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Skorpion G, T-34-85M, T14 givin' enemies hell

Hello, Tankers,

We know sometimes gathering silver and experience is hard to do missions in World of Tanks. Too much battle needed, in every battle silver spending for repair, ammunition, and consumables. Sometimes you can lose money after battle especially in tier X and lose games.

But everything has a solution, premium tanks. They are cheaper to repair, have cheaper ammunition. Gathering silver is much easier with them. For free XP they are great too.

There are lots of premium tanks in the game. Lots of roles and for them, you have to pay. So before you spend your real money you should choose the tank which is worth your money. You should know their role, specification, great features, weaknesses, etc.  

Here is my role again, I am Kubilay for showing you the top 10 premium tanks in World of Tanks.


Amx 13 57

  • Clip damage—720Hp in 7 sec.
  • Clip size—8 sec.
  • Penetration—143 mm
  • Top speed—61 km/h
  • View range— 390 m



  • Amx 13 57 is a funny little tank for scout missions. Its magazine takes 8 shells which makes people mad especially in 1v1 situations.
  • The mixture of the great top speed and 8 shell magazine makes this tank painful. 
  • You can dodge enemies’ shells and flank them. Discharge the entire magazine within 7 sec. and run away. 
  • Thanks to the great camouflage values it can be used for passive spotting too.
  • It may be hard to play light tank, especially in high tier but if you get used to it is one of the funniest things in the game.


105 leFH18B2

  • DPM— 2758 Hp
  • Dispersion—0.7 m
  • Aim Time— 4.89 sec
  • Penetration— 53mm HE, 64 mm Ap, 104 mm HEAT
  • Reload Time— 8.92 sec.



  • Annoying member of tier V. Great power of artillery range with TD howitzer.
  • leFH18B2 is a unique SPG. Its gun uses AP and HEAT shells. That means if the shell penetrates it will deal its alpha damage which is 350 HP. Don’t forget non-penetration will not damage the enemy at all.
  • With its great aim time and good aim time, you can use it looooong range tank destroyer. For tier V it’s all rounds will do their work fine.
  • If there are lots of heavily armored enemies no problem, you can use HE shell and deal damages anyway.



  • DPM— 1668 Hp
  • Penetration— 234 mm
  • Top speed—35 km/h
  • Gun Depression— 10 degree
  • Thickest Armor— 180 mm



  • Like its name’s meaning “Lion”. 
  • With a great turret, upper plate and side armor Löwe can face lots of enemy shells with ease. Sometimes it can bounce from tier X too.
  • The mixture of great accuracy and penetration makes Löwe functional even in the long range.
  • Because of its German, frontal penetrations can damage the engine. Do not forget.
  • Its heavy design makes it cumbersome. Because of that Löwe can get flanked easily.
  • Alpha damage is average for tier VIII but its DPM is low. In 1 v 1 situations, you have to be careful


GSOR 1008

  • Penetration—226 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.21 sec.
  • Clip Size— 4 shell
  • Intra Clip Reload— 2 sec. 
  • DPM— 1534 Hp
  • Reload Time— 44.05 sec
  • Dispersion— 0.33 m
  • Top Speed— 60 km/h



  • Here is the weirdo guy of tier VIII, GSOR 1008. In-game it’s English but not usual English.
  • It has an autoloader with good burst damage. With great mobility, you can peek, discharge your magazine and retreat easily.
  • In danger or flank position you can trust your mobility. (top speed 60 km/h)
  • It has great gun depression (11 degrees), you can easily be king of the hills.
  • Don’t forget it’s a tank destroyer with great camouflage values, do not forget that when taking positions.
  • It has a great autoloader which makes it a bit weak. Long reload time lowers DPM, especially for tier VIII.
  • 236 mm penetration may be enough for tier VIII tanks but don’t forget it’s a tank destroyer. It won’t be enough for it.
  • It has a fancy design but no trustable armor, do not take hits. It will probably penetrate you. 


Object 703 Version II

  • DPM— 1952 Hp
  • Charge lock— 3/4 sec.
  • Reload time— 11.98 sec.
  • Top speed— 38 km/h
  • Thickest Armor—220 mm



  • The game’s one of the first double-barreled guys. Using x2 Stalinium for the power!
  • 703 II has excellent armor its upper plate can face even with tier X shells. With spaced armor at sides, it’s a big threat to enemies.
  • The double-barreled gun’s best ability is charge mode. It means you can fire both of your guns at the same time. That causes lots of damage to the enemy instantly. But it has to charge for it (4 sec.). You should charge it wisely; non-penetration situations can hurt you plenty. Try to hit and run.
  • It has great armor for tier VIII. It can face lots of tier X shells. With spaced armor on the sides, it’s a great heavy tank. Including that, mobility is not bad either.
  • In the long-range, guns are not trustable. Thanks to its bad aim time with poor dispersion. Adding bad DPM to these bad features, you can have big problems in battle.
  • It’s a Soviet, because of that don’t expect gun depression (5 degrees). On the hills, this tank may not be useful. 
  • Analyze bad and good features when taking a position. If you take an appropriate position, you are the king.


