm
  • Turret armor-- 298 mm
  • Top speed-- 35 km/h


  • The T32 is, compared to the earlier T29, a more balanced tank. Combining the still heavily-armored turret with more efficient hull armor.
  • As like the T29 hull is vulnerable again. But better anyway. Angling is more functional.
  • This time the turret has a way smaller weak spot with more armor. Except for that point, this turret invincible, like T29 it has great gun depression.
  • The major weakness of the T32 is its gun. 208 mm is not bad for tier VIII, but in matchmaking, it can face tier X. Against them, this gun won’t be effective much. 
  • Hull armor better than T29 but it’s so weak again. Its effective armor is about 180-200mm which is not good enough for tier VIII.
  • Again, hide your hull, show your turret, engage the enemy. This time don’t forget to watch bouncing shells, no need to retreat.


Tier IX

AMX M4 mle. 51

  • Dpm-- 2235 Hp
  • Penetration-- 257 mm  
  • Hull armor-- 180 mm
  • Turret armor-- 300 mm 
  • Top speed-- 40 km/h


  • AMX M4 MLE 51. Is a great warrior in tier IX. It has the power of baguette in its soul. Beware of the power of this ignored French.
  • With a great gun, it can face to face all enemies. It can deal with most tier X guns with great armor. With great mobility, you can take a position faster than other heavies.
  • The problem starts when you try to hide your weak spots. There are cupolas on the turret. 
  • When angling you have to calculate your angle degree. If you angle much your weak side armor makes you vulnerable. And there is a penetrable point in the junction point of your front hull armor and side armor.
  • In every respect, our baguette guy is a great tank. Great armor, great gun, great mobility.


Tier X

Super Conqueror

  • Dpm-- 2877 Hp
  • Penetration-- 259 mm
  • Hull armor-- 152 mm
  • Turret armor-- 279 mm 
  • Top speed-- 34 km/h


  • It was too hard to choose the best tank for tier X. With a lot of research and experiment, here is our hero Super Conqueror. 
  • Great DPM, great turret, great depression, but a bit poor mobility against Soviet tanks.
  • Thanks to its queen power, Super Conquerors gun is excellent. Decent alpha damage, decent penetration with very well aim time and dispersion. You can use it for long distances without a doubt.
  • In short distances, thanks to its great DPM you can hurt enemies one by one.
  • Armor is great for long distances, especially the turret almost invincible. But there is a huge problem with the hull. The lower part of the hull… 
  • With 101 mm thickness and 140 mm effective armor, it is vulnerable to anybody, not just for tier X.  There is an ammo rack next to the driver, frontal penetrations can damage the ammo rack easily. Don’t show enemies your lower part of the hull.
  • There is a cupola on the turret, but it ricochets mostly. So you can trust your turret when facing an enemy.
  • The best tactic for it is like most heavies, hull down. Hide your weak point at the lower hull, use depression, load and engage.

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