World of Tanks Best Autoloader For Every Tier

World of Tanks Best Autoloader For Every Tier
French Autoloader Lorraine making honorable stance, not like in battlefield

Hello, tankers!

We love burst damages, don't we! Unleashing lots of shells suddenly. Making enemies hates you and their life. Sometimes killing them with one magazine. Best way to annoy people!

Going out from your cover, taking one shell from the enemy for giving them hell. Burst entire damage to one shooter. Baiting always works!

Yes, our topic is autoloaders. Our best and worst friends at the same time. They’ve added different gameplay to our game. They have great space on tech trees. Especially in French, American and Italian tanks. French and USA tanks are typical autoloaders. Finishes all the shells and reload.

Italians are a bit different. They work like revolvers. They are capable of reloading fired shells one by one. Not all of the magazines. They have disadvantages too. 

Let’s see the best autoloaders in World of Tanks.


Tier V 

VK 16.02 Leopard

  • DPM— 1177 HP
  • Penetration— 95 mm
  • Reload Time— 16.78 sec.
  • Clip Size— 12 shells
  • Clip Damage— 360 HP in 1.57 sec.



  • Leopard is a great fun tank in all ways. Our choice is a 30 mm gun of course.
  • The gun is very fun to play with. 12 shells, hitting lots of enemy modules in less than 2 secs. It can blow up lots of tier IVs with one magazine. It can penetrate lots of enemies with ease, great burst damage for anyone. Single shots will tickle enemies, one shell’s alpha damage is just 30 HP. You have to burst all the time. 
  • It has weaknesses too. Especially about range. It has a range of just 400 meters. Can’t engage further distances. Thanks to its poor accuracy it can’t shoot long distances anyways. Long reload time makes the situation a bit harder..
  • Its mobility is the best partner of its gun. Hit-and-run missions… Flank any enemy, unleash all of the magazine. Runaway for a long reload time. Do it again and again. It’s not hard to deal with lots of damages, especially on open maps.


Tier VI

Skoda T 25

  • DPM— 1915 HP
  • Penetration— 132 mm
  • Reload Time— 7.67 sec.
  • Clip Size— 3 shells
  • Clip Damage— 330 HP in 2.67 sec.



  • A classy way of the autoloader.
  • 3 shells in a magazine, fast clip reload. Average penetration and a great depression. Accompany with lowest alpha damage and poor aim time. 
  • With great mobility and acceleration, it can flank the enemy with ease. As before, Leopard and most autoloaders, it’s great for hit-and-run missions. Agile like a snake, you can dodge shells with mobility. Actually, you have to, because;
  • It has no armor; anyone can penetrate it with ease. So, you should save distances and avoid enemy shells.


Tier VII

Type 5 Chi-Ri

  • DPM— 2019 HP
  • Penetration— 155 mm
  • Reload Time— 9.59 sec.
  • Clip Size— 3 shells
  • Clip Damage— 390 HP in 2 sec.



  • Here is our Japanese friend with an excellent gun.
  • It has a 3-shot magazine with a short reload time. Great DPM, aim time and dispersion. Clip damage is a bit low but fast reload time can balance that feature. Penetration value is not high but useful. 
  • Mobility is not that well for a huge paper-thinly armored medium tank. You have to be careful and think about high positions for the great depression. The enemy will enjoy it if catches you incautious.
  • Save distance with the enemy, get high positions, unleash all the shells, retreat.



P.44 Pantera

  • DPM— 1877 HP
  • Penetration— 212 mm
  • Reload Time per Shell— 7.67/9.59/10.55 sec.
  • Clip Size— 3 shells
  • Clip Damage— 720 HP in 5 sec.



  • Our first revolver friend on this list. From Italy, here is the Pantera. It can reload any shell of the magazine. But shooting continuously is lowering DPM because of “Reload Time per Shell”. The more shells you shoot, the more reload time you get.
  • It has great penetration, great accuracy, and aim time. Very useful for any target for any distance.
  • It has great mobility thanks to its powerful engine. Changing positions won’t be that hard. But it’s still a bit hard thanks to its large hull with no armor. A very poorly armored big target is best for engagements. You have to be careful.


Tier IX

Prototipo Standard B

  • DPM— 2048 HP
  • Penetration— 268 mm
  • Reload Time per Shell— 10.55/12.46/14.38 sec.
  • Clip Size— 3 shells
  • Clip Damage— 1080 HP in 6 sec.



  • It has the same autoloader as the P.44 Pantera. With way better stats.
  • Firstly, it has excellent penetration, it can face tier Xs with ease. 3 shells are very helpful for peeking positions. Unleash and run. You have to run because you should be close to the enemy thanks to its poor aim time and accuracy. 
  • It has great mobility; with that, you can avoid poor accuracy stats. You can flank, you can get closer and run away easily. It has great gun depression; hills are very useful for this tank. (Rear arc gun depression is 0 degrees).
  • Like the P.44 Pantera, it has no armor too….



Tier X 

T57 Heavy Tank

  • DPM— 3203 HP
  • Penetration— 258 mm
  • Reload Time— 23.97 HP
  • Clip Size— 4 shells
  • Clip Damage— 1600 HP in 6 sec.



  • Here is our last friend. From tier X, from the USA, here is the T57 Heavy. A good old friend...
  • It has a great 120 mm gun with a classical autoloader mechanism. Excellent burst damage, great magazine reload time, great gun depression, great accuracy. Most importantly it has excellent DPM, one of the best in tier X. Aim time is a bit poor, long ranges can make you suffer.
  • Its armor is a headache. Turret ring, lower glacis, sides… Very poorly armored can cause module damage too. Do not trust its armor as heavy armor. It's heavy things? are high HP and mobility.

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