Rheinmetall Skorpion G

  • DPM— 2409 Hp
  • Penetration— 246 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.01 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.29 m
  • Top Speed— 60 km/h
  • View Range— 360 m



  • With a gorgeous 128mm gun here is our murderer Skorpion G.
  • This can murder anybody with ease. 490 Hp alpha damage can cripple anybody. Adding good penetration, aim time and dispersion to this feature, it’s a real headache for anybody.
  • This beast can move fast. With that feature, you can take position faster than enemies and start hurting them much earlier.
  • Thanks to its turreted design, you do not have to rotate all of your hull. That means the aim circle won’t grow longer. Especially for fast-moving targets or changing targets from different lanes that will be useful.
  • It has special camouflage on it, which adds a camouflage bonus. But all around its camouflage is not great for a tank destroyer.
  • It has a Panther chassis, which is a very big tank. With paper-thin armor, you are an easy target when spotted. Engine, ammo rack and gun can be damaged easily. Adding a bit of slow acceleration to this situation, you probably died when spotted.
  • Always save your distance and trust your big great German gun, you can give them hell with a bit of practice.



  • DPM— 2086 Hp
  • Penetration— 230 mm
  • Top speed—40 km/h
  • Gun Depression— 10 degree
  • Thickest Armor— 190 mm



  • Patriot of tier VIII. Filled with the power of Murica. Here is the tier VIII heavy tank T25E5.
  • Hull down guy like many Americans. Excellent turret armor with the great depression. (just a small cupola is a weak point.)
  • Penetration is not bad either, it can face tier VIII’s easily. With good mobility for heavy tanks, T26E5 is a very functional tank.
  • But not everything is excellent. Its alpha damage is a bit low for its tier. And its hull armor is weak for tier VIII.
  • You should hide your hull when using this tank. When you are in a hull-down position, you are vulnerable. For a small cupola, you should move back and forth in reload. 


Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque

  • Penetration— 190 mm
  • Magazine Reload Time— 21.54 sec.
  • Clip Size— 2 Shells
  • Clip Damage— 720 HP in 2 sec.
  • Aim Time— 3.36 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.4 m
  • Depression— 6 degree
  • Top Speed— 62 km/h



  • Here is fast, agile baguette friend Bourrasque. 
  • It’s a tank which is stuck between a light and medium tank. It has the mobility of a light tank, the firepower of a medium tank. Gameplay is affected by the player, by you.
  • Its magazine can burst 720 damage in 2 seconds. After discharging the magazine, you can take a safe position for loading, thanks to its great mobility. The autoloader loads quickly by the way.
  • Thanks to its low silhouette its camouflage values are great. (Better than Skorpion G) With a good view range, it can be a sniper, or is it?
  • Its gun has bad accuracy, with bad aim time and depression, it’s not the ideal tank for using it as a sniper. Using mobility for flanking and hit and run missions would be better.
  • In close range, I should warn you! Bourrasque has no armor, using baguette instead. So don’t let enemies shoot you, they will penetrate you anyway. 
  • Like German tanks, its engine can get damaged easily. Without mobility, this tank won’t do such a great job. Be careful! 



  • DPM— 2816 Hp
  • Penetration— 150 mm
  • Aim Time— 1.44 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.29 m
  • Top Speed— 65 km/h
  • View Range— 360 m



  • Here is the tiny German tank destroyer of tier VII. But do you know, the important thing is not the height, its function… 
  • Fast, quick-firing, great hiding. A tank that should not be underestimated.
  • It has great mobility (65 km/h), you can take a position even faster than some light tanks. 
  • This little guy has one of the best camouflage values in the game. It is almost impossible to spot especially behind bushes, trees, etc. Thanks to its very low silhouette. Because of that, it’s hard to hit a target on the move.
  • Its gun is great. Perfect DPM, aim time, accuracy. But this gun includes a very bad feature. Before the worst, its alpha damage is just 135 Hp. But the biggest problem is its150 mm standard shell penetration. In tier VII you will have serious problems with that. You should be wise when taking positions. And change them very often for enemies’ weak points.
  • In getting spotted situations, do not trust your paper-thin armor! Use mobility instead. 
  • If you get spotted with this tank, that means enemies are very close to you. And generally, you will spot enemies before them. So always check minimap.
  • It’s a tank, which everyone should play and everyone can enjoy. Get a great position and with the quick-firing gun. Then start to suck enemies’ HP gradually.


Progetto M35 mod. 46

  • DPM— 2086 hp
  • Penetration— 212 mm
  • Reload time(s)— 6.9/7.77/10.35 sec.
  • Clip size— 3 Shells
  • Clip damage— 720 Hp in 4 sec.
  • Aim Time— 2.01 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.32 m
  • Top Speed— 55 km/h
  • View Range— 390 m



  • Before I inform you about our Italian friend, I have to say it uses an auto-reloader, not an auto-loader. Which means it can start reloading the shell when shot. You don’t have to load all of the clip; it can load shells one by one. But the time increases for each shell fired.
  • Now one of the first auto-reloader guys, Progetto 46 is our guest with all of the shells inside its magazine waiting to throw up anger. 
  • It’s a great tank with no armor. Weak isn’t it. But don’t fool with this tank. It can hurt anybody with ease.
  • Its gun has good DPM with good burst damage, aim time accuracy and depression. With an auto-reloader, it’s a very murderous tank. Adding a great view range with all of these features, it's great for any distance. Don’t be deceived for it’s pretty looking.
  • But everything has weaknesses, like our Italian friend. Its paper-thin armor causes some problems, especially when the clip is empty. You should use your good mobility instead of armor. Flanking, hit and runs, burst damages. With these tactics, you are the king of tier VIII.


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